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Best #LongDistanceRelationship Dates to Keep Your Relationship Thriving


August 26, 2022

Long distance relationships (or LDRs) can be scary. As someone about to enter one, I'm not going to deny the fear that came with accepting this change in my relationship. I worried about how my partner and I would still stay connected, and how we'd be able to be in each others' lives despite being miles apart.

A quick Google search and one long conversation later, I was reassured. That being said, I still wondered how we could continue doing fun things and even go on dates in a LDR. Well, after some extensive research, I discovered that while distance was tough, it wasn't impossible to work around.

Many couples in this digital age (including myself) are looking for great activities to do. So, I've compiled a list of some of the best dates for a LDR couple, that will make the distance between them seem that much shorter.

Watch a Movie Together

Watching a movie is one of the more classic dates to start with, but it's a classic for a reason. Movie-watching is one of the best activities because it doesn't require anything physical. All you need is a laptop, some popcorn, and bam! You and your partner can stare at a screen for two hours and enjoy a film together.

This activity can be accomplished in a multitude of ways, thanks to various services like NetflixParty and other streaming services offering ways to start "watch parties." There's also good old-fashioned screen sharing through video softwares like Zoom or Google Meet.

I know not everyone's a fan of this, but I personally think pausing throughout the movie to discuss scenes with your partner is great. This keeps things more interesting than just standard movie watching, and allows you two to feel more present. If you're not cracking jokes over the characters' horrible decisions and experiencing those intense scenes together, you may as well be watching a movie by yourself.

Take Matching Pictures

This is less of a date and more so a creative way to remain connected to your partner. You've heard of couples with matching wallpapers, but have they attempted matching LDR photos? The concept is pretty self-explanatory: just finish one half of a picture, and wait for your partner to mimic your pose and complete it.

From matching hearts to lining up your plates of breakfast, the options for what to photograph are endless. This variety of poses constantly keeps things interesting for the two of you, as well as adds some spice to your Instagram page! There are always ways to show your love and dedication to your partner despite the distance, and taking these pictures is just a small way of showing that.

Play Some Video Games

Let's be honest here, video games are an integral part of our culture. They're a fun way to spend a few hours and give you something engaging to do. So, why not do them with your partner?

Video games are solely done online; neither of you have to be in person to play them, making them the perfect LDR activity. From idly doing tasks in Animal Crossing to kicking butt in Mario Kart, there are so many games to choose from and play. Even if you're bad at video games like me, you can't deny the fun you have. Plus, it's always amusing to see one another's competitive side!

Not into Nintendo games? Looking for something more traditional? Well, there are plenty of other options!

Try your hand at some trivia. Mercilessly destroy each other in a game of Uno. Whatever the case, make sure you have fun while doing it.

Take a Romantic Walk

I know what you're thinking: a walk? Isn't that a physical activity where both partners need to be present? Well, LDR couples can still participate in this timeless romantic activity. Just go out for a walk, call your partner, and you're good to go!

Talking over the phone while one or both of you take a walk is a great way to still feel close to one another. Describe the sights you see as you continue on your stroll. Make note of the things you hear around you.

Although you two can't be next to one another, virtually take them with you and focus on immersing them in the experience. You can even send pictures of any particularly interesting sights!

Whether it be your standard walk home or a tour around the city, talking to your partner while on the go can turn any route into a new, exciting adventure.

Buy Each Other Dinner

They say the way to someone's heart is through their stomach; I'm a firm believer that that motto still rings true. Just because you and your partner are miles apart doesn't mean that you have to forgo classic dates. Case and point, a nice dinner.

With revolutionary inventions such as GrubHub and UberEats, you can order your favorite foods straight from your home; but, you can also order food to be delivered to your partner. Getting the same meal or ordering from the same place can really make you two feel more connected, since you're both having dinner together. I don't know about you, but I'd consider a meal of chalupas from Taco Bell a great declaration of love.

