How to Choose a Unique Senior Quote for Yourself

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July 26, 2022

The senior quote: your last impression on everyone you went to high school with. Pretty intimidating, huh? The senior quote is an iconic end to your high school career and, as somebody who loves words, I think it should be something everyone is excited about.

It's a way to express yourself, a reminder, and it may be something you want others to be aware of too.

But when the question is finally brought upon you.

"What do you want your senior quote to be?"

Suddenly, it's hard to make sense of your words. Not to worry though. Those of you, like me, going into your senior year will find relief once you know how to develop a meaningful senior quote that is unique to you.

Who Are You?

What kind of person are you? The first step to figuring out a senior quote is figuring out what kind of person you are and if you want your quote to be humorous, serious, thought-provoking, passive-aggressive, sarcastic, an inside joke, or something random that doesn't make sense to anyone else but you.

Choose a category or a few if you are having trouble deciding. This is a great place to start!


If you are searching for a quote from a celebrity or some other content creator you know of, it can be hard to find unique wording since these types of sayings and quotes are often popular and overused.

Here's what you can do to avoid the basic stuff: scroll through who you are following on YouTube, Tik Tok, Instagram, Twitter, or whatever social media you use. Who is someone you really love to watch? Who inspires you? Who is super funny?

Once you find some people, watch some of their videos like you would normally and see if you can catch any inspiration in their words. It can be something comedic or funny or whatever you want.

For example, I have a favorite Tik Toker that I watch all the time. She is super inspirational and funny and says the most random and quotable things. She inspires me to be more authentic and energetic. I have been thinking about using some of her sayings as my senior quote.

Make sure that the person you are quoting is someone that you truly look up to or think is funny. Someone whose words resonate with you.

You can also quote someone that doesn't have much of an online presence or none at all, like a researcher or an author. Read their books and find some quotable language in there. This has helped me a lot with finding inspirational phrases that are not overused and are more underground.

Another way to find quotes is through song lyrics or other literature like poetry. Song lyrics are iffy if you are looking for more original ideas, but there are definitely songs out there with fresh meanings that are not basic.

If you want to quote a phrase by a famous person but you're not sure who to quote, here's a random quote generator I found online that can help you.



If you are looking for something humorous, I would assume you have some favorite comedians in mind. There are some hilarious people on YouTube and Tik Tok with no filter.

These people are some of the best to quote from.

If you know of these people, watch their videos and write down quotable things they say. It might take a while, but this strategy is simple and it will feel amazing once you find something worth quoting that will make people laugh.

Humorous phrases will also be easy to find amongst your friends. If you have some funny friends, quote them. This will get a laugh from your friend group and other people from school. I'm sure your friend would feel honored if you quoted them.


If you aim to be original, no matter if it is funny or not, this approach may be the hardest out of them all. It can be really hard to think of something unique and personal that is also original. If you are looking for what has never been said before, there is no shame in finding inspiration from others.

In a world where there are so many ideas and people, the possibilities are endless.

One way I try to find originality in my life is by noticing the random things I say sometimes that are memorable. I write the phrase down right after I say it when I realize that it could be good for a senior quote.

To make this even easier for yourself, make it a goal to write down these phrases or even things your friends say that you think are funny or inspiring.

If you are a writer like me, look back at stories or poetry that you have written. You'd be surprised by how many quotable phrases you already have written down.

Go Out With A Bang

I think having a well-thought-out senior quote is important. It gives you the chance to express who you really are in a subtle way. However, the desire to stand out can leave most feeling stuck with the overwhelming possibilities of what they could write.

But if you narrow it down to these strategies, you are sure to find something that is uniquely you so that you feel satisfied with the thought-provoking or belly-aching quote you wrote. This is your last year of high school, so write something great and go out with a bang!

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