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Back to School Outfits from Storets Will Have You Looking Stylish and Sophisticated

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August 16, 2021

There's nothing like the perfect back-to-school outfits for the new year, and Storets has us covered with their adorably chic, stylish clothes. Not only will you look sophisticated, but you'll also look like you're on top of everything!

"Storets offers trendy, stylish and high-quality fashion items at affordable prices that don't break your wallet. We believe that every woman has the style and taste she wants, and that she can express it," says Storets.

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With Storets, you can catch up to the latest trends, express yourself through your own sense of style, and explore the world of fashion without breaking the bank. With high-quality apparel and reasonable prices, Storets is the perfect go-to place for us to find the perfect outfits for anywhere and any time.

At the comfort of your own home, with, you can look absolutely stunning and stylish!

"Storets' customers share their products on social media, revealing their tastes and communicating with the audiences. Customers can freely communicate with various and unique contents that reflect individual tastes, not contents created by the brand."

-Storets, Jae Co.,LTD

A Knit Zip-Up With A Twist

Knitwear is always a must in our closets- it's simply a classic! However, the Liliana Top adds a bit of a special spark with its wonderful zip-up feature that makes it the coolest knit top all around.

Shop the Liliana Ribbed Zip-Up Knit Top here.

This polo-style knit has a collared neck that makes it feel nice and classy, and the knit is the perfect material that makes it a good match for all seasons. The thick material goes well with winter, and the pale green color fits right with the light and airy spring season.

The 100% Acrylic knitwear is ribbed vertically all over, and the texture adds a nice dimension to the top. It feels really comfortable, and I love the form-hugging silhouette it has. The Liliana top expertly shows off without being too tight or too loose.

The zip-up closure is really the star of this top- the zipper goes both ways- up and down- which allows you to bring the opening of the zipper down or bring up the bottom of the top to give it a cropped, open-flap look. Either way or even both, the Liliana top's twist with the zipper allows for a cool look.

I adore that you can adjust the zip-up to your liking, and this collared knit top is anything but boring. Perfect for school and for any occasion, the Liliana top is such a sophisticated look with a spin on a classic look!

The back of the Liliana Top is a simple ribbed texture all over, and the top comes in together around the waist to highlight your silhouette.

The Liliana Top comes in multiple colors of sky blue, orange, ivory, and pale green. The pale green is a gorgeous pastel shade that plays up the dreamy, pretty aspect of the top.

The model styles the Liliana top with the Emilee Angelic Skort and Ribbed Sheer Knee-Socks.

Party Pants (Or Not), It's A Look

Let me tell you this upfront: the Peyton Pleated Pants are the most fun, personality-filled pants ever. It's honestly the perfect party pants and looks absolutely stunning on- the pictures simply don't do it justice! With the coolest effect with its one-of-a-kind texture, the Peyton Pants are an absolute yes!

Shop the Peyton Crinkled Pleated Pants here.

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Storets truly says it best: "Stay at home and slay at home!" The Peyton Pants allow you to do just that with their top-tier comfort level and lounge-style wide leg. With its pleated effects and gorgeous lavender or bright orange color, slaying at home is indeed possible.

The crinkly material of the pants is incredibly stretchy and has a fabric feel that is cool to the touch. The pleated material feels so nice in your hands and looks even nicer on!

The hem of the pants has a slit on each side, which adds to the dramatic flair of the pants. Paired with the sweeping wide-leg style, the Peyton Pants are all about being the main character and bringing that positive, bright energy!

I absolutely have to emphasize how comfortable these pants are. It's super easy to slip on, and the pants move around like water around your legs- it's the perfect breezy, effortless summer pants.

The waistband is made of elastic, so it's secure and simple; it also comes with a little purple tie. The pants are pretty high-waisted, so it's perfect to pair with your favorite cropped tank top. Also, get this: the pants come with pockets- rejoice!

I just adore the lavender color of the Peyton Pants; the gorgeous lilac shade also varies with the pleated texture and looks so fun! The pants are also available in a vivid orange color that feels so happy and positive.

