How Storytelling Can Make a Huge Impact
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How Storytelling Can Make a Huge Impact


April 12, 2020

Storytelling can have a major impact on people because it can help them realize that they are not alone in the struggles that they face, and it's great way to help make a difference. Stories help us capture moments with friends and that will stay with us forever along with many other ways. Here is how storytelling helped me become a better person and how it can help you in life.

The Impact:

Writing is a wonderful hobby and something that I would love to turn into a career. The reason why I believe it is more unique than other artistic paths like art or music is that these artistic outlets are limited. In music the person is restricted to the note scale that can be played on an instrument and in art, the painter has a narrow selection of colors, even if you can mix them together.

This is where writing and other creative mediums diverge because writing stories is all up to the writer’s thoughts and people are always thinking. Stories can be as whimsical as a person can think of, such as a giant personified bottle of hand sanitizer fighting Iron Man in a hazmat suit with pool noodles made of obsidian used as weapons or a tale of a semi-blind clumsy cat stumbling its way through life, and maybe something relatable like a person trying to figure out the next chapter in their book of life.

It is funny how we may not remember what a person’s name is or what they even looked like, yet we recollect funny or life-altering stories most times in vivid detail. Storytelling has been a part of history forever. It is a part of what our country is built on, from the tales told by Native Americans to the literary classics that get taught to people in high school, stories have always been there for us. If I had to make the decision between people knowing my name or knowing me because of the stories that I write, I would choose the latter because unless you change the world in some massive way, the truth is, not everyone is going to remember your name.  The two things that everyone is going to remember are the stories you tell and the impact you have had on their lives.

We all have our reasons for writing stories: it could be to help ourselves or others, to simply write a funny narrative, or to brighten up the world in an uncertain time. No matter what situation it is, there is always a story to be told. Storytelling is amazing because it never fails to start a conversation and always leads to interesting opinions. That is why we read, write and talk about them especially when talking about memories. Another form of storytelling is memories, they can be thought of at any time and can be caused by a certain smell or sight. 

Memories are how we continue legacies and each day a person lives, they add the next sentence in their story. The great thing about writing is that it can be interpreted from so many different viewpoints. Writing and storytelling at its most rudimentary level is a learning experience.

Through storytelling and writing, you can learn more about yourself and others, find a new part of who you are and encourage people to find confidence in themselves even when they do not believe they can find it. We use stories as reminders and guidelines for the next phase of the crazy roller coaster we are all on.

One connection every person shares is their life story, they are like snowflakes, they are never the same. This freedom is why people enjoy writing and storytelling because no matter what a person writes, it is valid and that notion provokes discussion. A few of my literary influences include Maya Angelou because she taught me how powerful words are, my 11th grade English teacher because he taught me how important constructive criticism is, and my 12th grade English teacher because she taught me how incredible stories are and that my writing is better than I give myself credit for. Thank you to all of them for shaping me into the writer that I am. 

How It Can Help:

It may sound deep but writing can heal. It healed my heart and that concept coupled with time can seemingly fix the emotions that everyone has every once in a while. Storytelling brings people together in a world where technology and social media are dominant players, now more than ever.

Writing has done so much for me, it has given me confidence, respect, pride and a sense of belief in myself that is 10 times bigger than I ever thought was possible. Storytelling is something that I do not have to think about, it is one of those things that is not meticulously planned in my life and that is the joy of it because a person can write regardless of age, gender, or any of the other confines of society.

It is that imaginative independence that I fell in love with, and I know that any subject I choose to write about whether it be how destiny is defined in The Great Gatsby or a letter to my 7-year-old self. I will put my heart on that page and try my best to pay forward the happiness that storytelling and writing have given to me.

My mission with writing is to have people know that they are heard and seen, that their stories do matter, to make them smile and most of all add a little good to the world using my passion. In my mind,  the aspect that is most fulfilling about writing is that you can make someone’s day, that is the greatest feeling in the entire world and that is what I strive to do with storytelling. People do the things that they love because it brings a sense of accomplishment and pride that is distinctive from anything else. 

Storytelling and writing can help relieve the anxiety and stress of life, it can take us out of reality for a little and take us into new territories of creativity. You can make new friends, bounce around ideas and let your mind free. Writing is something that people can find comfort in, it can completely change your mood as well as letting you see new perspectives on topics.

Those new perspectives can lead to a better understanding of communication between people and stronger friendships. Writing and storytelling can lead you to new opportunities, it continues to open many doors for people and it can do the same for you. Writing and storytelling can cure boredom, particularly with everything that is going on right now.

Do the things that you have been putting off, any dreams, adventures, fears or challenges because no one can take those steps for you and you will never know what could be in store if you do not make an attempt to chase them. We have all heard those words before but the only reason why we hear them so often is that they are true and we need to believe in them.  Writing, words, and stories carry the messages that we instill in them, some are repeated over and over to us at different points in our lives and others we know in our hearts. People get their ideas from everywhere, especially the heart ships and changes in their lives. The only question that remains is, what kind of story are you going to write?

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