DIY Earphone Case Every Girl Needs to Make!
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DIY Earphone Case Every Girl Needs to Make!

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July 03, 2017

This super easy to make DIY earphone case is perfect for the summer time! You won't have to worry about getting sand all over your earphones at the beach anymore!

My name is Femmie, and I have a beauty, fashion and lifestyle YouTube channel called Makeupgirl21 where I post videos every week. On my channel, I've filmed a video explaining how to make three other DIY summer projects. You can watch the video down below. 

Now that you've (hopefully) watched how to make the first three DIY's, let's get into the fourth! :)

STEP 1: Finding the things you need.

For this DIY, all you really need is your favorite color spray paint and an empty Ice Breakers container. 

STEP 2: Peel off the stickers that are on top and on the bottom of the container.

I didn't do this at first, and had to take it off when I already had the paint on the container which was a complete mess, so be smart and take it off before you use any paint!

STEP 3: Spray paint the container.

Using your favorite color, and an old school notebook to put under your container, go crazy and spray paint the entire thing! (This low-key made me really excited, I felt like Picasso not gonna lie hehe..)

STEP 4: Put your earphones in the container!

After you let the paint dry for a few hours you are done and you can put your earphones in your cute little case and you will be ready to take them to the beach!

I really hope you will re-create this DIY Lifehack!
Thanks for reading! 

Xoxo, Femmie

Femmie Diaz

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