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Best Lo-fi Artists to Listen to on Spotify

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May 17, 2023

It has been a really long day at school: you turned in two assignments for different classes, finalized the weekly schedule of your robotics club, and led your soccer team to an absolute win during the practice game. A sip of iced matcha green latte with your favorite lo-fi songs playing in the background sounds like the best end to the night; but ideally, it's not the right time to search for the best lo-fi artists on Spotify and figure out which one matches your vibes and has the best lo-fi playlists ever, right?

Before you let out that silent "ergh" under your breath, we got your feelings right! Curated after a lot of research, we present to you the ultimate lo-fi artists on Spotify so you don't have to do the extra-leg work yourself. Headphones on, let's go!


1. Lofi girl

If you stream lofi/hip-hop loops on Youtube, you probably know who this is. With the icon of character Shizuku Tsukishima from the Studio Ghibli film Whisper of Heart (1995) looking pretty chill on the desk with headphones on, Lofi Girl has successfully managed to engage the listener community worldwide. With a following of over 1.5 million on Spotify, this artist's popularity remains unbeatable on the music streaming platform.

However, their stardom is clearly justified; from Jazz to Synthwave, there is every playlist for your mood type. Whether you want to focus on some work in the library, or simply want to vibe to some low beats, Lofi Girl has got you covered. So, don't forget to explore what they have to offer!

2. LoFi Café Records

Like the name suggests, this artist has got it all sorted out when it comes to lofi music. From lofi study to lofi guitar, there is a great deal of variety on the playlists. One thing, however, that is very unique to Lofi Café Records is the classification of playlists according to seasons.

That means, you can enjoy some slow-paced tunes while sipping a coffee during winter, or muse to the beat-up vibes when it's summer. Regardless of what time and weather, Lofi Café Records deserves a spot on your recently played, and you have to give them a try!

3. Jinsang

A monthly listener record of over 1.2 million says a lot about the quality of the artist, and Jinsang needs no explanation for their stardom whatsoever. Their Spotify is a great collection of their work in Jazz and Soul, with a subtle mix of hip-hop here and there. Needless to say, there is no compromise in variety and you are sure to find something or another that fits your mood at a given time. So, definitely check out their profile on Spotify.

4. Tomppabeats

Another worthy artist joining the list! With a whopping streaming of 84 million people on Spotify, "Monday Loop" remains one of the most popular tracks by Tomppabeats on Spotify, and alone qualifies the artist to make the ultimate 7 cut. Clearly, it is not surprising enough to find tracks like "Far Away" and "Blossom Samurai" playing as the intro to a Youtubers chill weekend vlog at university.

The little throw in of verbal fragments in between the beats make Tomppabeats stand out from the crowd. All in all, there is a lot going on with this artist's work, and most of it is good, so highly recommended!

5. Idealism

With their placid and tranquil tunes, Idealism can pretty easily get you in the groove. There is such an intricate flow to their music, especially with tracks like "Both of Us" and "Nagashi", that will remind you of a bustling Japanese street in an anime in one beat and the serenity of a dark, starry night in the other. This transition of imaginary scenes itself is so rare to achieve from an artist's perspective, and Idealism does that so easily. So, if you are looking for a new lofi artist to follow, give them a try.

6. Elijah Who

If you are in search of a great whimsical lofi playlist or artist on Spotify, Elijah Who has the right music for you. As a sample to try out, "Black Coffee" remains my personal favorite by the artist. I especially love the quiet, summer vibes that the tracks convey, and their playlist can serve as the go-to music before hitting bed after a tiresome day.

With their highly appreciated work, Elijah Who attracts around 1.3 million listeners every month – a big feat on its own. Their 2017 album titled Gentle Boy features some really amazing tracks like "Crush on You" and "Your House", with a hint of verbal play here and there. In a nutshell, there is a lot to explore with their work, and you definitely need to give them serious thought.


Last artist on the list, but definitely top-notch when it comes to creating lofi focus/study music. If you look forward to spending hours in the library grinding, or simply feel like putting on some music to focus on work, SNUG needs to be your go to artist. Remarkably, their tracks have an elemental touch to them – you can almost hear the crackling of fire or the pouring of rain.

This boosts the artist's quality, making them really likeable and in-demand. Significantly, SNUG boasts over 800,000 monthly listeners on Spotify, and definitely showcases some outstanding chillhop tracks on the platform. Make sure to check them out, especially if you are craving a new study playlist.

Lofi music has a separate fanbase, and is such a good way of serenading yourself with warm, fuzzy feelings when you need it. Remember that there are a lot of artists out there, showcasing brilliance through their work. So, keep exploring the genre and enjoying music from the ones on the list, until you find new artists to jam with.

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