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Even My Sensitive Ears Can Look Good with These Stylish and Affordable Jewelry from Tini Lux

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Mon, February 19

In today’s skincare-obsessed world, having sensitive facial skin is no deal breaker; after all, there’s a whole market dedicated to sensitive skin care. But having sensitive ears can be rough, especially when there are so few jewelry brands that accommodate that.

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As someone with sensitive ears who is afraid of letting any allergen-provoking metals go through their ears, I couldn’t have been more excited to come across Tini Lux.

Created from the founder’s frustration with finding earrings that were safe for sensitive ears, Tini Lux is made from the highest caliber of quality to ensure anyone can enjoy jewelry without pain.

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“I created Tini Lux because I was frustrated with every pair of earrings that I tried. All I wanted were simple earrings that wouldn't cause a painful reaction, but I couldn't find anything that worked,” says Jackie Burke, founder and CEO of Tini Lux.

Shop Tini Lux at tinilux.com

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Tini Lux uses pure, medical-grade titanium as the base metal. “Less than 0.6% of people are allergic to pure titanium, making it the safest metal for the human body. By eliminating all other metals, we have taken the guesswork out of finding earrings that are safe for sensitive ears,” explains the brand.

My favorite part? Yes, they’re safe, and they’re also incredibly lightweight (they are so light that I often forget I even have earrings on to begin with), but best of all, their designs are chic to wear. I love how Tini Lux keeps their jewelry simple but not understated, and stylish without being too trendy.

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For those looking for jewelry staples that will satisfy even the highest standards and the most sensitive skin, these 5 everyday must-haves just have to make it to your jewelry box:

The Celeste Stud Earrings

Having a pair of studs you can rely on is a must for a jewelry box, and the Celeste Stud Earrings have quickly become my favorite go-to.

Shop the Celeste Stud Earrings here.

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These crystal studs are bright, big, and just sparkle like the stars. You won’t be able to miss them even from a distance because of their generous size.

These prong set gemstone earrings are so classic and timeless; you can never go wrong with white crystals. Plus, they’re so easy to clip on, making them the perfect sleeper studs!

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If you’ve ever stressed about picking the right jewelry to go along with your outfit, that will never be a problem with the Celeste; it looks good with just about anything!

The Birthstone Hoop Earrings

If you want to commemorate your special day in a pair of earrings, the Birthstone Hoop Earrings make that dream totally possible.

Shop the Birthstone Hoop Earrings in April/Gold here.

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But… for someone looking for a pair of everyday hoop earrings with a bit of sparkle, the April diamond does the trick. These gorgeous diamond studded hoops bring all the shine.

My favorite thing is how these hoops have the perfect size. I can get picky just like Goldilocks, but somehow, the Birthstone Hoop Earrings meet all the criteria! It’s not too large, not too tiny like a huggie, and isn’t too thin nor too thick.

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Plus, with a secure endless hoop, these are sure to stay in and be comfortable throughout. I’ve even slept in these (and you know hoops are usually never easy to sleep in…) but they’ve been easy to wear all throughout!

The Jane Hoop Earrings

There is something about having these chain drapery hoops that make you seem like that “effortlessly cool older sister living her best life in the middle of the busy city” kind of vibes… if that makes sense.

Shop the Jane Hoop Earrings in Gold here.

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These lightweight hoop earrings are midsized with a twist. Featuring a dainty thin titanium hanging chain, these hoops give your look an instant makeover into something edgier and cooler.

The hanging drop chain gives the earrings an elevated look. Plus, they are totally lightweight and comfortable to wear.

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Our favorite go-to look with the Jane Hoops is something simple to amp up the drama of the chain. Go for your favorite -fitted t-shirt with a pair of chain-belted jeans, and you’re all set.

The Aspen Dome Ring

Everyone needs an everyday ring, and the Aspen Dome Ring is the perfect choice.

Shop the Aspen Dome Ring in Gold here.

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This gorgeous yet simple golden dome ring is just the most classic thing ever.

Made with pure medical-grade titanium, you can bet this ring won’t turn green on your finger and will never give your skin uncomfortable rashes. This hypoallergenic ring is also water-resistant and non-tarnishing, making it perfect to wear every day for just about any occasion.

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This dome ring keeps it minimalist but can be dressed up when stacked with your other golden jewelry for a chunkier, colorful, or even sparkly look.

The Grace Hoop Earrings

If you can’t choose between hoops and pearls, why not go for both?

Shop the Grace Hoop Earrings here.

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As Tini Lux says, “Pearls have been reinvented with our Grace Hoops.” I’ve never seen a design so chic and clever, and I’m obsessed with how the Grace Hoops bring the best of both worlds with this look.

The medium-sized titanium hoops extend into numerous dainty pearl charms on thin metal links, creating a fashionable look. I mean, this is the kind of trend that every influencer ever is sporting within weeks just because of how stylish they are.

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Best of all, with the timeless elegance of the pearls and the trendy multi-chain look of the hoops, you can wear them with any style of outfit for an elevated look.

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