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How One Gen Z Creative Captured Our Hearts with Pop-Culture-Infused Disco Dime

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August 09, 2021

The next generation- Generation Z- is all about making a statement with an emphasis on empowerment. One Michigan-based creative is doing just that in the form of Disco Dime, a pop-culture-infused label with designs that appeal to Gen Z teens universally.

From Timothee Chalamet tank tops to air-brushed tees with "Free Britney" emblazoned across, Disco Dime is creating exactly what many Gen Z'ers are into. It's hard not to fall in love with the fun, funky, and quirky pieces.

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The Teen Magazine had the chance to chat with Sophia Moreno, the 23-year-old behind the brand based in the Metro Detroit area, as well as share some of our favorite pieces.

How Disco Dime Came To Life

How did your journey with Disco Dime begin? What was your inspiration for starting the brand, and how did you go about with the idea?

"Disco Dime basically started on its own and very organically during the start of COVID last year," says Sophia, "It was March 2020 and I was a semester away from graduating with my Bachelors in design from Wayne State University and I had no clue what I would be doing after graduation."

"I was in an internship that I absolutely hated, but due to COVID, I was let go [of] early- so I was officially unemployed," Sophia shares with us. She adds, "And [I] had a lot of time on my hands- I'm sure like many others during that time."

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During that time was when the idea of Disco Dime came to her, and she fully launched herself into the project. "I started drawing airbrush style designs for fun and posted them on my art account on Instagram. People started asking me to start putting them on t-shirts, so that's what I did. It got to the point where I realized that I would be able to do this full time, and I am very grateful to be able to do what I love for work."

What Disco Dime Means To Sophia

Disco Dime is the absolute embodiment of Gen Z culture and way of expression. Describe what Disco Dime is to you as the creator.

"I grew up in the 2000s (I was born in 1997) so like most Gen Z'ers, I was and still am heavily influenced from the pop culture, media, and design from that time," Sophia tells us.

"I grew up dissecting the design of my older sister's albums and magazines. I also was a teen who was heavily on Tumblr and I think that also shows through in things I create. I've always loved how graphic design and other types of design from that era weren't afraid to be too much and didn't care about being pretentious."

photo credit: Disco Dime

"I try to reflect that attitude in everything I put out. So I would say Disco Dime to me is just a culmination of everything that inspires me."

-Sophia Moreno, Disco Dime

Behind D&D's Namesake

Where did the name Disco Dime come from?

"At the time, it didn't seem like I put much thought into the name," Sophia muses, "But looking back, I think it is such a fitting name."

"My friends and I have always been obsessed with disco music and that era as a whole. Kind of like the things I create, it doesn't take itself too seriously and it's just super fun."

More Super Cute & Cool Stuff (Yay!)

So far, Disco Dime has empowering and cute tees, tanks, mugs, and stickers. Would you ever consider adding more range, or a collection?

"I definitely want to branch out into other types of projects and products, which is something that I'm currently working on, so stay tuned!" Sophia shares. "Because new stuff will be coming out very soon!"

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Know This About Disco Dime

If you could share something about your brand you wish people knew about, what would it be?

"I'm very passionate about Disco Dime and work very, very hard on it," Sophia responds, "This past year I have learned so much about being an artist and small business owner and I am so grateful for that. My wish is for Disco Dime to grow with me, in many different ways."

In Just Five Words

Describe Disco Dime in five words or less.

"Fun, cute, made with love."

photo credit: Disco Dime

In The Future & What's Next

Where do you hope to see Disco Dime in five years, or in ten years?

"I get that question a lot, and I feel like I should have an answer to it, but I really don't," Sophia shares, "Since I've started, I've just been creating and making things that I feel like creating and that I have the capabilities of actually making. Right now, that's t-shirts and things of that sort."

"My sister and I make the majority of what's in my shop by hand. So my main hope is to be able to get to a place where I can outsource and be able to put more of my energy into designing and product development. I'm currently heading in that direction and more opportunities have been presenting themselves, so I am very hopeful and excited for Disco Dime's future."

photo credit: Disco Dime

Thank you for speaking with us, Sophia, and for your words! We're so excited about what's next for Disco Dime.

Protect Your Energy

Disco Dime said it best- protect your energy! This dreamy, retro-esque tee is an original Disco Dime® design created by Sophia herself. Digitially printed, the tee is as well designed as it could be!

