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How to Find Your Passion and Why You Should Explore Creative Outlets

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Sat, February 24

In a busy and fast-paced world, it's the things we love doing that keep us sane. Here, we discuss how exploring your passions and staying creative can help you in ways you can't even imagine.

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What is a passion?

A passion is something you have a strong enthusiasm for. You're super interested in it, and after a long day, it's the thing you look forward to doing the most. It could be anything from reading or cooking to painting or playing a sport.

One can have multiple passions! There is no clear-cut rule that tells you what your passion should be. If it makes you happy, and you love doing it, you got your passion!

How do I find my passion?

There's only one way to find your passion(s)- explore, explore, explore! By trying multiple activities, you expose yourself to different things. This helps you find what you truly enjoy doing.

It will definitely take a while - don't expect that you'll get it right on the first go. But the important thing is you keep going and trust the process. You'll also need some good old-fashioned self-reflection! It can help to ask yourself these questions-

  • When do I feel the most fulfilled in what I'm doing?
  • What would I love to do for a living, if money and everything else were irrelevant?
  • What is something I've always wanted to do, but been held back from?
  • What combines my skills and interests into an activity that I would love?

Take some classes. Talk to new people. Venture out of your comfort zone.

Most importantly, be open-minded! You might not immediately find what you're looking for, but you will not regret it. Consider it an investment you make in yourself, which will DEFINITELY pay off.

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Why pursue your passions?

Here are some ways pursuing your passion as a teen can help your mental health.

Skill development

Pursuing your passions helps you develop new skills and become well-rounded. Not just the particular skill you are trying to master, but several others like teamwork, problem-solving, critical thinking, and communication. By developing these necessary skills, you are more prepared to face any challenges that come your way. Accomplishing goals and overcoming obstacles helps you build resilience and self-esteem.

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Gives you a sense of purpose

Being involved in activities you are enthusiastic about gives you a feeling of direction and purpose. These activities provide you with a platform to excel and prove yourself. You're in your zone, happy and confident.

You end up feeling more secure and optimistic about yourself as a result of doing something you love. This boosts your self-esteem and gives you some more clarity and focus. Who couldn't use some of that?

A healthy outlet

There is no shortage of stress as a teen, and no one knows it better than we do! But life shouldn't be all stress. This is where your interests come into play.

By doing something you love, you are using that task as a healthy outlet for your emotions. It's a way to release stress, and a good coping mechanism. You channel your efforts into doing something productive that makes you feel better which is a good use of time and energy. It helps you manage your time and emotions.

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Reduces stress and boosts mood

Participating in activities you enjoy acts as a stress reliever. When absorbed in your activity, you experience a state of flow where you are fully immersed and focused. Doing things you love releases endorphins, which are natural mood lifters. Whether it's playing music, painting, or playing sports, engaging in activities that bring joy and satisfaction can improve mood and in turn, our overall mental well-being.

Improves social connections

Many hobbies and passions involve social interactions. If you're part of a sports team, or you've joined a club of some sort, you're surrounded by like-minded peers. Being around such people helps you expand your friend circle and develop new social connections.

This provides you with a support system to combat feelings of loneliness and isolation. Interacting with the right people is good for you in more ways than I can describe, and pursuing a passion helps you do exactly that!

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Let me give you an example

Still not convinced? Let me give you a personal example.

Just like a regular kid, I went through multiple phases where I was obsessed with something and was convinced it was my “passion”. To name a few- origami, badminton, painting, baking, etc etc. I pretty much tried everything, but never really felt satisfied.

Then one day, I randomly joined a basketball class, and my life changed forever. I'm not being dramatic! I finally found something that truly makes me happy. Every day after I came back from school, I looked forward to going and playing basketball. I made many social connections that I still value. I became healthier, mentally and physically. It boosted my self-esteem when I did well. Most importantly, it made me a happier and more well-rounded person.

Keep going. Keep exploring. Trust your gut and your heart.

There's no telling when or how you might come across your passion(maybe not just one, but many!). Once you find what you love, there's no going back from there! The benefits are innumerable, and soon you'll be in the better state of mind that everyone deserves to be in.

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