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Celebrate Graduation with These 10 Funfetti Desserts Full of Sprinkles


Wed, May 22

As graduation approaches you will probably be planning your graduation party or your friends' graduation party and I want to give you 10 Funfetti-themed desserts. This day is a big deal and it needs to be celebrated! First, you must know what Funfetti is.

In the simplest terms, Funfetti is usually a vanilla cake that has little bits and pieces of sprinkles and candies. The flavor is fairly sweet due to the candy pieces and the rich vanilla. The texture is usually soft with a satisfying crunch to accompany the cakey texture. You can get the cake mix pretty much anywhere. Since Funfetti is such a big hit businesses have started to incorporate Funfetti into anything they possibly can. My goal with this list is to push the boundaries of what traditional Funfetti is and to encourage you to experiment with different flavors and textures!

Funfetti Popcorn

Funfetti popcorn is an absolute must. It is super easy to make on your own, or you can easily buy Funfetti popcorn in-store or online. (Amazon has a really tasty selection of Funfetti popcorn) The popcorn from Amazon is so addictive but very sweet so you have to be sure to eat it in moderation. If you end up liking Funfetti popcorn Amazon also has an amazing Fufetti muddy buddy pack.

It is a white chocolate muddy buddy with yummy candy pieces throughout the whole bag. I definitely recommend trying the Funfetti muddy buddies as soon as you possibly can!

Funfetti Ice Cream

Ice cream is a must if there is even a hint of warmth, especially if your party is outside. Everyone wants to have a way to cool down when water isn't enough. Funfetti ice cream will liven up the party.

You can find this ice cream on cooklist.com or Dairy Queen and as always you can make it by yourself. In this case, the preparation time will be much longer and it takes a lot more patience. Once you get the ice cream all you have to do is scoop, sprinkle, and serve. (You're sprinkling sprinkles of course and maybe some whipped cream for those of your more adventurous guests)

Credit: Marcia Salido from Pexels

Funfetti Pancakes

You may think of pancakes as a breakfast or dinner food but I believe that if you add sweeteners like sprinkles it automatically becomes a dessert. To liven up this dessert consider rolling it up into a burrito shape and stuffing it with Funfetti ice cream or frosting. This dessert option is very easy to mass-produce for a large group.

Funfetti Cookies

Funfetti cookies are perfect for those of you who are scrambling to put together a dessert for the party. Amazon has a good selection of Pillsbury soft-baked Funfetti cookies. Or you can just take regular cookie batter and dump a whole load of sprinkles in, and you've got Funfetti cookies!

Credit: Girl With Red Hat from Unsplash

Funfetti Animal Crackers

Funfetti animal crackers are a dessert that all of your guests will fall in love with. These animal crackers can be found pretty much anywhere so it's super easy for you. These animal crackers are frosted pink and white and are traditionally called circus animals.

Much like some of the other desserts, you can find them on Amazon or Walmart, sometimes even the Dollar Tree has some. All you need is a big bowl and plenty of animal crackers!

Funfetti Chocolate

Funfetti Chocolate is a celebration dessert for those of you who have a little more time. This requires you to melt chocolate bars, mix in loads of sprinkles, and then put them into a cute ice cube tray to freeze into Funfetti chocolates. If you don't have the time to make these chocolates you can find Funfetti truffles online at many small businesses like Aigner Chocolates. Either way, these chocolates will hit the spot!

Credit: Tim Cooper from Unsplash

Funfetti Donuts

A funfetti donut is another more advanced dessert, but if you buy plain donuts you can add your glaze or frosting of some sort and cover them in sprinkles. This is a very aesthetic dessert that draws your attention to it. It will have you thinking, “Wait, is that a donut?”

Credit: Shayna Douglas from Unsplash

Funfetti Brownies

Have you ever heard of cosmic brownies? Everyone loves them and you can easily give them to your guests with no prep work. Seems like a win-win to me, less time being put in but reaping huge rewards because they are a total crowd favorite.

Funfetti Cake

Funfetti cake is classic and it is perfect for bringing everyone together towards the end of the evening for an Instagram-worthy moment. Funfetti cakes are so on trend now and posting a picture of one single slice will boost your follower count.

Credit: Coco Tafoya

Funfetti Wafer Cracker Sandwiches

This is a long name for a theoretically simplistic dessert. You'll have to purchase wafer crackers from your store and construct them into sandwiches by adding Funfetti frosting in between each piece. If you do a strawberry wafer the results will be very aesthetically pleasing

Credit: Karley Saagi from Pexels

This list shows some of the more fun and creative Funfetti desserts you can make, but I am sure there are more out there. You can add the classic Funfetti flavor to anything you want but just remember to have fun with it! Baking and the eating part should be fun, so enjoy it! Additionally, I want to congratulate everyone who is graduating and I hope this helped with all of your party planning needs!

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