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A Classic Revisited: Why 'The Princess Diaries' Still Stands the Test of Time

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Sun, May 05

The Princess Diaries by Meg Cabot has long been one of the most beloved book series by teenagers across the globe. With fourteen books to boast about, this series can keep you entertained for months. And, with two movies to follow this series up with, you’re sure to find your love for The Princess Diaries to grow even more.

What is The Princess Diaries About?

Centered around a teenage girl named Mia, these books take place in California, which is slightly different from the movies, which are set in New York City. When Mia is in high school, she finds out from her mother and grandmother that she is the heir to the throne of a small country called Genovia as her deceased father was the prince of it many years ago. While initially shocked and very upset by this news, Mia decides to go to the country to find out more about her heritage and what she will have to learn if she wants to become queen of Genovia when she turns eighteen.

However, while doing this, she must also balance her school life back home, which proves to be much more challenging than she initially thought it would be. The books go through different moments in Mia’s life and highlight her struggles and successes in learning to live her not-so-secret double life. The movie similarly does the same but in a more condensed way.

Why is The Princess Diaries series still so popular?

This immaculate series by Meg Cabot highlights the struggles a teenage girl must face in a situation much different than one most real-life girls will never have to go through. Nonetheless, though, its unrealistic element is what makes it so fun and beloved. Not all girls want to read about characters that are facing the same challenges as them.

While it’s sometimes refreshing to see one’s own situation highlighted in front of them, that’s not always the case for all teenagers. Many times, it is easier to dive into a world like Mia’s where no one knows what to expect, rather than read the same mundane novel that depicts the same stressed-out teen that many readers actually live every day. Mia’s unconventional life being so spectacular and unique to read, attracts many readers, which just leads it to be so much more entertaining to sink into.

What Other Readers Think

Many readers believe that The Princess Diaries books have been a gateway to helping them grow up and navigate through their adolescence. In fact, Rebecca Liu, a writer for The Guardian, wrote a piece on how “The Princess Diaries taught [her] about growing up." It carried her and many other teens through their middle and high school years, proving how sentimental it must be. Its popularity in this kind of realm of teenage readers is just a perfect example of why the book stays so popular in this modern age.

To Sum Up

The Princess Diaries still stand the test of time for a multitude of reasons. Whether it be the book's witty charm or the fact that Anne Hathaway’s playing of Mia in The Princess Diaries movie never fails to make one laugh, The Princess Diaries is a classic that is constantly revisited by millions. Its beloved fanbase is just one example of its immense popularity, and as the world slowly swings back to early 2000s trends, The Princess Diaries is sure to be enjoyed by many more teenagers everywhere.

Miley Weiner

Miley Weiner is a high school student who loves writing. She is the founder of MileysBags, a business where she modifies backpacks to be used for people with feeding tubes. She hopes to raise awareness for rare illnesses and show others that anyone can do anything.