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Slumber Party All Night: the World's Coziest Set is What You Need for Your Beauty Sleep

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September 12, 2022

As you can imagine, we spend quite a huge portion of our days- and our lives- sleeping. Getting that restful night is more than getting that beauty sleep, though: it's about feeling ready for the next day, and taking care of your wellbeing.

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It's well versed that sleep is essential for functioning throughout the day- but the quality of the fabrics that you're wrapped in all night can be a complete game-changer.

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If you're looking to build onto your sleep routine to get a truly rejuvenating rest, look no further than Cozy Earth. This stunningly timeless brand is all about an all-clean, comfort-focused approach. Once you get an hour with their luxurious fabrics, there's no turning back- it's just that good!

Sleeping might seem like an ordinary part of our lives, but it's really a lifestyle of its own; that's exactly what Cozy Earth emulates. Made of premium quality and softer than a cloud, Cozy Earth's temperature-regulating textile is changing our lives one night at a time.

Come join us in our slumber party- the dreamiest night made complete with sheets perfect to snuggle in and pajamas made to be danced in.

Welcome to Cloud Nine

Meet the bed sheets that will completely change the way you'll sleep forever: the Bamboo Sheet Set. These bed sheets are oh-so-snuggly and remain cool and at the perfect temperature throughout the night that it'll make sleeping so much easier and effortless.

These bed sheets are so good that they'll make you want to stay in bed all day- it's just the ideal definition of what a bed should feel like.

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This Bamboo Sheet Set is so beloved- Oprah's even called it her favorite- and for good reason. This classic sheet set has the most high-quality fabric ever that will leave you in absolute awe. I genuinely think my jaw might have dropped when I felt how soft, gentle, and non-sweaty it felt!

Dreamy sleep is made possible with the Bamboo Sheet Set's 100% Viscose from Bamboo, making it have a lightweight, breathable feel. Even if you get intense night sweats, these sheets are the one thing that can keep you comfortable throughout the night. Made with moisture-wicking fabric, this sheet set is cool to the touch and remains that way for hours. Even during the hot summer nights, it stays perfectly cool, and during the colder winter nights, it'll maintain just the right temperature.

Not only that, this sheet set is made to last. The enhanced weave feature allows it to prevent pilling, and even after months, the sheet set has remained completely smooth and pristine.

The fabric itself has a sateen finish that makes you literally feel as if you're wrapped in a delicate flower petal- it's genuinely so soft, and there's not a single part of the fabric that feels itchy or scratchy. It's completely different from the regular bed sheets- the fabric quality makes a huge difference!

Out of the five neutral shades that the sheet set comes in, the Oat is a lovely, toned-down shade that makes you find your inner zen. The creamy beige makes you feel instantly calm and sets the tone for a safe haven.

This set is perfect for making your bed feel like a part of a home and includes everything that you need. The set includes a fitted sheet, a top sheet, and two pillowcases.

Plus, I love that Cozy Earth is all about sustainability- and this sheet set is just one of the ways they show their care for the earth. The sheet set comes in a reusable canvas tote (it's the most practical thing with zippers!) and is made responsibly.

Absolutely no exaggeration- these bed sheets will seriously change your life. With Cozy Earth, sleep has never been better- sweet dreams!

The Coziest PJ's Of Your Dreams

Nothing makes a bedtime routine more complete than a classic navy pajama set. These pajamas just made you want to go through an extensive yet relaxing skincare routine, settle in bed with a good book, set the lamps to a beautifully moody atmosphere, and rewind in the most fashionable way possible.

Shop the Women's Long Sleeve Bamboo Pajama in Stretch-Knit in Navy here.

This gorgeous pajama set is an all-over classic navy that will never go out of style. The long-sleeve top features an adorable collar with a button-up style, and the pants have an elastic waistband that makes everything so much easier. The set features white contrast piping throughout that highlights certain design points of the pajamas, which feels so elegant.

The thing about Cozy Earth's Long Sleeve Bamboo Pajama is that it's tastefully minimalist while having a beautiful, sophisticated design.

The pajama is simultaneously loose while maintaining the figure, and is genuinely the most comfortable thing to put on ever. I love that the slightly oversized fit allows for breathability and a drape that makes you feel regal.

With the fall weather approaching, these pajamas are the perfect set to have on during the night. Even though it is long-sleeved, it's perfect to wear during still-warm days and throughout the year, as it's amazingly lightweight. This only goes to show how despite the long-sleeve design, the fabric makes an absolute difference.

What really sets apart this pajama set is the premium quality. The material of the fabric is simply so outstanding that it just cannot be compared with any other pajamas. At first contact, it's an absolute jaw drop at how soft and smooth the material is. It has a relaxed stretch-knit style that is comfortably loose and luxurious.

That's not all: it's temperature-regulating and is so much cooler than your regular cotton. That means no more night sweats and uncomfortable twists and turns throughout the night. Made with bamboo-based fabric, it's actually cool to the touch- and stays that way.

These pajamas are an absolute must, and are chic enough to wear out to anything and anywhere. Whether it be your go-to for slumber parties with your best friends, a movie night in the outdoor park, or a day spent with self-care, this set is sure to be your all-time favorite.

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Have the dreamiest sleep ever with Cozy Earth- it's seriously life-changing in the way that no other sheets will ever compare!

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