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Disney and Pixar Movies Throwing Back Your Sweet Childhood


Do you ever feel like life is so hectic? Like being a teenager and an adult, it is a lot more depressing compared to you being a child. So, watch these throwback Disney and Pixar movies. Go back to childhood again, wash away the anxiety and stress, and be ready for the 'hard life'

#1. Coco

Coco, a worthwhile movie that brings back the family's cohesion together with the music's momentousness in every single life.

Miguel, a young boy living in a small town who had always dreamed of being a famous musician, like Ernesto De La Cruz. Unfortunately, he had already been set to inherit the family business which was making and selling shoes. His family had a huge prejudice towards music because Coco's father (Miguel's great-great-grandfather) had chosen to leave his young wife, and abandoned his daughter in order to chase his musical dream. Thus, the wife and the whole family decided never to hear, play, or just relate to music anymore.

At the altar, Miguel found out that his ideal model, legendary and charming Ernesto De La Cruz, was in fact his disgraced ancestor. Then, fate brought him to ' the Land of Death', and there, he had an interesting reunion with his dead ancestors. To come back to the living world, Miguel had to find someone blessing him while still allowing him to pursue his ambition- music.

There are lots of meaningful messages from 'Coco': the importance of family, the power of your dream (music), the connection between death and life, forgiveness, and memory,... You are alive counts only when someone still thinks about you, remembers you, and wants to do something for you.

Coco did a great job of making the film's colors, creating the characters' appearance, and inserting the music during the movies.

Click this link to hear the heart-melted song 'Remember me'.

#2. The Lion King

The Lion King is considered one of Disney's greatest animated movies, released in 1997. It is a story about Simba, Mufasa's cub and he was born to be the next king of the jungle. Nevertheless, his devilish and avaricious uncle, Scar, had always logged that position, so Scar came up with a 'perfect' plan: orders the wildebeests to kill Mufasa, then makes Simba think that is his responsibility. Being panicked and suffering such a huge loss, Simba decided to run away. He then made friends with Pumbaa and Timon, who were always by his side, cheered him up, and advised him to do 'hakuna matata' (nothing to worry). After having a tranquil time, Nala, his childhood friend, met him and announced that unless he came back to regain the throne, all animals would be suffering under Scar's leadership.

' The Lion King' is perfect for a family movie night as it has a heartwarming paternal theme. After watching this, I bet you will appreciate your parents more when you still have time. In my opinion, 'Lion King' did a really good job of touching and melting people's hearts.

The memorable songs from this movie, like ' Circle Of Life' or ' Can you feel the love tonight',... are thought to be a collection of masterpieces that the viewers are often enthralled by.

#3: Up

Up is another masterwork produced by Pixar with cute and goofy characters. It tells us mostly about Carl's adventure with a boy to the Paradise Fall - his and his wife's dream since they were a child.

There is one heartbreaking and touching part I really enjoy in this movie - the interlude. Carl and Ellie. They grew up, step by step, falling in love, married, bought a house, then turned it into their dream home. Living happily and growing old together. All of these character developments are unfolded in silence, without any daily dialogue or sound except the melodious music that will definitely melt your heart.

#4. Beauty and the Beast

Beauty And The Beast, for me, is a magical and dreamy movie that has a strong impact on my childhood, my memories.

The movie is set in the 18th century and tells about a beauty named Belle, who always immerses herself in reading books. The story begins when her father, an inventor, once went deep into the forest to find some materials but he made a wrong turn that led him to a gray, dark, and gloomy place: the Beast's castle. In order to rescue him, Belle decides to set off on a risky mission and then, she agrees to be his prisoner in the castle for her dad's freedom. That's when a romantic and joyful love story starts.

You will see the kindness and wit of the supporting character in the movie too. The interesting point here is they are all household objects but have emotion and always serve the Beast as a loyal staff: Lumiere (a candlestick), Cogsworth (a clock), and Mrs. Potts, a teapot with a little son named Chip.

The plot of Beauty And The Beast is so good, that's partly why the live-action version in 2017 has gained a certain popularity. Needless to say, the song ' Beauty and the beast' during the dance scene did go straight up to people's minds and hearts, proving in the top 10 favorite romantics of Disney scenes.

#5. Tangled

It is about Rapunzel, a princess who was luckily born thanks to the special flowers that her mom ate during her difficult pregnancy period. Thus, Rapunzel's hair is really long and smooth, but the most special thing is its power to heal and rejuvenate. And that is also the reason why she got kidnapped in an isolated tower. Rapunzel has a dream of seeing 'the stars' (the lantern) on her every birthday and a thief named Flynn will be the one who will make her dream come true. During the adventure, they start to get closer and closer, falling into each other deeper and deeper.

The footage of these two love stories is so romantic and heart-flutteringly good; they are perfect for a movie night choice or date-night pick. Rapunzel, a princess, fell in love with a ' not charming Prince' as other Disney princesses did. Well, instead she chose a man that was always ready to protect her, to sacrifice for her. This is proven when Flynn nearly died when trying to save her.

Tangled is a combination of lovely characters (even a horse), a cheerful soundtrack, and its meaningful messages not only about following your love but also about your dream.

#6: The Incredibles

The Incredibles, one of the greatest movies produced by Pixar.

While all super-powered activities are banned, Mr. Incredible, together with his wife, Elasticgirl, have to return to their mundane lives. Yet, Mr. Incredible loves his family a lot. He still wants to have an adventurous life instead of working in such a boring office day by day. Thus, when he has a chance, he enthusiastically goes and has a battle with the 'out - of-control' robots. Nevertheless, he is in trouble and his safety is up to his family members: Elasticgirl and their children.

This movie is so captivating as each of the characters has a special super power, and all of them will team up by combining their strength. Moreover, Jack-Jack, the youngest member but also the most powerful, has a really cute appearance and mostly wins the heart of the viewer.

#7: Frozen

Frozen, a movie that not only most kids but also adults obsess about. Why? Catchy songs, a witty plot, and all the adorable characters, especially Olaf. Besides, the significant messages throughout the story are also the cause of its popularity: your happiness doesn't come from outside forces, they will truly come from you inside. It means you are the only one who can decide your happiness in any situation.

Without doubt, Frozen is perfect for a family movie night, while it has a powerful string that will definitely connect parents to their children. The movie's success was proved by its prestigious prizes like " Let It Go", which won a Grammy for Best Song Written For Visual Media, while the soundtrack won for Best Compilation Soundtrack for Visual Media.

Overall, these Disney and Pixar animated movies produced for kids are often masterworks because they seem to meet every movie criteria: plots, character developments, footage, and what I like most is the wonderful soundtrack,... The films I recommend above, in my opinion, deserve to be watched more than once, as they are an essential part of our childhood, our sweet dream. I dare to say, high-quality movies like this will not only captivate the kids but also the teenagers and the adults.

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