9 Unforgettable Ideas for Your Next Birthday Bash to Celebrate

9 Unforgettable Ideas for Your Next Birthday Bash to Celebrate

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June 12, 2021

Now that the world is getting back to normal we can enjoy celebrating again! It’s not always easy planning a party, and you may even be stumped on what to do. If you're stuck on what to do for your next birthday party, you’ve clicked onto the right article; different ideas and themes can be a little hard to think of so here's some to get you started.

Karaoke night

This one is especially fun if you have a birthday in winter and are stumped on ideas. Hire a karaoke machine! I cannot tell you how fun these are… and how extremely loud they can be.

Do a search online and see where you can hire one for the night near you; most companies will do some great packages and will even set it up and explain how it works before the party. Spice it up a little, get in props and costumes, and perform like celebrities. If you don’t mind making some noise and singing to your heart's content, this will be an extremely fun and hilarious night!

Rent a party boat

You may be thinking, this is going to be insanely costly. Do some research on what companies you have in your city and what packages they offer! Some companies can be surprisingly cheap and you and your friends will be guaranteed a super fun day out.

Get in touch with a couple of companies, and they may be happy to supply food, drinks, and even a couple of decorations to make a memorable day out on the water. Partying out at sea—who wouldn’t forget that party?

Picnic Party

If you're one of the lucky people with a birthday that falls in summer or spring, an outdoor picnic party might be one to consider. Whether you decide to do it from your very own backyard or park, a picnic outside is sure to be enjoyable for everyone. Make or order a couple of platters and Charcuterie boards, cake, and balloons (just make sure you tie them down)!

If you do choose to have a picnic party outside your home, remember to take all your leftovers and be mindful of others outside your guest list. Get as creative as possible by setting up the perfect space to enjoy your special day.

Disco fever

Who said discos were out? A disco night party may just be the snazziest party you could throw, even more so if you get everybody to dress up with a 70s theme. Clear a space in your house and fill it with strobe lights and a disco ball to set the scene for a perfect dance party!

You could even opt for guests to compete for best dressed and make it a competition. Remember to have food, drinks, cake, and pump up the jams so everyone can get their groove on!

Head to a Hotel

Nobody said that parties have to be at home. If you fancy being a bit extra, you may want to opt for a hotel party. Certain hotels offer different amenities such as pools, spas, and restaurants.

Who wouldn’t want to spend their night doing all that with friends? You can be as creative and do as much with these as you like; whether you decide to decorate the room or reserve a spot at a spa or restaurant, the choice is yours! These can be tons of fun and especially fun if you're reaching the legal age to drink. But don't cause too much havoc and remember to be respectful of other guests when playing music in the rooms at night.

Costume Movie Night

Wanna spice up a movie night? Get everyone to dress up as movie characters and make your very own cinema. You can categorize the costumes if you're watching a certain series, genre, or it could just be random!

Have a selection of movie snacks: popcorn, chocolate, savory snacks, and plenty to drink as well as a selection of movies everyone loves. Create a cozy area for everyone to relax in and if you want to make it your very own cinema, you could have it outside with a projector! Just make sure you have plenty of pillows and blankets!

PJ’s and breakfast buffet party

Calling all breakfast and brunch lovers! This idea is great if you're hosting a sleepover. Have plenty of breakfast foods ready for the morning, gain some help from parents already awake if possible (Because who wakes up early at a sleepover?) Or maybe you could do this at night, the choice is yours.

Create a buffet-style layout where everyone can get what they like: have pancakes or waffles and tons of toppings, sauces, fruits, and more! Don’t forget an array of juices and for those struggling to wake up...or stay awake...a dose of caffeine.

DIY Tropical Vacation

Theme your party like a tropical vacation, a foolproof party! This idea can work inside and outside, so seasons don’t matter. Just alter it to how you prefer.

Perhaps you have a pool or heated Jacuzzi and want to use it, go ahead! If not, you can do lots inside; decorate with lots of blue, get palm tree printed decorations, and don’t forget a fun cake! Get your guests to dress the part, have some island music in the background, and you're set up for a great party!

Murder Mystery

An out-of-the-box idea is to host a murder mystery-themed party! This can be super fun if you have limited guests and want to ditch a traditional party. If you are unfamiliar with Murder Mystery, one person is set to be the murderer, and they will strike and get players out of the game.

It’s everyone else's job to figure out who the murderer is. Get everybody to dress up and make a real-life game of “Clue”!

Birthday parties can often be the best memories throughout the year, and who wants to throw a boring one when you can have so much fun with your friends? Try out news themes and ideas and think out of the box when planning your next birthday bash. Although planning can be overwhelming at times, don’t forget to have fun and enjoy another year spent with those around you.

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