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Fun Ideas for Hosting the Perfect Sleepover

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May 25, 2020

Your fave girls are coming over to stay the night and you're freaking out because you've got zero ideas on what to do to keep them occupied. Here's how to host your slumber party (when it's allowed to do so) and a list of fun things to do.

Hosting the Perfect Sleepover

Slumber parties are one of the best ways to chill with your favorite girls in the world so you can't afford to mess it up. Even if you don't go over the top with your planning(you don't need to though) at least make it memorable. These are steps to follow for your sleepover to be a great success :

1. The Number of Guests to Invite

โ€‹โ€‹A sleepover is NOT an excuse for a wild party so you should have a limit to the number of guests you invite. I would suggest you start small especially if it's your first time hosting one of these. Having a sleepover for the first time and inviting half of your grade isn't really the smartest idea because it's bound to end badly.

When inviting guests compare the number of people you have in mind to the size of your room. You can't invite ten people when you know your room can only hold five. You wouldn't want to cramp them up like sardines.

I would recommend inviting only your closest friends first. There was this one time we had a sleepover in school and some of our friends that weren't invited crashed it.

It was not a very pleasant experience because we had already mapped out an area for a certain number of people and no more so the extra humans cramped us all together but we couldn't complain because they were our friends but deep down I wanted to drag them all by the hair to their various dormitories. They shortened our food supply (that was lowkey what miffed me the most) and our forts weren't comfortable anymore. So yeah guest limits matter

2. Decorating Your Room to Suite Your Sleepover

I think this is the most stressful and exhausting part. Your slumber party could have a theme though. Then it wouldn't be so hard racking your brain to come up with ideas to decorate the room.

But in a situation where you're left with no theme, the safest and most stylish decor would be to build a fort. But then again they're your friends so you don't need to go overboard just to impress them. Even if you mess up, you can all laugh about it together. That's the beauty of inviting your closest friends

If you're really lazy like me and don't wish to be stressed out, you can just set out a heap of pillows and blankets and you can all camp out in your sleeping bags. I remember crashing and attending different sleepovers when I was in boarding. We would just camp out on the ground with matrasses and pillows and blankets and build a really bad excuse for a fort. We didn't really want to know how bad our decors were(and trust me they were bad) , we were all there for the fun of it and to spend time with our friends.

3. FOOD!

โ€‹โ€‹โ€‹โ€‹โ€‹This is literally the most important part (at least to me it is). I don't think anyone would enjoy a sleepover without junk food. I, for one would not. I mean I came for the food to be honest.

Sleepover food is usually snacks. Junk food to be precise because no one really wants to eat veggies while having a fun night. Well unless you're all vegetarians then okay.

This part isn't so hard. Just get a bunch of junk food and stack them up. You could arrange them in a pretty manner or just dump them in a corner because girls can be low key animals in private.

I mean I doubt they would really notice the arrangements. In fact, I attended a boarding school and I've had a firsthand view of how food gets devoured by young girls. They literally pounce on it like animals.

It's like there's a quiet rule that states "Every man for himself " when it comes to food. During our sleepovers we don't really leave the food part to the host alone, most times everyone attending would just bring snacks or cereal, and then we would all share it. But that's because we were in school.

It's different when you're at home. If I attend your slumber party at home, you better provide me with food or else!

4. Fun Activities to do

โ€‹โ€‹โ€‹โ€‹โ€‹โ€‹ This is where most people get stumped. It's not easy to keep a bunch of people entertained for a long while but not to worry. That's what I'm here for!

I wouldn't recommend starting off with a movie because most people tend to fall asleep while watching a movie, just like I do. For this reason, I would suggest starting it up with some beauty-related activities like facials, manicures, and pedicures, makeovers. In the meanwhile, you could play games like "Never have I ever" or "would you rather" or a "what's in your phone game".

The next is the usual which is "Truth or dare", where you could all gossip and all that. You guys can vlog your sleepover experience, you could do sweet or sour challenge or a sweet or spicy challenge, you could prank call people (I wouldn't suggest doing that in Nigeria though, some people can be really creative with their ways of dealing with prank callers. I am a living witness).

In addition, you guys could even play hide n seek or some board games. When you've exhausted all the games then you can move to the movies. If it were my slumber party it would be horror-themed because who doesn't like horror movies?

Ok, scratch that. Lots of people don't. You guys could binge-watch your fave series.

I would suggest comedies like "The fresh prince of bel-air", "The big bang theory", "Modern family" etc or you could watch romance with your fave drool-worthy actors like Channing Tatum and Chris Hemsworth. Oh don't forget popcorn because really what's a movie without popcorn. If you're in Nigeria like I am, calmly respect yourself and buy chin chin before inviting me over.

During our Sleepovers in boarding school we would tell spooky stories, dance, sing, and all that. But we had to keep it down so we wouldn't attract the attention of the teachers but regardless it was fun.


Slumber parties are called "slumber" parties for a reason. There must be slumber at the end of all the fun. Although all the sleepovers I've been to, we would usually fall asleep around 4am so its quite advisable to host yours during the weekend.

It's quite possible that most of you would fall asleep while the movie is on (I would). But yeah, the sleep part concludes your sleepover.

Even if you mess it all up, you have your friends to laugh at your messed up attempt with you. As I've already mentioned, that's the beauty of inviting your really close friends. Sleepovers aren't that hard to plan.

You could even wing it and see how it goes. We would usually wing it while in school because we found out that most of the things we planned out always turn out horrible so we just went with the flow.

Have fun with your sleepover!

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