Once you've ordered your food and set up a FaceTime call, focus on setting the mood. Light some candles, play some romantic music, and whip out your fanciest outfit. Act as if you're at a posh restaurant; you're not in your living room, you're at a rooftop bar in Paris! Adding a little creative touch will surely do the trick, so prepare to sweep your partner off their feet!

Ask Each Other Questions

Questions can be asked anytime, anywhere, so why should they stop just because you're not in person? For LDR couples who've just started dating, asking each other questions is a great way to learn about one another's likes, preferences, and personality. Even for couples who've been together for longer, there's always something new to learn.

Topics can range from your zodiac sign to how you'd survive on an abandoned island. Though these conversations can seem insignificant in the grand scheme of things, ultimately it's fun to discover new things about your partner, and have an entertaining talk along the way to that information.

Not sure where to start? This article had some great ice-breakers for a more casual conversation. If you're looking for something that'd lead to a deeper discussion, I'd suggest starting here. You can even try a Reddit style AMA ("ask me anything") to keep things interesting.

Go Online Shopping

So many couples never get to try this! Why that is, I have no idea, but this is such an underrated activity that I think is perfect for LDR couples: pick out each others outfits. Seriously, there's nothing about online shopping that requires you two to be physically present. As long as you have an electronic device (which most of us do) to shop and communicate, you're fine.

You two can try aiming for a certain theme or aesthetic, or just pick out something you know they'd like to wear. It can be a super fun way to learn more about one another and each other's fashion preferences (and look good while doing it). Heck, even if you don't buy one another the looks you've made, coming up with the concepts is still cool!

If neither of you are super into fashion, that's okay too. Just buy each other something you know your partner would love. It could be a new piece of tech, a video game that recently came out, or even something practical like a pair of socks.

Go House Hunting

Is this activity too domestic for some couples? Maybe, but you can't deny the fun of loading up Zillow and searching for your dream house online. So, why not include your partner in the mix?

You don't have to do this activity with the intention of searching for an actual home. Just look for inspiration, things you've always wanted in a living space, and work on collaborating your ideas together. It's all about designing a dream space, one without the limits of affordability or location.

Great places to start your search are Pinterest and Zillow, to name a few.

Play Truth or Dare

Ahh, what better way to add a little bit of spice to your LDR than a classic party game? This is a personal favorite of mine, since the rules of the game themselves remain constant, but the actual truths and dares can be changed every time. It's a recipe for success!

One of my big questions with this game was how to find feasible dares that would work online. After all, many of them are physical challenges. Well, good thing phones exist!

Want to text an unknown number a random meme? Or make your profile picture something funny your partner chooses? It's these dares that actually work with technology instead of against it, and can thus lead to an exciting game.

The truths are pretty self-explanatory; questions can be asked regardless of face-to-face contact. But the nature of these questions (harmless ones like "what's your favorite animal?" to spicier ones like "what's the sexiest outfit you own?") vary wildly depending on how you decide to play.

If you're like me and have no ideas about possible truths or dares over text, I'd recommend checking out this article to get started. Play at your own risk!

Plan Your Next In-Person Meetup

Nothing, and I mean nothing, can match the feeling of running into your significant other's arms after going months without seeing them. So, why not plan for your next in-person meetup together?

Who would be visiting who? Can you stay at your partner's place or would you have to book a hotel for the night? How long would you be able to stay?

What can you do to make the most of your time together? Asking yourself these questions makes the possibility of seeing your partner more real, and may even be helpful for when you do decide to visit one another.

I know this is only feasible for some couples, as many are limited by different circumstances such as the time and expenses required to travel. However, even if you're planning for something that may be months down the line, it's still nice to imagine getting together with your partner after so much time separated.

Distance can be a tough obstacle to overcome, but it also gives couples an appreciation for the smaller things in a relationship: waking up next to one another, cooking breakfast together, taking an evening stroll. It allows them to cherish these things more than the average couple, who may unintentionally take these things for granted. Just remember that it's not an impossible obstacle to overcome, and I genuinely hope that these dates can bring LDR couples closer together. You and your partner can conquer the miles that come between your relationship one step at a time.

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