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October 05, 2020

Eyeliners are, without a doubt, an important product and step in a makeup routine. However, UZ takes eyeliners to a whole new level with their Eye-Opening Liners.

Coming in a stunning variety of 13 different colors, these liners give beauty-lovers a chance to unframe the beauty: an open and vast field of opportunities are opened where the liners can go in any direction of creativity and art. Without a doubt, UZ is leading a way in the beauty industry with their high-quality, top-notch artistry liners.

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Trying The Eye-Opening Liners

I had the chance to try out the eye-opening liners in shades black, navy, pink, and yellow.

I have to mention that this was my first time ever trying eyeliner. I was a bit nervous to see how it would turn out, especially with me having no experience- but UZ seriously wowed me in every aspect. When I tell you I'm in awe- this is it. You guys, I've genuinely found the beauty staple item!

Their liners bring upon a bold, distinct coloring and technique. Anything you'd ask for to be in an eyeliner, it's all here.

The line you draw will lead you to the next chapter.

The Black Eye-Opening Liner

Unsure which color you should pick out of these amazing quantity of choices? Black would be the go-to if you were to narrow down to what you'd use on a daily basis.

This classic is not your regular shade of black, however; this shade is deep and inky, setting apart from your regular black liner.

This color's specialty is being able to draw out a focus with their boldness.

The Navy Eye-Opening Liner

Navy is the dark, mysteriously deep shade of blue, almost seemingly black from afar. These navy liners are perfect for a night out when you want to go for something extra, but subtle at the same time!

This could even be your everyday go-to if you're looking for something more than the regular classic.

The Pink Eye-Opening Liner

This shade of pink is a rosy color, and is fit to match the warm, gentle aesthetic. Hello, dreamy eyeliner looks!

However, this pink won't be washed out on your skin. You never will have to worry about this shade not being able to pop out; while still maintaining its medium hue, it'll still distinctly be able to show.

The Yellow Eye-Opening Liner

Yellow brings about just all the positive thoughts- stars, moonshine, happiness- you name it! This pop of color brings in some lighthearted joy.

This shade of soft yet not-too-gentle yellow is almost like the shade of golden sunshine. This shade is perfect for bringing in some highlights into the work of art that will be on your face.

Top-Quality Crafted Products

The liners and products of UZ is no ordinary. Every aspect of UZ is luxury and carefully curated, from its brushes to container, and even its packaging.

UZ incorporates the Traditional Japanese Brush into its liners. Unframe The Beauty does its absolute to truly add in the traditional touches, which is clearly evident in the professionalism of the brushes. Brushes are not animal hair, but are custom fibers that closely resemble one of an animal cuticle.

The brush is hand blended using 5 different kinds of fibers and can only be done by hand. The brushmaking tradition comes from Kumano and Nara regions of Japan and only 7 people in the world can do this delicate and precise work. It’s been scientifically proven all fibers are equally blended.

This is Perfect For:

In need of thin yet sharp-cut lines? Check.

Need for it to be perfect- easy precision? Check.

Attention for details? Check.

Simple removal? Check.

Matte finish with dry-to-the-touch-when-done? Check.

No-flake completion? Check.

Luxurious top-notch quality? Check.

Bye-bye, Smudges (& Oh, It's Waterproof, too!)

As soon as I applied the eyeliner, I brushed my fingers against the design accidentally; however, I was amazed to see it barely even altered the design!

Did I mention? It's also waterproof- what a bonus! That's an important aspect you can't miss out on. “We use the most advanced Japanese waterproof technology[,]” says UZ, “Our WP Film hybrid polymer provides the perfect line all day against water, sweat, humidity, tears, and oil.”

Easy Flow

These eyeliners are anything but runny liquids. It's well put together to very easily draw the lines for anything of your liking.

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The Beauty Staple You Need

UZ's eye-opening liners really gave me all I was looking for.

I needed a solid, smooth line-drawing brush that still allowed me to draw in fine details. Color was another significant aspect- eyeliners can just about boost up anything with their pop of unexpected colors. For it to be waterproof on top of it all, it was quite obvious: UZ Eye-Opening liners should be in everyone's beauty cabinet.

Even as a first timer, I can confidently tell you this: putting on the UZ Eye-Opening Liners itself gave me confidence of being able to play with the colors, lines, and shapes. It's unlimited to what you could possibly do with them, brining to you a whole new world of possibilities. Your creativity can stretch as far as you wish for it to go.

All Clean and Good

All UZ products are cruelty-free, and all 20 hypoallergenic eyeliners are gluten free. The shades Black, Brown Black, Brown, Gray, Khaki, Yellow, Light Blue, White, Pitch Black, Matte Black, Metallic Black, Platinum Black, Green Black are vegan. UZ never tests on animals.

A Large Selection You Won't See Elsewhere

The eyeliners I tried out are just a portion of what UZ has available on store. In the Eye-Opening Liner Collection, shades black, gray, brown-black, brown, khaki, burgundy, navy, purple, orange, light blue, pink, yellow, and white are the range of colors. Shop here.

Within the Eye-Opening Liners are the 7 Shades of Black collection- liner shades infused with other colors in the spectrum for a guaranteed bold black with strength. Colors available are pitch-black, matte black, metallic black, platinum black, red-black, navy-black, green-black, and an option of a kit with all shades. Shop here.

Affordable Prices You'll Love

Can you believe these luxury, high-fashion and beauty liners are only $16? These eyeliners are not only the definition of quality and seamlessly perfect, but are affordable as well!

To shop the brand, click here. Your wallet will thank you!

Product Care

UZ advises users: “We recommend keeping eyeliners flat on the surface vs vertically.”

To take off the makeup, it's quite simple; according to UZ, you can remove eyeliner with warm water or any makeup remover.

I simply took off the eyeliners while washing off with my facial cleanser. I didn't even have to scrub harshly to take it off- in fact, just a gentle wash will take it off very easily!

Keep Up!

All UZ products are available online at, which ships to all 50 states within the US.

Make sure to follow @unframethebeauty for more updates and content on their products, and be sure to tag #UnframeTheBeauty when using their items!

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