Canadian Teen Victoria Anthony is Taking the Music World by Storm
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Canadian Teen Victoria Anthony is Taking the Music World by Storm

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September 19, 2020

At 14-years-old, Victoria Anthony is achieving her dreams, taking the music world head-on! With her new single out and her first album not far behind, see how Victoria Anthony is accepting her developing career.

Never Stop

It all started with a concert. A few years ago, Victoria Anthony got the opportunity of a lifetime: To sing to her idol, P!NK, at her concert in Victoria's hometown of Vancouver.

After then 12-year-old, Victoria Anthony finished amazing the crowd with her beautiful voice, P!NK looked at her and told her to “Never stop.” And she didn't. Since then, Victoria has gotten busy teaching herself how to play the guitar and piano. She has also started writing her own music.

Writing my own music has made me realize how much I love to sing and how much I love to be creative. I think writing is what took music to something fun that I might do in my spare time to something that I wanted to be doing constantly.

I was super nervous singing in front of almost 20,000 people, but P!NK was so kind and the way she looked at me while I was singing was very encouraging and calming. The whole experience was inspiring and surreal.

No Sleep for Victoria

Earlier this August, Victoria Anthony released her single Sleep off of her upcoming and highly anticipated album. When talking about her album, Anthony stated, “My album represents my perspective on life and reflects who I am.”

Sleep celebrates living life to the fullest and not wanting to slow down, even to sleep. Sleep serves as a perfect introduction to the wise-beyond-her-years singer and demonstrates Victoria’s ability to embed emotion and meaning into even the most danceable tune.

~ A word from Victoria's PR

I wrote ‘Sleep’ because I wanted a song that you could dance to but that has meaning for me and hopefully for my listeners. Writing ‘Sleep’ helped me to discover my newfound perspective on life: to live in the moment, to work hard, and try to live without regrets.”

Victoria describes being able to connect with people through her music as special, stating, “There is no bond quite like that of an artist and a listener. I love that I get to experience that with those who know me and listen to my new music. Being able to be vulnerable and honest with my music comes from a place of trust.”

Building this album was a rewarding experience for Victoria. Writing her album allowed her to represent her perspective on life and reflect who she is. “Knowing it started with ideas in my head and is now a beautiful piece of art makes me remember why I do this. I create music because I love it. This album is my baby. I have put my heart and soul into this music, and I hope that I get to connect with people through these songs.”


Victoria grew up listening to artists such as; Sarah McLachlan- the singer of When She Loved Me- Toy Story 2. Taylor Swift, the feminist icon, who believes in women uplifting one another. And of course, P!NK.These amazing women have helped bring up the next generation of powerful female voices.

Equality and Self-Love

For Victoria Anthony, music is all about equality and self-love. “Once people are comfortable with themselves, they are less likely to hurt or hate on others because of their own insecurities.” Loving yourself is a hard thing to do, but hate stems from fear. The more you dislike and fear about yourself, the more you reflect that on others and hate them for it.

Once people are comfortable with themselves, they are less likely to hurt or hate on others because of their own insecurities. I know how hard it is to love yourself, but it is a choice we all have to make every single day. I have struggled immensely with loving myself, but I try to fight back any negative self-talk with positive affirmations and such.

I am nowhere near perfect around this, but I try, which is all I can do. All any of us can do is try our best.

Victoria's View on Family

Victoria believes that being the oldest of four kids and having three younger brothers has truly shaped her into the person she is today. “I think caring for and loving my brothers has made me responsible. Or, if you ask my brothers, they might interpret this quality as me being bossy.”

Recently she has begun to connect with video games. “I have also become really passionate about Fortnite. I had never had the interest to play video games until this lockdown, but now, half of the time you will find me yelling at the screen playing Fortnite. I am not very good compared to my three younger brothers, but I still love it.”

I also love baking and even have a signature dessert for people at my house. My special peanut butter bars!

Outside of Music


I have recently become very passionate about skincare. I have learned from different people on TikTok and now I am obsessed. I find peace and a meditative aspect through nourishing my skin.


I love to play softball and basketball. My softball team is a team I have played with for years. I am so thankful that I get to be a part of such an amazing group of girls with such dedication to the sport and to each other. Softball has always been a sport that I am super passionate about. Shout out to the Vancouver Wildcats!!

Victoria Anthony is taking the music world head-on. Her empowering music speaks to thousands, and that number keeps climbing. Don't miss out, add yourself to that list, and don't miss her album coming out this fall! Find her @vicanthonymusic.

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