Keep It Business Casual With A Blazer

It's time to amp up your look and look like a total boss! The Brianna Oversized Handkerchief Blazer is the perfect item to throw on top of a tee and mix formality with casual.

Shop the Brianna Oversized Handkerchief Blazer here.

With a notched lapel that makes it feel formal but with a laid-back oversized look, the Brianna Blazer is all about balance. The fabric of the blazer is super comfortable cotton, and the features a detachable contrast handkerchief detail and a single breast silhouette. The blazer is put together by large circular buttons that are subtle with the same exact color of the blazer.

I love that the blazer comes with large roomy dual pockets at sides- pockets are important, and the Brianna Blazer is not only stylish but practical, too.

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I have to say, the oversized look may just be one of my favorites yet. Not everything has to be tightly fitted to be a look- this blazer in all its looseness feels just right! Plus, the blazer doesn't just have to serve as a throw-on; it can also be a dress! That's right- when styled with a large statement belt like below, the Brianna Blazer can become a dress.

The Brianna Handkerchief Blazer comes in multiple colorful shades, such as green, lemon, paled turquoise, lavender, pink, orange, ivory, and black. Blazers don't have to be a boring monotone shade- the colorful shades make it perfect for you and your best friend to match up in your favorite colors.

The blazer in the black color gives off a confident, fierce look with its all-black, jet-colored solid shade. The touch of pink in the handkerchief completes the look. And yes, the Brianna Blazer comes with a complimentary handkerchief to place inside the pocket!

Vintage Ombré Denim? Yes, Please!

Denim is always in style- it's such a timeless staple. Storets takes it a step further with their vintage-inspired, ombré denim- meet the Tamara Denim Shorts!

Shop the Tamara Frayed Denim Shorts here.

The denim shorts are dipped in a gradient look and pale blue to a gray-blue style is such a look. It feels so summery and chic, and definitely vintage in the best way!

The cotton denim is so lightweight and breathable and is such a comfortable fabric. The denim shorts are not loose, but rather more form-fitting. The mini-length is also the perfect balance of being short but not too short.

The Tamara Denim Shorts have raw-edge detail and have slight distressing at the hems. Although there are no gaping holes, the distressed look definitely adds to the timeless, vintage appeal.

As always, the denim shorts have dual pockets at the sides, and feature a metallic silver button and a zip fly closure. The waist has all-around belt loops attached if you want to add on belt accessories.

The slightly high-waisted denim shorts are perfect to pair with any crop top, and the Tamara Denim Shorts are the perfect pair to wear over the summer and warmer weather.

Tea Time In A Floral Dream

This might just be my favorite midi dress ever! The perfect dress meant for a weekend getaway, fancy night out, or a tea party in the garden, the Melanie Tea Dress in Floral never disappoints. This dress makes you feel like a fairy, and I am truly obsessed.

Shop the Melanie Tea Dress in Floral here.

First things first: can we talk about the gorgeous pattern of this dress? The Melanie Tea Dress features a floral print of red flowers and accents of pale blue blossoms. Paired with the ivory color of the dress, something about it feels so elegant and dreamy.

The Melanie dress features a v-neck that is not too deep and has gorgeous shoulder ruffles to each side. The ruffle detail makes you feel like a princess and adds to the delicate, feminine style. The shoulder ruffles are loose around your triceps and create a pretty effect.

The back of the dress features the same floral print all over and has a tie attached. The self-tie is a thin ribbon of the same material that you can use to tie a casual bow in the back or even bring it to the front to accentuate the waist.

At the front of the dress are subtle buttons, and small details like this make the dress feel wholly complete.

The dress overall has a beautiful A-line style and truly looks so flattering. The lovely combination of an elegant, sophisticated look goes well with its waist-hugging, skirt-flaring sillouette.

Paired with satrapy sandals and a matching handbag, I can definitely envision this as the perfect picnic date dress or an afternoon party. This dress is simply adorable, and I'm in love with it.

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