This is Your Sign to Watch These 10 Underrated Disney Films


For many of us, fairytales and Disney films were some of the biggest aspects that fueled our imagination during our childhood. This has stuck with me, and no matter how old I get, I'll never be too old for Disney.


However, it appears that some have yet to see some of their best films, which are absolute must-sees.

If you've never watched any of the ten films below, you've come to the right place; this is your sign to watch them all when you get the chance!

1. Hercules

Coming in first is Hercules- based on the Greek myths, but Disney-fied with slight alterations from the original legend. The young hero Hercules was taken as a baby by the evil Greek god of the Underworld Hades, and had to live on the mortal world as a demigod. Now that he is older, Hercules must prove his worth t9o live amongst the Greek gods in the great palace of the sky in Mount Olympus.

Along the way, Hercules meets friends and even a magical Pegasus- and Megara, who works for Hades.

With absolute bops of the five Muses, this film is seriously underrated, and therefore comes up top at #1. If you're debating which one to watch for your next movie marathon, be sure to include Hercules- it's amazing and deserves more recognition!


2. Atlantis: The Lost Empire

Atlantis: The Lost Empire is even more underrated than Hercules. In fact, if you knew of this film, I'd be (pleasantly) surprised, as not many do.

This film deserves so much more love- Milo, a kind yet naive history studies lover, discovers the lost city of Atlantis that is only seen in the myths. This discovery is something that had been dreamed of by Milo's grandfather, and what Milo finds is a great city with amazing powers.

This is Disney's first science fiction film and is probably one of the most underrated films to ever exist. It's really, really that good- and is a must-see!


3. The Princess and The Frog

Okay, in my personal opinion, The Princess and The Frog isn't as underrated as the above two (because those seriously need more love and recognition) but that doesn't deter from the fact that this film is wonderfully made.

Tiana is a hardworking young girl who dreams of owning her own restaurant one day; she is an excellent cook, and everyone loves her food. Unlike her wealthy friend Charlotte, she holds no interest in finding a dream prince and wants to focus on her goals- until that is, Prince Naveen comes along.

Prince Naveen is turned into a frog by evil powers, and in the process, Tiana too becomes a frog. They must find a way to turn back into humans- as soon as possible!

Set in the setting of New Orleans with upbeat music and their famous jazz, this is a lovely film.


4. Big Hero 6

One of the coolest Disney films with an intriguing and shocking plot (with a twist you likely won't see coming), Big Hero 6 definitely is one high up on this list.

Hiro lives in the city of San Fransokyo (San Francisco/Tokyo hybrid- pretty cool, huh?) and is a robotics genius. His best friend, Tadashi, is his brother, who creates a robot Baymax. When a tragic series of events unfurl leaving Hiro alone, Baymax is there for him.

When those tragic events occur, this causes for Hiro to assemble a hero squad with his tech-prodigy friends and of course, Baymax.

This movie is very thrilling and is filled with many moments you won't see coming- and is definitely a must-watch.


5. Tarzan

You've probably heard of the story of Tarzan- the boy who lived in the jungle with the gorillas- but many haven't actually seen the film.

Although it's quite old, made exactly 21 years ago in 1999, the film is a great one to watch.

As a baby, Tarzan is left an orphan when his parents are killed by a leopard, and is raised by the kind and loving gorilla Kala. When the British exploration comes into the African jungle, Tarzan meets Jane, the daughter of a professor.

This leads to Tarzan realizing he is a human, just like Jane, and his choice to deciding between civilization with the humans or remaining with his gorilla family is pressured, all while the ruthless hunter Clayton is out for some no-good plots.


6. Maleficent (& Maleficent 2)

Disney did a wonderful job with re-making the story of The Sleeping Beauty with a live action!

With the fairytale, you may know Maleficent to be the evil one... but what if she's not the bad guy as we know her to be? Maleficent (the first movie) gives an insight as to how this all happened, and how Maleficent grew to become a caring figure for Princess Aurora.

With the second film, Maleficent: Mistress of Evil, Princess Aurora is to be wed with the Prince... except the Prince's mom may be, well, not the most ideal mother-in-law. Also, this film in particular has the most stunning costumes ever- the visuals in general for all of Maleficent is just simply amazing.

These two re-makes are lovely and very enjoyable!


7. The Hunchback of Notre Dame

Based on Victor Hugo's 1831 novel, The Hunchback of Notre Dame tells the story of a disfigured man named Quasimodo, who works as a bell-ringer of Notre Dame Cathedral. No other people dare to interact with him, as they are afraid and repulsed of his disfiguration; therefore, Quasimodo spends his time all alone and is incredibly lonely.

However, he gets to meet the beautiful gypsy Esmeralda, and falls in love with her. However, Quasimodo's guardian, Frollo, finds interest in Esmeralda and has evil plans, which Quasimodo must keep Esmeralda and himself safe from.

This is definitely one of Disney's movies that holds some pretty dark themes. The novel that it's based on is definitely much more dark and unexpectedly doleful- although the film itself has been Disney-fied, so keep that in mind!


8. Fantasia

This is one of Disney's most aesthetic films ever, and is beautifully vintage.

Fantasia is a film without any spoken dialogue, and while it doesn't have a distinct plot, this is a beautiful film to watch.


9. Brave

Merida isn't like the other princesses. She's a bit rebellious and is not here for any of the princess-like formals, and loves archery.

When Merida's disagreement to follow expected customs, this leads to a great argument, leading to Merida seeking the powers of a witch who grants her a terrible curse.

When her family turns into bears, Merida must work to reverse the damage done and find what it means to be brave.


10. The Good Dinosaur

In an alternative history, it turns out that dinosaurs are still here. When little Arlo gets caught in a rainstorm, he is brought into a place far, far from home.

A scared dinosaur meets a Neanthernal boy named Spot, who decide to help Arlo find his way back home to his family. Together, they must navigate the mysterious land and forge a strong friendship.

This might be a tearjerker... but it's a great film to try!


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