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Even the Most Sensitive Ears Can Enjoy These Safe, Affordable Earrings from Tini Lux

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August 14, 2023

One of my favorite things to do is styling and curating fashionable looks- and that, of course, includes accessorizing. Out of everything, there's nothing that quite amps up a look more than a pair of earrings.

The only downside to wearing them? The pain. If you've ever experienced the aching allergic reactions (rashes, redness, swelling, you name it) and the frustrating shopping for sensitive-skin-friendly earrings, you know it comes with some major struggles. The "skin-safe jewelry" market isn't the easiest to navigate: the cheaper jewelry is made with metals that can hurt the skin, and the pure gold jewelry can amount to a fair bit on the wallet.

Considering all the challenges that came with jewelry shopping for sensitive ears, I was beyond excited to come across a brand that actually created safe and affordable earrings. (I mean... at under $100, this is a total jackpot when it comes to high quality jewelry!)

Shop Tini Lux at tinilux.com

Tini Lux was created out of the need for a "trusted destination for jewelry that is safe for sensitive skin and metal allergies"- and the belief that "everyone should be able to accessorize without pain."

"I created Tini Lux because I was frustrated with every pair of earrings that I tried," says Jackie Burke, the founder of Tini Lux, "All I wanted were simple earrings that wouldn't cause a painful reaction, but I couldn't find anything that worked."

What Is Tini Lux Jewelry Made Of?

The biggest thing about Tini Lux that makes it stand out are the materials used in their jewelry. The brand uses pure medical grade titanium as the base metal; as Tini Lux shares, "less than 0.6% of people are allergic to pure titanium, making it the safest metal for the human body."

Tini Lux only ever uses two types of metals for its earrings:

  1. ASTM F-36: Pure, unalloyed titanium. This is the safest metal for sensitive ears because it is the least likely to cause a reaction. We use this for almost all of our earrings.
  2. ASTM F-167: Implant grade titanium. This is an biocompatible alloy. We use this for some of our flat back studs.

With these titanium jewelry, it is so much more assuring to know it's not diluted or mixed with any other metal ingredients that could irritate your skin.

Jewelry You Can Actually Trust

No matter how sensitive your skin may be, I love that Tini Lux's earrings are for everyone and anyone. Not only are they made with non-allergenic metals, they also are lab tested, cruelty-free, and sustainable (as Tini Lux shares, "titanium is self cleaning and does not rust which makes it 100% recyclable").

With their dermatologist-approved collection of jewelry, Tini Lux keeps it at the highest quality that you can trust.

Not Just Safe, But Stylish Too

Everyone deserves to shine with confidence when it comes to accessorizing- and Tini Lux makes that possible with varieties of different jewelry designs that appeal for every aesthetic and occasion. From sparkly studs to classic hoops, each and every one of their designs have a timeless appeal to them that will not only make you look stunning, but feel amazing, too!

Below are our favorite earrings from casual to dressy that you need to add to your earring collection:

The Most Classic Hoops Ever

You can't ever go wrong with a pair of classic hoops- and these are perfect in every way.

Shop the Large Rooftop Hoops here.

These golden round hoops are such a timeless staple piece of jewelry to have: at 25mm, they're large without being too showy, and they're also versatile enough for just about anything.

I also love that the Large Rooftop Hoops are so compatible with an active lifestyle. I love wearing these when I'm going for brisk walks or swims, and they always stay put without tarnishing or pulling on my ears!

Whether it be a casual jeans-and-tank combination or a more dressed-up skirt look, these hoops make anything look even better. Bonus tip: pair these with a double piercing for an elevated look!

Make a Bold Statement

If you want to dress up the hoops from the standard look to something that screams "I'm the star"- the Round Trip Hoops are it.

Shop the Round Trip Hoops here.

These gorgeous wide, flat hoop earrings will seriously turn heads with their trendy silouette. With a bold frame that's thick yet thin at the same time from different sides, these earrings have a one of a kind dimension to them.

Made with non-allergenic medical grade titanium, these hoops are so lightweight and easy to clip onto the ears.

I love wearing the Round Trip Hoops when I want to show off a bit of golden shine alongside my look- these earrings are hard to miss. Pair this with your favorite casual streetwear looks, and you'll feel like a model off duty!

Give It A Trendy Twist

The twisted jewelry is the latest earring trend to sweep social media- and the Weekender Hoops are on top of the game.

Shop the Weekender Hoops here.

If you love tiny jewelry that is not afraid to make a statement with an intriguing design, the Weekender Hoops are totally meant for you. These gorgeous small hoops feature a twisted braid-like golden rope design that knots in a loop around the ears.

My favorite thing about this earring is how the smaller size makes it an adorable, chunky huggie size. It's perfectly subtle without being too understated, and is such a cute addition to your everyday jewelry rotation!

To style the Weekender Hoops, pair it with the twin Large Weekender Hoops for a doubled up look!

Keep It Elegant and Simple

For the days you feel like a princess in a rose garden, embrace that royal mood with the elegant Charlotte studs.

Shop the Large Charlotte Studs here.

Not only does Tini Lux make hypoallergenic golden jewelry, but pearls too! These stud earrings are made with titanium posts so that the surrounding skin isn't irritated.

Pearls are such a timeless material when it comes to decorating your style, and these studs feature large sized ones that have the prettiest luster. It has such a stunning ivory color and is just the right size for your lobes!

These pearl studs have such a sophisticated feel to them, and are perfect for more formal and dressed-up events. I love stying these earrings with matching pearl accessories like necklaces and headbands for that matchy-matchy look.

Amp Up The Sparkle With A drop

For those that love a feminine, decorative moment, these dreamy drop earrings are simply the epitome of romantic jewelry.

Shop the Perrie Earrings here.

These pearl and crystal gemstone lined drop earrings feature a thin line of golden chain connecting the two timeless design features. I love that the gemstones sparkle at the catch of light and that the pearls have an ivory glow to them. The mixture of the two features creates an interesting visual that just elevates the sophistication!

With a titanium french hook earring back, I love how easy these are to slip on. I usually get nervous with drop earrings due to their dragging weight, but they remain tight without any noticeable pull.

The Perrie Earrings may be designed for bridal jewelry, but their elegance can be totally worn for other formal events like parties and prom. These glittering earrings are just the prettiest to look at, and will make you feel so special!

Keep Up With Tini Lux

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