6 Tips To Help Relieve Exam Stress
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6 Tips To Help Relieve Exam Stress

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March 13, 2019

Exams are super stressful and as it comes up to exam season. I've been coming up with my list of ways to help with stress and those pre-exam jitters. Here are a few tricks that have helped me and my friends push through exam season, and feel free to comment other ideas that help you as well!

When the stress of exams is really hitting me, I stop and walk. My exams are (just my luck) always during the sunniest part of the year so I borrow my neighbor's dog and take a ten-fifteen minute walk around the local area. If you're concerned about losing precious revision time, take a book or listen to a podcast or audiobook as you walk.

2. Yoga

I personally don't find yoga helpful but one of my best friends swears by it and occasionally I will give it a go. The best thing about this is you don't have to go anywhere or have anything. Stick on a tutorial on youtube and give it a go. You can click this link to try a beginner destress yoga routine which takes less than ten minutes:

Gentle Yoga | Beginner Yoga for Stress Relief | Less than 10 Minutes    

3. Take a bath 

Run a bath, throw in a bath bomb or even some cheap bubble bath, light a candle, stick on some music and soak for twenty minutes. Take a book if you want! This doesn't take long and doesn't even have to interrupt your work.

Don't have a bath? Have a nice long shower! Treat yourself to some comfort, you deserve it.

4. Read something different 

I'm a massive bookworm so whenever my school work is stressing me out, I switch to reading a sappy romance novel or a classic gothic horror or whatever catches my fancy. Submerging myself into a different world helps me forget my stresses in this world for a little bit. 

5. Talk to someone and have a good giggle 

There's nothing better than laughing for a bit, it releases endorphins which makes you happier in general! So I stop what I'm doing and call my best friend or my girlfriend and I'm feeling better before I know it. 

6. Have a cuppa 

This is possibly the most British thing I've ever said, but a cuppa solves everything. Five minutes for the kettle to boil and five minutes to drink it, it's the classic British quick fix to any problem. If you don't like tea first of all how dare you? and second of all stopping and taking ten minutes to drink anything can help. 

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