Change and What It Can Do for You

Personal Growth

November 03, 2021

Change is frightening and, ultimately, something we don’t often enjoy in life. It's human nature to grow accustomed to the things we experience daily, establish a routine, and get comfortable with it, so when we're suddenly forced to change the way we live, it could throw us off. Here’s what you need to know about change and how it can benefit you.

Why Do We Need Change?

If our lives were to remain the same for as long as we lived, we would not get to experience the craziness of it all. We need change, even if it’s terrifying and the possibilities are endless. How would we grow and improve if we didn’t alter our ways?

Simple things like moving schools or getting a new job can drastically affect us, may it be positively or negatively. When the nerves are gone and we are used to the new ways and routines, we appreciate the change. Even if the experience wasn’t all that great, it was another moment of personal growth.

Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything” - George Bernard Shaw

What Can It Do For You?

Change is very beneficial to all people because it allows them to move forward. Being open to change unlocks a whole world of possibilities that can better you and the way you live. You can learn new skills, see different places, and live a life you won’t regret. Here are some amazing ways you can benefit from change:

  • Greater opportunities
  • Finding ways to overcome different obstacles
  • Constant growth
  • Finding yourself
  • Learning to take risks

The coronavirus pandemic was definitely an unexpected experience that no one was prepared for. Countries went into lockdown, schools were shut, and restrictions were put in place. The isolation forced people to think differently about themselves and what matters to them.

Sure, it was an upsetting time for many, but everyone had a chance to reflect and, if they were truly motivated, they chose to make a change in themselves, their appearance, and their surroundings. Once all was settled and slightly back to normal, people came out of the pandemic with a new mentality and perspective on things.

How To Allow Change

To be open to change, you can’t just choose for it to happen on the spot. Reflecting on your past and considering what your future may hold is the first step. You can’t grow without reflection.

Understanding the things you've experienced, even if they're not great, can positively impact the decisions you make and the opportunities you take. So, make time for yourself to figure out what you want and need. Once you know, make minor changes that can lead you to where you want to be. As you continue to grow and make these changes, you will see how you wouldn’t be here without them.

Sometimes change means saying... goodbye.

To have new beginnings, you must say goodbye to some things in life. We often don’t enjoy ending things, but looking at them from a different perspective can make the process easier. Instead of thinking about what you’re leaving behind, think about what is ahead of you. It will make it more exciting and positive.

Allowing change in your life is not always a bad thing. You live and you learn. Knowing that you took a leap of faith for a chance to add something to your life is what matters.

If you feel like change is too difficult, understand that it is supposed to be like that. It’s another challenge you must overcome, but you’ll definitely get through it. So don’t stress about the negatives; rather, remember the positives.

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