Songs to Make You Fall in Love

Songs to Make You Fall in Love

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July 30, 2021

Love is a soothing sensation that radiates through your life with a mesmerizing rhythm that makes you sway, as nothing stops you. That’s how love feels. A person in love can be very fragile, yet concrete.

And to enhance that unique sensation inside of you, I’ve collected a few songs. These enticing songs will fuel up that fire inside you, and you’ll feel an egregious need to be with your lover till the end of time.

Do you usually wonder what's going on inside your lover's head, what he/she has been up to? Yes, these random thoughts may degrade that spice between you two, but here are some songs to convenience their love for you, so that you can strengthen up that bond and take it to a new level. Because an outstanding personality once said, "Life is a song, love is music."

So, with no more delay, let’s get this party started.

Hey stupid, I love you

The best song to start your love journey. JP will make you fall in love with this song. It’s written from the perspective of an obsessive lover who needs regular assurance of their partner’s love.

The song has a short yet interesting story associated with it. When JP was living with another singer, Julia Michaels, and was feeling insecure, Julia assured him by saying " You know I love you, why are you tripping?", which gave birth to this lovely song.

The lyrics are soothing and funny, describing the temptation of a person to be with their lover. And the rhythm is just meticulous. I bet this song’s going to hook you up for the longest time.

I think I’m in love

Kat Dahlia's voice is going to shake you up. The pristine voice and amazing lyrics will do nothing but make you fall in love again. An amazing song filled with emotions that one expresses for his/her lover. The song is from her 2015 most appreciated album, "My Garden".

The lyrics are cordial with the amazing EDM score in the background. So, plug in those earphones and let the song sink in.

Alag Aasman

An Indian (Hindi) song, this song carries that loving vibe with it you won’t be able to resist. It’s not just a song but an emotion that makes you fall in love with the singer, Anuv Jain, a 26-year-old singer who has reached those incredible heights in the Indian music industry with his soothing voice in just a flick of time. The song represents the effect of longing and missing your lover, yet somehow finding him in the sky.

So, let the bass kick in and enjoy this one with your lover.

On my mind

I’ve got you on my mind, on my mind, on my mind…..

Sorry, this astonishing song enchanted me for a bit. This song by "Maximillian" is something that fastens your heartbeat and motivates you to pick your lover up and dance like nothing is stopping you. Yes, this song will enchant you with its outstanding lyrics and soothing beats.

It's one of the most underrated songs of all time, as various songs with the same name are already crowding up the area, so it's kinda difficult to find the one you're looking for. But the search is all worth it as soon as the first tone hits your eardrums.

If we have each other

Alec Benjamin embedded this song with a sweet story. This song took my breath away as I reached the end and have listened to it till now. The song is best for days when you are going through a conflict with your lover. This enticing song will patch up your broken heart with love.

Benjamin's "If We Have Each Other" is another masterpiece in the ever-growing list of astonishing songwriting geniuses. The vocals and his simple entrancing guitar playing will make you fall in love with this song, so just listen to it already.

What if (I told you I like you)

This song has everything that one may look for in a good love song, whether it is captivating lyrics, soothing voice, irresistible melody, and whatnot. This song represents that naughtiness between couples which ultimately keeps their relationship alive.

The song is unimaginably famous on TikTok and other platforms because of the massive love and affection it received from the audience worldwide. So, let's swing together with this one.

Dancing with your ghost

Sasha Sloan has enchanted this song with her charisma and defying voice. This song is capable of teleporting you to some unimaginable places buried inside nothing but yourself. A perfect song when you're missing your lover and deliberately looking up to the universe to make it up for you.

So, plug those headphones in and let yourself sway with its enticing rhythm.

Somebody to you

The Vamps are here to suck all those unpleasant emotions from your body and transform you from an inscrutable being to a loving one. The British pop band will cast all their energy into you so that you may enhance your love and radiate it towards your lover. Another version of the song featuring "Demi Lovato" took its popularity to unimaginable heights and had a cordial effect on the entire world with its charming lyrics.

The song became the group's fourth successive top 5 single in the United Kingdom in no time. So, repeat after me: "All I wanna be, all I ever wanna be, yeah, is somebody to you....."

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