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Fire Up Your Wardrobe with the Coolest Retro Looks: Peppermayo is Your Best Bet

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October 18, 2021

Have you noticed the surge of retro styles making a huge comeback in the fashion world recently?

When they say the past trends come back strong, they really do mean it! At the forefront of all trends is Peppermayo, our favorite brand ever when it comes to stylish outfits.

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Based in Australia, Peppermayo is the perfect place to shop for eye-catching, attention-grabbing outfits that are simply so adorable.

Ring My Bell: Making Button-Ups Cute

It looks like the perfect dress for your next girls’ night out is here! With a sleek, curve-hugging silhouette, the Ring My Bell Dress is totally on fire with how amazing it looks on.

“Your new fave mini dress has arrived,” says Peppermayo, “We love this dressed up with heels or dressed down with grunge style Chelsea boots.”

Shop the Ring My Bell Mini Dress in Cobalt here.

This Peppermayo Exclusive dress features a run-down of buttons down its center. Who says buttons are only for formality? It can definitely look cute and chic, just like how we’re seeing in the Ring My Dress here.

With a collared neckline that makes it feel pretty dressed-up, a tight long sleeve and an even tighter bodycon style, the dress gives you a snug hug.

Made of 96% Polyester and 4% Elastane, this dress is the stretchiest thing ever. It feels so comfortable on and moves along with your body instead of the other way around. As always, comfort is key- and this dress understood the assignment!

I adore the cobalt color of the dress- it feels so elegant yet so fresh and fun. The shade is exactly as seen in the photos, and is the perfect shade of navy blue.

Whether it be for a picnic, date night, or a semi-formal event, the Ring My Dress has you covered!

Welcome to Paradise

Hey, hey, welcome to your dream tropical destination! The Paradise Knit Jumper is, well, paradise in a sweater.

Shop the Paradise Knit Jumper in Rainbow here.

This adorable sweater featured a large center tropical flower- one like a vintage Hawaiian flower. Around the flower is a swirl of bright, happy pastel colors that is kind of reminiscent of sorbet ice cream on a summer day.

The back features the same exact swirl, minus the flower. I love how whimsical and adorable it is!

This knit sweater is in a crew neck style and has a large oversized look. It fits larger than your regular size due to its slouch fit. I love how soft and snuggly it is- bring some happy color to your winter with this sweater.

Pair the Paradise Knit Jumper with some colorful pants (Electric Avenue from Peppermayo is a good one!), and you're good to go.

Tropic Like It's Hot

Hey y’all, it’s fall! Fall is back in full swing, and the colder days are right around the corner.

Guess what that means- it’s sweater weather!

Shop the Tropical Days Knit Jumper in Mocha here.

“Cool girl vibes year-round in the Tropical Days Knit Jumper,” says Peppermayo, “Looks fab paired with printed pants, chunky sandals, and vintage-inspired accessories.”

The Tropical Days Knit Jumper literally takes the vacation vibes straight into autumn. With a lovely coffee brown and creamy white combo, this sweater is a total November daydream.

Retro Hawaiian flowers are printed all over it, giving it that chic throwback style. Flowers in varying sizes are designed to be everywhere over the sweater, giving it a cool look.

The sweater features long sleeves and an oversized slouch fit- so no need to size up for this one! Just like how all good sweaters are, the Tropical Days Knit Jumper has a nice baggy feel to it that somehow makes it even cozier.

Made from 100% cotton, this crew neck is the fuzziest, softest thing ever. I love how it feels like it’s giving you a warm hug, and it’s seriously the most comfortable sweater ever!

She Sells Seashells... & Is Stylish

No matter what, a basic white crop tee is always needed. Not only is it simple and cute, but it also goes along with anything.

Now, add a touch of beachy, vacation feels from somewhere in southern Europe, and you’ve got Peppermayo’s take on a white crop tee: meet Casa Del Sol!

Shop the Case del Sol Baby Tee in White here.

“We're feeling all the summer vaycay vibes in the Casa Del Sol Baby Tee!” says Peppermayo, “We love this paired with our Electric Avenue pants and platform sandals.”

The Casa del Sol Baby Tee features a very cropped length, where it fits under the bust, giving it the perfect space to match with a high-rise pair of bottoms.

Made from a piece of stretchy, ribbed fabric, this tee is of very thick cotton and is most definitely not see-through. So, no worries about that- the wonderful quality of this tee has you covered!

This baby tee switches up from a boring white tee by adding a cute shell art with Peppermayo written across underneath. I love how simple it is, and how minimalistic and cute it is.

Because of how efficient this tee is, the Casa Del Sol Baby Tee is so easy to style, because it looks good with anything! Go with any printed pants, and you’ve got a fire outfit right there.

Electric Shock: These Pants Are Sizzling Cool

Bring on the 90s! With its funky, electrically cool patterns, Electric Avenue Pants brings on the fun and puts the “style” in “stylish”!

Shop the Electric Avenue Pants in Chocolate Retro here.

“Level up your outfit game with our "Electric Avenue" pants. We love these babies paired with a retro-style crop, funky shades and 90s inspired sandals,” says Peppermayo.

These pants feature skinny-style pants with a slight flare at the end. It feels so cute, and I love the little flare moment even though it is pretty subtle.

The pants have a zip fly closure with a button front and have 5 pockets. (You can never have too many pockets!) The pants also have belt loops, making it convenient for any belts needed.

I absolutely love the geometric pattern of the pants- it feels so retro and vintage and has the coolest visual design ever. To say I’m obsessed would even be an understatement!

These pants go great with any brown-shaded top of simple solid white tees. The possibilities are endless!

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