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Activities to Do on a Self-Care Night

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November 10, 2021

After a long, draining day or week, we all want to treat ourselves to a self-care night, where we stay in the present and enjoy ourselves. But, at times, it is difficult to stop worrying about school assignments that are due in the following week or a sports tournament you are preparing for. Sometimes, the best gift we can give ourselves is a break from our hectic lives. Here are some activities to enjoy on a self-care night.

Binge-Watch A Show

Throw a blanket over yourself, put your head against a soft pillow, and relax by watching your favorite show. Whether it is a lighthearted comedy or a drama series, spend some time immersing yourself in your favorite television show. Inevitably, you may find yourself constantly thinking about tasks on your to-do list or how you are wasting time watching T.V. instead of completing homework. Even though you might become easily distracted, strive to solely focus on the show at hand.

Some of my favorite T.V. shows such as Gilmore Girls and Friends provide me with a sense of comfort and safety. Since I have watched both series multiple times to the point where I have practically memorized the dialogue between the main characters, re-watching both shows fills me with joy and security.

Hang Out With Family

Even though self-care nights should most often be spent by yourself, as this will allow you to truly de-stress, being around loved ones can also be one of your self-care night activities. Some of us thrive when we are around others. Being with family can most certainly be included in your self-care night. But, for others, spending time alone is the only way to unwind.

Unplug From Social Media

The goal of a self-care night can be different for all of us. For some, it could be simply to relax and distract themselves from the stress they are experiencing, whether it be as a result of school or their personal lives. For others, a self-care night may be the time they need to reflect on their hectic day or week.

Whatever your reason may be for having a self-care night, you are more likely to achieve your so-called goal if you ignore the "buzzing" sound from your phone and the dozens of social media notifications. Using social media will only make having a night of nothing but relaxation and enjoyment for yourself more difficult. Whether you have to leave your phone in a different room or turn off notifications, push yourself to unplug from social media.

Cook A Meal For Yourself

There is nothing more satisfying than making a delicious meal for yourself. You do not need to spend hours in the kitchen making an intricate recipe to enjoy your night. Rather, pick a manageable recipe and have some fun in the kitchen. Remember, your self-care night should be as stress-free as possible, so don't be afraid to pick something simple to cook.

I always turn to pasta or loaded salads for a quick and easy meal.

Go On A Walk

Though many have difficulty finding the motivation to exercise, doing some low-impact exercise such as walking will provide you with a sense of clarity and calmness. Whenever I feel overwhelmed with school and extracurricular activities, taking around ten to twenty minutes to walk around my neighborhood has proven to be a great way to deal with negative emotions. If this idea does not sound appealing to you, consider going with a family member, friend, or pet.


Organizing is not seen as soothing to many, but for me, it serves as an escape from stress. De-cluttering my room cleans the space surrounding me as well as my mind. I have come to understand that organizing allows me to focus on one small thing at a time. I recommend playing some of your favorite music and organizing for as long as feels right to you.

Though these activities can certainly make your self-care night more structured and eventful, it is alright to simply do nothing. At times, I don't want to engage in any of these activities, but rather, I want to sit and be present. Don't shy away from the idea of doing nothing on your self-care night.

Sometimes, we forget how powerful doing nothing can be. We tell ourselves to keep going, keep going, and keep going. An element of your self-care night should help you take a break from this vicious cycle of all wanting to do more.

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