9 Conversation Topics When Conversation is Lacking


When there are awkward lapses in conversation, I never know how to fill the void. But after the dry conversation, my brain fills with millions of potential topics, leaving me to imagine the wonderful conversation that could have taken place.

But no need to worry, you can overcome lapses in conversation by using these 9 interesting conversation topics:

1. Talk About Your Hobbies


“Huh?” you’re going to say, “talk about my hobbies? It takes me a few seconds to list all my hobbies, and then what, lapse back into silence?”

Please, just hear me out. Talking about your hobbies doesn’t entail a dry, bare-bones list. Go into depth!

Think about the 5 W’s: who, what, when, where, and why.

Potential topics/questions on hobbies are: Who do you pursue your hobby with? What is your hobby? How frequently do you pursue this interest? Where do you practice/pursue your hobby? Why do you enjoy this activity?

Take the example of tennis: you could tell them that your hobby is playing tennis with your friends at school, that you play tennis once a week, and that you love tennis because it is competitive.

Furthermore, you can compare your interests, and even try out a new activity.

2. Ethical dilemmas

As ethical dilemmas are highly controversial, people will be very passionate about their side of the argument, ensuring an engaging, flowing conversation.

You can select an ethical situation/dilemma (here are some ethical dilemmas), discuss your views on the topic, and support your perspective with evidence.

By engaging in discussion about ethics, you will not only stop lapses in conversation, but will also realize your own morals, and scope someone else’s values.

3. Your Background

Background involves your childhood and past. You can present basic facts about where you were born, when you were born, where you grew up etc.

You may also want to share funny, embarrassing, sad childhood stories. For example, tell them about the time you got yelled at by your kindergarten teacher for doing the coloring sheet in graphite pencil instead of coloring pencil (definitely not a personal experience).

Furthermore, you could reflect on how your nature/nurture formed your identity today.

4. Entertainment

Entertainment is a wonderful conversation topic because everyone consumes entertainment to some degree.

You can suggest entertainment platforms and programs to one another. You can also share your opinion on films and music that you have in common.

Furthermore, you can talk about your favorite actors, singers, and dancers, and exchange videos of their performances.

5. The World of Fashion


The world of fashion is ever-evolving, making it an interesting conversation topic. If you are a fashionista, you may want to praise fashion shows/designers that you love. If the person/people you are conversing with have a lesser knowledge of fashion, enlighten them.

Furthermore, you may want to discuss the history of fashion, search up some 1970s clothing, and “oo, and ah” over them (I love doing this!).

You may also like to discuss current fashion trends or predict future fashion trends.

Moreover, celebrities are super influential in fashion. Therefore, you could discuss the various fashion styles of celebrities (Met Gala attire is swoon-worthy).

Additionally, tying back to “entertainment”, you can talk about the clothing/costumes worn in movies or theater performances.

6. Adventure


If you have a streak for adventure, this is the conversation topic for you!

Give them detailed recounts of your past adventures: exciting camps, spontaneous road trips, etc, and tell them the activities you did, and all the marvelous sights you saw. And, you may want to suggest holidaying locations and activities for one another.

Moreover, you can share your future plans for traveling by discussing adventures you are saving up for, and the places you want to visit. If you find a fellow adventurer in the person you’re chatting with, you might just have yourself a travel buddy!

On the other hand, adventure isn’t always sunshine and rainbows, and some people don’t derive as much pleasure from traveling.

Even if this is the case, adventure can still be an awesome conversation topic. You could complain to each other about trips that went wrong or ones that you despised. For example, I might complain about my compulsory school camp, where I couldn’t shower for 7 of the 10 days, and we had to toilet in the forest. (although I am still thankful I went!)

7. Food (Because We're All Foodies.)


Yum! I love food! Particularly sushi and saltine crackers.

With this topic, you can discuss your favorite and least favorite foods and restaurants. Get the inside scoop on the best restaurants! Additionally, if you love cooking you can discuss your favorite recipes, secret cooking techniques, and chefs that you admire.

You may also link back to “entertainment”, and talk about cooking shows like “Master Chef”.

8. Your Personality

Everyone has a unique personality, making personality a highly relevant conversation topic. You could do a fun personality test with your companion on 16personalities.com, then discuss your respective results.

Furthermore, you could compare your personality to the stereotypical personality of your astrology sign, and have a little laugh about it. (as an Aries, I attest that I am neither violent nor quick-tempered)

9. Family

Talking about your family is also a great way to lapses in conversation.

If you run out of things to share about yourself, simply redirect the conversation towards your family. You can even apply the aforementioned 9 topics to each member of your family. E.g. “My sister’s favorite food is ice cream.” Simple, am I right!

Furthermore, you could talk about your relationships with your family members.

Who are you the closest with? Who do you spend the most time with? Who has been most influential upon you? Who does the family pet love the most? (undoubtedly you, I’m sure.)

I hope that these 9 conversation topics will be useful for you! Ultimately, when there is a lapse in conversation, the most important thing to do is to be yourself, and to talk about what you are interested in!

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