Folk Singer Anuv Jain is Back with Another Magical Love Anthem


August 02, 2020

The young Indian heartthrob Anuv Jain is back with another soul-soothing, mind-calming track 'Alag Aasmaan', which translates to different sky. The song released on YouTube on 30 July. Before the song release, Anuv talked to his fans on the YouTube live chat. The people who attend his Instagram live streams even got a sneak peek of the song two nights before it's release.

The story and inspirations

Anyone who likes Anuv's music and, soothing and soulful songs will love this track. He says he writes for people who are or at some point were close to him. So, we're guessing this one was also for a someone special. Just like all his previous songs, this one too, tells a story. Anuv shared that the song is about a long-distance relationship, wherein it's hard to bid adieu as they rarely get to meet; the girl is leaving the guy and going back to her place, and about how the love still prevails even though the two lovers are far from each other and under different skies.

Easter Eggs and Emotions

Talk about Easter Eggs, when asked about the Apartment number 1103, Anuv revealed that it's his birth date. We sure are not gonna forget his birthday now. Unlike any other, the way Anuv puts emotions and feelings into words is completely magical, it leaves you with a feeling of awe. His music, it just doesn't make you happy, it creates this feeling of affection and warmth inside, which makes you fond of what he does. I'm not gonna lie here, after listening to such a soothing and beautiful song, all you wanna do is listen to it over and over again. Since the release, I must have listened to the song 17 times.

The Uke

The lyrics of the song are so beautifully put that somehow every word makes you feel so wholesome. The music, it's played on a ukulele, and how can it not be a happy song when it's played on the uke. Being the generous person that he is, Anuv has shared the chords of this song as well, like all his previous songs. He says that he likes to listen to fan covers of his songs.

The Comfort

At times when you feel like no one understands you or what you're going through, you find solace in music, Anuv's music feels like someone has finally understood what you're going through, put it into words so delicately and made a song out of it. When someone has finally understood what and how you feel, you get this feeling of comfort that can't be possibly found anywhere else. What one can experience while listening to his music is an indescribable feeling.

The Hope

This song, it comes with hope and promises of an upcoming tomorrow, wherein the two people won't be together but they will know that they will meet again and will be under the same sky once again, even though it won't be for long, but such a tomorrow will be there.

Of course, Anuv's songs make you fall in love with him, but they also make you love your loved ones even more. The way he uses the consequential lyrics with such soulful music, creates this amazing euphony that makes one want to keep on listening to it.

Ab Alag Aasmaan hai Aur hai zameen bhi kuch alag si Par miloge jab kabhi, toh dekhna tabhi Main kuch alag nahi

The way he's comforting the loved one by saying "Even though we are under different skies now, even though the soil beneath our feet is different, when we meet again, you'll see that I'm still the same", is so beautifully brought together, that it makes an undoable farewell a content one. The serene feeling of joy and peace takes you into a different state of mind. This song, it makes you wanna believe in long-distance relationships, and most of believe in your loved one.

Anuv explained the meaning behind the song in one of live streams, you can check it out here. Also, read our interview with him here. If you haven't checked out his Instagram yet, check it out and go follow him @anuvjain. Don't forget to subscribe to his YouTube channel (Anuv Jain) and listen to all his other mind-blowing tracks.

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