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All the Foods You Need for the Perfect Graduation Party from Appetizers to Desserts


Mon, May 20

As late May approaches it has become a time of excitement as the date of graduation gets closer and closer. Graduation parties are another exciting moment that comes with graduating.

Here are a few food suggestions that are diverse enough but have a touch of utter simplicity that everyone at your party will be going for seconds.

Start with salty first:

  • Lays Chips are a must-have. If you get the box that comes with a variety of flavors in smaller portions it will be both diverse and practical. If you get a generic big box of plain Lays chips people will still eat them but they might feel uncomfortable reaching into a communal bowl, especially at the height of allergy season. Everyone is stuffy and sneezing and that is not good for a party, so make sure to get ones that are individually packaged.
  • Pretzels and Goldfish! A mix of these classic flavors will remind everyone of the times when they were younger, it adds nostalgia. This snack will also appeal to those who are younger like siblings or cousins because this isn't necessarily going to be an adult party. You have to accommodate every age group that will be attending.

Appetizers/Finger Food:

  • Pigs in a Blanket! They are cute and super easy to make and they are a great grab-and-go snack for all ages, and they have a fun name that will make the little ones giggle.
  • Ritz crackers, pepperoni, salami, and cubed cheese! These are a total staple at any event with a large number of individuals because they tend to be a go-to due to their familiarity and overall goodness. I have attended so many different events and this is the constant thing at all of them.
  • Chicken fingers/tenders! Always go for the classic, Buffalo chicken with buttermilk ranch is an iconic flavor that so many individuals love and enjoy. Little kids tend to have an obsession with chicken nuggets so if you have a little section with chicken fingers and nuggets you will make their food dreams come true.

Main Course Options:

  • Pizza is the best option since you can mass-produce it easily with a good amount of variety. If you have a group of people who like cheese pizza you can easily just call your local pizza company and order a cheese pizza or any flavor combination your guests may want. Purchasing pizza is also very cost-effective because there are often many deals that you can get for a party.


  • Graduation-themed cake or cupcakes! These add personalization to the event and it reminds everyone what they are celebrating. Cupcakes and cakes are fun and it brings everyone together at one part of the evening or celebration, to cut the cake or distribute the cupcakes.
  • Oreos! You need lots and lots of Oreos preferably a variety of them. Chocolate, vanilla, or seasonal ones. I love when events have Oreos, especially when they have my favorites available. I can easily fill up on a dessert without feeling guilty about doing so. Oreos are so small, not quite a dessert but a perfect sweet treat.
  • Cake pops! This is a fun on-trend dessert that almost everyone can stand behind. If you want to invite the popular girls who are trending all over Instagram, you must have cake pops. You need something they can post about and say I got this trending photo from so and so's graduation party.
  • Ice cream/popsicles! It is most likely going to be hot or at least slightly warm out unless you live in Antarctica. So you are going to need a way to cool down your guests and this is the way to do it. If you have a cooler of ice cream sandwiches or Drumstick ice cream cones your ice cream will remain cool and your guests will be able to have a cool treat.


  • Water, for accommodation purposes, is your best bet! Since it will be most likely very hot out you need to hydrate your guests! You don't want anyone getting heat stroke or leaving early because they don't feel well. Provide for your guests while being cost-efficient.

Congratulations to all of you graduating this year and have fun at your graduation party!

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