Exploring Persistence: a Quality to Consider

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Mon, May 01

Being persistent is a key ingredient in one's intentions to fulfill goals and maximize self-potential. It is an element that is required in a multitude of fields today and, really, life in general. Not only is this quality beneficial for intimate activities, but it also prospers maturity, an increase in knowledge, and curiosity in life.

Now, an active topic arises—how do we be or remain persistent with all of the things life throws at us? Simple, but simultaneously complex... A seemingly straightforward attribute which takes absolute diligence to encompass.

Exploring People's Situations

People are like fingerprints—everyone is different. The roots behind why people act the way they do are complex. Life can be thought of as a spider's web; everything is connected to some degree.

Everyone is born with a moral foundation, which evolves over time as a result of external influences and surroundings. Understanding this, despite the seemingly incomprehensible actions one may take, is important.

There are many factors to account for before truly dissecting persistence, as there are many people who have to withstand hardships. This goes for familial ties and influence, relationships that cause one to give up, not believing in oneself, or simply not trying. Have you ever walked around in an area filled with other people and thought to yourself about their perspective on life? Thoroughly pondering this idea provides insight into one's experiences, thinking about what exactly shapes those experiences, which in turn influences how they act in life.


Persistence and perservance come hand-in-hand in the way they intersect. Without the will to persevere, it is impossible to persist. It can be tough to persevere at times, because there are so many varied things that happen in the world around us, regardless of their merits.

However, it is important to realize that this is in fact inevitable, and all we can do as humans is to embrace it positively. Life is about living happily, bettering the world we live in, and fully utilizing the one chance we have on Earth.

Whatever goals we have in life, we must fully capitalize on taking time to achieve them. Bettering ourselves is a key part of life and is absolutely meaningful. Whether it is in the realms of mathematics, research, the sciences, theater, music, etc., it is important to have some interests in life as a way to enjoy it.

Once we have these goals, it can sometimes be frustrating to keep at it. This is what happens throughout the process of improvement and goes to show the significance of perseverance.

Considering Persistence

When one aspires to do something—such as something to better oneself—a common misconception is that there is a way to avoid persistence or grit by finding a "cookie-cutter" way to success. This is simply not the case. One must truly want it by putting in the effort that leads to the desired improvement and success. Persistence is an attitude of flexibility and curiosity, rooted in passion or love for your craft, willing to push through and learn from failures, and bolstered by treating your entire journey as a practice.

Is persistence some quality that is innate and something one cannot gain? Absolutely not. Oftentimes, people dwell on immediate success, which is an unhealthy approach.

Focus on developing independently and treat success as an end goal. If something feels difficult at some point, have others who are interested in the same thing as you and discuss! An easy example could be if one wants to solve some particularly challenging math problem and does not know some slick approach to solving it.

Reaching out to others who share the same interests as you and having a discussion can be beneficial. Exchanging ideas with each other and building upon insights will allow you to solve the problem and never forget! Of course, this is just one example, but the idea is to take advantage of opportunities that can help you effectively.


It can be difficult to realize the process of improvement, since it seems that some goals are unreachable. As Leo Burnett says, "reach for the stars." As cliche as this may originally sound, it is something to definitely consider. So many of the problems worth solving in life are meant to be hard, and it can be rather tempting to want things to happen easily.

It is important to remember that life is not easy and having the mentality of being willing to tackle a challenge is extremely beneficial in many ways. Fully encapsulating this idea can lead to many opportunities for not only yourself, but just having the will to do something with persistence can even better the world.

Have a passion, make goals, and do your part to change the world. Remember that, with perseverance, you can do it.

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