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Beauty Basics All Under $15: Morphe 2 Nails the Barely There Glam Trend with Pops of Color

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February 13, 2023

Beauty trends may come and go, but the one thing that stays consistently timeless is a fresh, light-faced, yet charming makeup look. Dubbed the "clean girl makeup style" by social media, the effortless minimalist look is one of the most popular trends to take the internet by storm.

With just a few essentials, anyone and everyone can create that barely-glam makeup style; with Morphe 2, you can elevate that trend with a matte, natural look with pops of color for extra excitement.

Shop Morphe 2 at morphe.com/collections/morphe-2.

Shop Morphe at morphe.com.

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With a neutral, "less is more" base, you can add all the fun to your look; go for Morphe 2's sleekest and most simple products to make your looks glow, and add pops of vibrant color and swipes of shining glitter. Plus, if you want to take your makeup artistry to the next level, Morphe has all that you need to balance all the makeup trends, all done your way- and have fun along the way!

Good Talk Blotted Matte Lipstick

A classic matte lipstick is a must for the makeup bag; it's such an iconic product, both for its aesthetic and practical uses.

Morphe's Good Talk Blotted Matte Lipstick is the perfect combination of a blurred-and-blotted swipe of color that can also pair for a stunning dewy, glossy look. With a lightweight glide and a vitamin-E-infused formula to keep the lips nice and smooth, this lipstick is seriously magical.

I love that the silky-smooth formula makes it perfect for layering onto the lips. It has such a sharp pigment, and the hues range from a natural finish to a colorful red. You can build onto the shades to make it as dark as you need, and it lasts for a good duration of the day.

Perfect for on-the-go moments, this lipstick is so convenient and easy to use. Simply swipe it up on your lips wherever you go, and you're sure to make the vibrant pinks and reds pop!

Shop the Good Talk Blotted Matte Lipstick in Red Sunset here.

The Red Sunset shade is one of the most brilliant red shades ever. With a poppy red hue, this is the epitome of a classic red lip that is unapologetically bold and bright.

Shop the Good Talk Blotted Matte Lipstick in Pink Pucker here.

The Pink Pucker shade is a sure favorite to be your new best friend. With the most natural shade ever, this lipstick enhances your lip color and adds to a matte, kissable look.

Shop the Good Talk Blotted Matte Lipstick in Rebel Red here.

The Rebel Red is a perfect pair for late nights out and about. With a dark crimson red shade, this hue brings on all the attention and a flair for the dramatic.

All a Blur Pore-Perfecting Stick

Say goodbyes to Instagram filters, and say hello to flawlessly smooth skin!

Shop the All A Blur Pore-Perfecting Stick here.

With Morphe 2's complexion stick specially designed to perfect your skin in mere seconds, you can swipe and blur away any pores, fine lines, and visible texture.

This clear balm feels just like a serum stick and glides effortlessly smoothly on the skin. Made with vitamin E and lingonberry extract, this formula is seriously so gentle and works wonders.

It also helps control any oily shine; with just a swipe, the stick keeps your skin naturally matte, but still with a gorgeous glow. The stick works just like a primer as a base for enhancing all your makeup, but you can also swipe it all over on its own for that minimally done look.

Lightweight and perfect for everyday occasions, this blurring stick is a lifesaver for both filter-smooth skin and nourishing care.

Quad Goals Multi-Palette

If you love a good neutral eyeshadow that has just the most gorgeous subtle glimmer for a sunny day, the Quad Goals Multi-Palette is just for you.

With four individual yet cohesive shades placed together in a compact case that slides out, the Quad Goals allows you to mix and match your favorite hues for fun, flirty looks.

I love that the Quad Goals have such versatile uses; swipe them on your lids, lips, and cheekbones for the most gorgeous highlights and glitters.

Shop the Quad Goals Multi-Palette in Oh-So-Nudie here.

The Oh-So-Nudie palette features four gorgeous shades that work beautifully in harmony to create light shimmers and subtle glazes. Shade Pearl is a pretty cream-white that's perfect for highlighting; shade Cocoa Rose is a stunning buildable tan base; shade Cinnamon is a golden glaze; and shade Nude is a gorgeous light pink and beige glimmer.

The Sweep Life Set

To make all your makeup come together like magic, makeup brushes can be a handy-dandy tool to use. There is such a difference between using your fingers and using professional brushes, and Morphe 2 does a beautiful job of creating easily usable and affordable brushes.

Shop The Sweep Life Set here.

Meet the Sweept Life Set: with four brushes for every use imaginable when it comes to makeup, doing your everyday glam just got so much sweeter. Featuring synthetic brushes with the fullest, softest bristles ever, this set helps you blend all the shades together for the best full-face look.

The collection includes the Complexion Brush (use the angle to build on your foundation and contour- it blends like a dream!), Rounded Blush Brush (tap on for some fresh blush), Universal Highlighting Brush (swipe across for a glow, sunkissed shimmer), and Ultimate Packing Brush (shade and glitter your eyelids).

Plus, the brushes come with a cute plastic bag that you can zip in and store everything you need. Makeup on the go just got so much easier!

Always Online Gel Liner

An eyeliner can make your eyes really stand out, and with Morphe 2's colorful assortment of gel liners, they can be the star of the show.

These gel liners have the smoothest slide, and flawlessly go along whichever direction you take it. Simply line on your favorite eyeliner wing for a vibrant, non-smudging look. These liners have the most strikingly intense colors and are a total stunner.

I love how these gel liners last throughout the entire day, and how they don't budge at all, even underwater. Plus, they have built-in sharpeners at the end, making it the most convenient liner to bring along at any time!

With 10 distinctly gorgeous shades, these liners are perfect to wear for matching your outfits.

Shop the Always Online Gel Liner in Whoa Indigo here.

Meet the Whoa Indigo: a brilliantly blue that's navy enough to be black, but with a cool twist.

Shop the Always Online Gel Liner in Whimsy White here.

If you've seen the white liner trick on TikTok, you know it. Simply swipe these by your waterline for a dramatically enlarged eye effect.

Shop the Always Online Gel Liner in Bare It here.

This gorgeous nude liner is perfect for the waterline as a subtle enlargement effect and great for drawing attention to the corners of your eyes.

Shop the Always Online Gel Liner in Berry Lush here.

A magenta eyeliner makes everyone do a double take- and the Berry Lush is a total magnetic charm.

Shop the Always Online Gel Liner in Power Off here.

The most strikingly jet-black eyeliner is sharp and cutting edge- and never fails to create the most basic, much-needed cat eye.

Morphe's Latest Matte Essentials

Colorful matte eyeshadows are totally back in, and Morphe is taking it to the next level is a curated capsule of 9 essential and limitless shades. With gorgeous hues that complement each other and create a buildable, bendable look to enhance your eyes, this palette helps you bring our the inner artist in you to your makeup.

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Shop the 9B Matte Essentials Artistry Palette here.

Featuring 9 warm-toned, neutral yet smoky tones that elevate the mood, these earth-toned hues have a special charm. From matte peach, soft green, burnt caramel, to terracotta, this palette has it all.

Shop the 9C Matte Essentials Artistry Palette here.

If you're feeling cool, opt for a collection of bright blues and moody tans for an electrifying clash of shades. Featuring one-of-a-kind shades in the likes of sea blue, soft jade, cool brown, to taupe, this matte palette keeps things intriguing and leaves us wanting more unique excitement.

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