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A Review of Netflix K-drama Series, 2521

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July 03, 2022

*This section contains spoilers*.

So far, 2521 has made the most potent and long-lasting impression on me, not only because of its refreshing content but also because of the series' colors and music.

I started to binge 2521 on Netflix when there were already 11/16 episodes out, so my experience of throwing myself into the series for 2 weeks was truly awesome. The film crew packed intriguing stories about burning passion, love, and friends, which are so delightful that I couldn't stop clicking on the 'next episode' button. So if you are curious about why I was so addicted to a series, this article is for you.

The Main Plot Of 2521

2521 is a drama that combines two platforms: Netflix and cable station tvN. The film was brought to life by the gifted director Jung Ji Hyun. He is well-known for many popular K-series, like The King: Eternal Monarch, and Mr.Sunshine.

Being set in the tumultuous period of the IMF crisis in 1998, 2521 tells the first meeting of 22-year-old Baek Yi Jin and 18-year-old Na Hee Do by recalling the viewers' beautiful memories of the previous generation and helping them to convey their unfinished passion and enthusiasm.

2521 is considered a soul-healing movie because it describes the pain and growth process of the characters in the film. In addition, the film also brings a meaningful message for young people: "do not give up on any kind of challenges, courage will help us reach our dreams".

Why should you add it to Your to-watch list right now?

1. High-quality cast

One of the determinants that helps the film be successful and attract the viewers is, without any doubt, the talented cast. The film's two main actors, Kim Tae Ri, and Nam Joo Hyuk, have also surpassed cult faces to become the most popular actors.

As a prominent female lead in 2521, Kim Tae Ri has 'transformed' to be able to play into a passionate, brave girl who has a dream of becoming a fencing athlete. Along with her personality and bright smile, Kim Tae Ri recreated a very natural and pure high school girl against the fact that she is actually 31.

Taking the lead role with Kim Tae Ri, Nam Joo Hyuk is an actor quite familiar to Korean movie fans. He started out as a model, but soon became an actor and achieved success. Besides 2521, Nam Joo Hyuk has also starred in two Netflix series: "Start up" and "The School Nurse Files".

In real life, Kim Tae Ri is surprisingly 6 years older than him. Regardless, the age gap between them is almost nonexistent on screen thanks to the natural chemistry of the two main actors.

2. Simple and profound dialogue

Why is 2521 highly appreciated by the audience? Because of the thoughtfulness and enthusiasm in every character's lines. Each episode will provide you with endless quotes, both meaningful ones, and funny ones. For example,

1. "Don’t ever forget how you earned a new opportunity. Whenever you’re having a hard time, remind yourself how difficult it was to start.”

2. "Think about it. Did you enjoy ballet or the compliments? If you liked the compliments, you can quit. But if you liked ballet, think it over again."

3. "I still don’t trust myself. But I have faith in her, who saw my potential.”

4. “I’m positive that I’ve worked the hardest out of all the fencers here. That’s why it’s only natural that I win."

5. “I lost in so many matches. I couldn’t let every day be tragic just because I lost every time. Laughing makes it easier to forget. You have to forget to move on.”

6. “You lost because you thought you’d lose.”

7. “It doesn’t matter where I come from. What matters is where I will go.”

8. “Let’s suffer together when we’re in pain. It’s 100 times better than being lonely alone.”

9. “Life is precious. Let’s love with no regrets while we’re alive.”10. “Nothing lasts forever. Everything is momentary. They all flow away. And that’s not always a bad thing.”

The lines in the series have also partly shown the personality of each character. Sometimes we don't need anything too big, just a few words of encouragement are enough to warm our hearts.

3. Movie's color

In 2521, there is a perfect combination of the scenery and the colors of the characters' costumes. This combination creates a sense of nostalgia and a childlike feeling, leaving many viewers impressed. It gives viewers a poetic, magical space, and artistic angles full of sentimentality, true to the name and content of the film's story.

As 2521's theme is youth, the eye-catching colors: green, blue, and yellow - colors of time are mainly favored throughout the series. It has brought a fresh, pure sound of summer and adolescence to the character, greatly contributing to conveying the film's content and evoking the audience's emotions.

visual weight with emotional depth is the strength of Twenty-Five, Twenty-One

Check out the trailer for the movie Age 25, Age 21 right below to understand more reasons why you shouldn't miss this movie!

Controversial Ending

Contrary to expectations, Baek Yi Jin and Na Hee Do's love story ended incompletely. This makes both series fans and viewers disappointed and sad. Many people think that the ending of the film is too short, unfinished, and does not match the story of the beautiful, sacrificial and tolerant love story of both built so far. Besides, the ending of the series is left open when it does not answer some questions, which leads to lots of confusion and concern.

However, Baek Yi Jin and Na Hee Do have experienced such a beautiful youth when both are always a source of spiritual motivation, lifting each other up in the most difficult periods of life. Both inspire pure love, unconditional sacrifice, and mutual understanding and trust. They also have many alluring memories with their talented, innocent, and sincere friends and brothers.

Personally, I wish 2521's ending somehow could be happier for the main couple, since it has been listed as a healing movie.


I love 2521 in every way a series can be loved. I love the series for its message about passion and ambitions, its dreamy, summer vibe color and, mostly, I love the way the actors demonstrate the character's emotions in any footage. If you have already watched this series, it is awesome that you understand what I'm talking about. But if you haven't, I hope that this review has convinced you enough to give it a try!

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