Bored This Summer? Here's What to do

Bored This Summer? Here's What to do

Student Life

June 07, 2020

When we were first sent home for the rest of the school year, I was bummed. All I would be doing was working my regular job and staying at home. As someone who needs to get out and do things on a regular basis, I knew it wouldn't be easy to do.

Of course, I couldn't open anything up and I couldn't scare the virus away, so I needed to do something that would change my home to suit my needs. I decided the best thing to do was fulfill a lifelong dream, start writing for a blog. My first choice was to do a lifestyle blog, but nothing in my life is really worth writing about.

It's a mediocre life, especially considering I haven't been seeing new things. So my next option was one I was a little more excited about and gave me more freedom.

I wrote a story a while back for the district magazine my high school participates in. It was about a church that was not home to humans, but to those who passed on years before. It's a play on an idea of Catholic theology where there is Church Militant (those on Earth) and Church Triumphant (those in heaven.) The next story continues on with the people in the church who were aboard a trading ship that got wrecked in a whirlpool guarding Earth's secrets. The secrets are explained in a different story.

I started writing for The Teen Magazine a month later after reading an ad for them on Facebook. Had it not been for the confidence given to me by writing, I would not have applied to be a writer. So what does this mean for other teens out there looking for their place in the world?

Well, for starters, this means that any hobby could be turned into a career if the right tactics are used. Second, even now, in a world where a college education is seen as the end-all-be-all, a lot of firsthand knowledge can come in really handy before a time (like in high school) where a degree isn't even attainable. Lastly, take every opportunity available!

I started writing for my school magazine in the second semester this year. Even though the type of writing involved wasn't what I wanted to do, I realized I needed to do it because some experience is still experience. Without the meager knowledge, I gained in that half a semester, I would have let opportunities pass because I didn't feel ready for them.

It's almost like a child playing in the sandbox, smoothing out the sand for the toy trucks growing up to help build and maintain roads. Maybe they will not grow up paving roads, instead, they might manage a construction company. Without the basic knowledge of how something is smoothed out, the child might not have been interested in the right career path.

While maybe we looked at this as the year Murphy's Law was proven, but we should look at it as something else. Each of us should look at the hobbies we have interest in and turn them into something meaningful. Take this time to reevaluate where we are and how we fit into the grand scheme of things.

Maybe we are just kids, I've been told that before. But maybe we are something greater, something more than just kids. We were meant to change the world, and this might be our time to do it.

Miranda Schneider
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Miranda is a dedicated and talented writer whose passion shines through her work. Whether it been an emotional piece dedicated to the senior class of 2020 for her highschool yearbook, or a testamonial to show what her grade school meant to her, Miranda pours her heart into every piece of writing, and it is her hope that it shows. Her interests include gardening and how to care for the many pets her family keeps around the house, including dogs, cats, and parakeets.