Available in both a regular fit and the shrunken baby tee fit that's taking the fashion world by storm lately, protect your energy with an impeccably effortless sense of style.

Shop the Protect Your Energy Tee for $22.00 here.

photo credit: Disco Dime

On a blank white tee, the design features a soft, pastel-hued rainbow complete with the fluffiest cotton-candy clouds with sparkling colorful hearts , stars, and a crescent moon. Oh, not to mention the gorgeous lavender lettering of exactly what this shirt says- Protect your energy!

This tee has glittery sparkles drawn on it, but it almost feels as if the shiny presence is quite literally around you when this shirt's presence is around.

A tee that I could totally envision as a huge hit back in the 2000s (yes, this is exactly what Y2K strives to be), but also a huge hit now and in the future, the Protect Your Energy tee is simply the cutest tee ever.

To style it, due to the white base of the tee and the pastel rainbow hues, it'd be much fun to style together an outfit with this tee. Go for any pastel-colored solid pants or classic jeans, and you're all set!

@abbeysboard on IG- Disco Dime

The fit of the top is available in Baby Tees (Printed on Hanes Youth EcoSmart® Crewneck Tees (50% polyester / 50% cotton)) or Adult Tees (Printed on Gildan Adult Unisex Tees (50% polyester / 50% cotton)). The only difference? The baby tee is a bit tighter on the sleeve and torso, and it would be recommended to size up if you want a loose crop style, or to size down if you prefer a super tight, shrunken look.

To care for the tee, treat it with love, and be sure to machine wash cold. Disco Dime advises it is best to air dry.

We Love Brockhampton

BROCKHAMPTON is a popular band well known for its soft, alternative hip-hop/r&b; with Disco Dime, you can show them your love with the cutest, coolest polaroid art printed on a tee.

The white tee features a large polaroid print of the members of the beloved band, with sticker decals adorning the tee. When I say the design in top tier, I truly mean it- it's just so adorable!

photo credit: Disco Dime

With washi tapes to the corners of the polaroid- almost like it's taping down to the shirt itself- the crinkled effects of the tap make it look so real that it's just simply cool. The details put into this is simply astounding and delightful; even the washi tapes have designs to them, such as an all over pink-and red dotted design.

Stickers in the shapes of purple smiley faces, neon pink hearts, and a rainbow with twin clouds, and many more also decorate the tee. The bottom of the polaroid has BROCKHAMPTON written across in a scribbly, comical neon pink font, and completes the tee altogether.

Everything about it is just perfect, in the type of fashion you'd see in the organized clutter of a memory-filled scrapbook with much color and joy.

photo credit: Disco Dime

The baby tee fit of the Brockhampton tee fits perfectly, although I would recommend sizing up for a looser "crop" style, or sizing down or remaining the same for the "shrunken" baby tee style.

The tee is so soft and comfortable, and pretty much goes along with anything. It's truly meant to be a staple in your closet and perfect to share your love of BROCKHAMPTON's music in a stylish, cute way!

Me, Myself, and I

Looking for the perfect mug to drink your morning coffee out of or to sip your matcha with?

Disco Dime's got you; their stunning mugs are here to make your beverage look ten times better- for just ten bucks. Yup, I'm not kidding!

Shop the Me, Myself & I Mug for just $10.00 here.

photo credit: Disco Dime

This airbrush-inspired art is truly a masterpiece. With bright blue and pink colors that are the neon versions of bubblegum shades, the letters are elegantly written across the mug with hearts and banners in the background.

Complete with Disco Dime's signature finishing with the fairytale-like sparkles (it's like the kind you see in Disney movies, and feels just so dreamy and beautifully nostalgic), this mug is truly a vision, not to mention empowering.

This white ceramic mug is absolutely of high quality and has a nice weight to it that doesn't feel too light nor too heavy.

photo credit: Disco Dime

It can fill up to 15oz of liquid- which is actually a lot more than you'd expect. I was pretty delighted to find that it has much a larger volume than I had thought it'd be. It's the perfect amount to stay hydrated and drink your favorite beverage out of.

The C-handle that is attached makes it so much easier to hold onto, and the rounded corners of the mug makes it feel soft- if that makes sense! The Me, Myself, and I is the perfect representation of self-love all in a cup.

Keep Up With Disco Dime

Visit to shop the cutest designs ever that emphasize both fashion and making a statement. Be sure to give @disco_dime a follow on Instagram as well!

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