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Every Time you have an Instagram Photo ready, don't you always wonder what to caption it? Should it be a cool sentence with no period or a real sentence with some hashtags? It's a struggle. A struggle most people deal with, not just teenagers. With some tips and tricks you will never have to ask that question again.

(Instagram isn't the only social media app this can be used for. It can be used for Facebook or Twitter too).

The "No-Period" Caption

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The no period caption is sometimes what most popular people caption their posts with, unless it's something serious like their sharing with their fanbase a valuable piece of information. It's basically expected that when you have hundreds of thousands or millions of followers, well, even just a couple hundred to do this. It's like a special club you join when you get into the habit of doing it. Occasionally, they do this because the picture does not need a descriptive caption so the photo speaks for itself.

If you want to address your Instagram followers with a periodless sentence on your post don't try to act cool, if you think a period less sentence is what's appropriate for the post, then do, but if it isn't just use a regular sentence with proper punctuation.

The Emoji Caption


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Emojiis can explain a lot. Like when you're texting your friend and she sends you a laughing emoji to characterize her emotions. Everyone automatically understands what you mean and goes along with the conversation. It can be the same with an Instagram post.

If you don't want to explain a post, and you find an emoji and correctly displays what you want to say from the photograph you want to share, then place the emoji instead of wasting your time trying to think of a perfect sentence to describe it.

No Caption

If you're spending hours on end trying to find a perfect caption and come across this article, get a life. If you can't find the perfect caption within 30 minutes, move on and post it later on when you're not forcing your fragile mind to think of something.

It's like when you're trying to find an idea for an article. You rack your brain for an idea, your mind shifting from idea to idea, judging everyone, trying to find the perfect one. If you can't find it, take a break. Go for a walk, take a shower, rewatch your favourite TV show. Most of my ideas come when I'm watching TV anyway.

If you want to post the picture right now, no exceptions, just don't write anything at all, leave it blank. It's not necessary to put a caption anyway. Everyone just thinks you need to justify your pictures to your followers. Or, like I said before, just put an emoji to say everything you want to say.

The Full Explanation

Justifying yourself to your Instagram followers is not a bad thing. Sometimes when you post a picture, it doesn't make complete sense until you caption it with something to confirm the official meaning and purpose. While you do this you can even add emojis, hashtags and tag some people who are taking the picture or who are responsible for the making of the picture. You can make it really fun!

The Regular Punctuated Sentence

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Simple. Elegant. A good way is to caption a post with a sentence. Not a "no-period" sentence when you act like you can't finish a sentence because you're that busy. Not an impersonal emoji because you feel it's the best-suited. The sentence can have you express yourself easily, how you feel, why the sky is blue. It can be so nice but yet the most difficult to formulate. There are endless possibilities. By far, this is the hardest, but in my opinion, coolest way to formulate an Instagram Caption.

By the way I described it, you can probably tell that this one is my favourite. Even though I mostly explain most of my Instagram posts with hashtags and exclamation marks, I still love this option. Most of my photos come with an explanation or it just doesn't make sense. If you find a wonderful sentence that fits the representation directly, then you can have an accurate and fantastic Instagram post.

It can definitely end up in the Instagram hall of fame.

The Singular Hashtag


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#Instagram, #don't know what to caption this, #idk. Another good way of putting it, almost as good as a properly punctuated sentence. it shows that you didn't want to waste time explaining and just threw in a hashtag to cover for it. Most people on Instagram use hashtags. Hashtagging something funny like #I Don't Know What To Caption This or #idk is a adequate option. Put a smile on peoples face for three seconds and activate their dopamine, endorphins before they scroll down to the next most recent Instagram post in their feed.

How to Choose?

Truthfully, I can't tell you what to do, but I'll share some tips from how to choose from the long list I just gave you.

Go with your gut. Or just base it off your mood. If you're cherry and jumping in your seat to post it then add some exclamation marks, hashtags, funny jokes to express it. If you're angry don't express it or people will notice that you're crabby. If you're not in the best mood then just add an emoji or hashtag. Or dont even caption it at all.

Base it off of the background of your picture or the main focus of the picture itself. Comment on an aspect of the picture or what you're doing as you post it. I'll repeat what I said before that the options and ideas are endless. With the categories I provided you with I bet you will find an idea sooner than later.

Just remember that it's just an Instagram post. No one is going to remember or care tomorrow that Michelle misspelled a word or that Kiara forgot to use a hashtag today.

I don't have any references because this all came from my rather large head but I'll thank Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger for inventing this amazing app in the first place. I don't know what I would do with my time if it wasn't for you two.

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