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Korean skincare has been trending ever since 2018, and for good reason. They are known for their "groundbreaking formulations, surprising ingredients, and flat lay-ready packaging" sheet masks, Snail Mucin, and essence are some things that originate from K- beauty.

Another thing that originated a while ago was glass skin, which is essentially smooth and even-toned skin, appearing in the healthiest state your skin can ever be. Also known as "honey", or "dewy" skin, making the skin look plump and firm. So, how do you achieve this?

1. Do NOT use a lot of products

As I was researching about glass skin, I encountered tons of articles stating that you need about 10 things to get the perfect glass skin, which is totally wrong. There are tons of myths that exist prevailing that if you put more products onto your skin, it will become better. Dr. Jennifer Chwalek, a board-certified dermatologist at Union Square Laser Dermatology in New York City says that "skincare and beauty products are studied for their efficacy on an individual basis, not as part of a layered routine". The products alone are sure to work fine, but if you layer them with multiple products, you're not sure if the active ingredients in each of the products are penetrating your skin deeply or not. Chwalek also says, “Not only that, but you’re also adding on top of something where there are other ingredients that could be deactivating the active ingredient, or affecting the pH at which the active ingredient works." She says that doing too much to your skin can actually irritate it, and it becomes difficult to pinpoint which ingredient is causing the harsh reaction. A simple skincare routine can be as follows;

Step 1: Cleanse

Cleansing is great for your skin, especially if you have makeup on your face. It helps remove dirt and grease your skin has collected throughout the day, and cleansing your face day and night can help avoid pimples or any breakouts. There are different types of cleaners ranging from oil, foam, and cream cleansers.

Step 2: Essence/Serums

Serums and Essence are Similar; the essence is a less-concentrated version of a serum. They add moisture and hydration to your skin, leaving it not too dry after cleansing. Every essence and serum has different purposes; some are for anti-aging, some for blighting, and some for moisturizing. Try to find an essence with Hyaluronic acid, as it reduces fine lines, and helps apply makeup more easily.

Step 3: Cream

Moisturizing is a must in your skincare. Try to look for a cream that's specifically for the face, and not just a general body cream. Aim for lightweight creams with extracts and antioxidants. A popular ingredient in Korean skincare is Cica, which has "healing, anti-aging, and barrier-restoring properties."

Step 4: SPF

A lot of people skip putting on SPF because they don't think it is important and only put it on if they go to someplace like the beach. You cannot achieve glass skin if you don't put on sunscreen. Even if you are not traveling and just staying home, SPF is important. The lightweight and moisturizing formula is something that you want to look for, and make sure it does not have a white cast.

Some extra things you can have are sheet masks, which help soothe the skin, repair damage, and lock in moisture. Face oil and eye creams are not a necessity but can help with your skin.

2. Diet

Skincare isn't the only thing that is the variable for glass skin; your diet also plays a role. There are three types of food according to Chinese medicine and Ayurveda; cold, warm, and neutral foods. Eating too much of a certain food can cause an imbalance in your body, which will result in your skin reacting. Pimples and other breakouts are signs that you need to switch your diet and stop eating unhealthily. Try to have more green foods; vegetables and fruits help "your body’s ability to fight against free radicals and bring your skin powerful anti-aging benefits."

3. Sleep

Hypocritical of me to be saying this since I'm writing this article at 1 am, but sleep is an important factor for your skin. "Some research suggests that getting less than a full forty winks can result in undereye circles, fine lines, and dull color." Wash your face before sleep, and try to get about eight hours of sleep for your body to wake up refreshed. Also, keep a glass of water next to your bed, as hydration is key to getting clear skin.

Glass skin is not about just using the right products, it also involves keeping your lifestyle healthy. You cannot expect to have clear, flawless skin if you stay up till 3 in the morning doing your chemistry homework. Practice a healthy schedule, and healthy skin will come running towards you.

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