8 Overlooked Items to Always Have in Your Backpack

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After minutes of digging through your backpack, you fail to find the item you desperately need. Whether it is a missing scrunchie or calculator, we have all been there. Going into the second semester of school, carrying these things on hand will make your life much easier. You may never have acknowledged that you do need some of the following items. On the other hand, some of these things will remind you of the critical items you absolutely have to begin carrying.

1. A Portable Charger

We have all been there when our phones or computers unexpectedly ran out of battery. Since most of us are constantly on our phones, our device's battery seems to regularly drain out of the blue. To prevent your phone from suddenly running out of battery, simply pack a portable charger in your backpack. Even if you notice that the portable charger in your backpack ends up serving no use to you, it will serve as a lifesaver at times.

2. Hand Sanitizer

Especially considering the current state of the world, having hand sanitizer on hand at all times is important. Wanting to clean my hands with a hand sanitizer after going from classroom to classroom is common for me, especially when I have no time in my schedule to use the washroom. When you can't find the time to visit the bathroom to wash your hands, hand sanitizer will be available for you.

3. Hair Ties

The situation of wanting to pull my hair back but not having a spare hair tie on hand is one that I can never seem to avoid. Rather than always having to depend on a friend to give you a hair tie or scrunchie, take it upon yourself to keep a few hair ties in your backpack. Though hair ties seem to be one of the several loose items at the bottom of students' backpacks, they will undoubtedly come in handy.

4. Chapstick

There's nothing worse than having to deal with dry lips throughout the long, draining school day. However, fortunately, it is extremely easy to prevent this uncomfortable situation. Whether you decide to carry chapstick or Vaseline in your backpack, carrying some sort of lip balm is essential, especially during the colder months. When the time comes, you will find yourself to be very thankful for this often forgotten item.

5. A Quick Snack

Above all else, students constantly forget to pack a quick and easy snack in their backpack. I make sure to carry one or two granola and protein bars in my backpack at all times. When the snacks I packed in my lunchbox are not enough to hold me over until I can get home, having a simple snack ready to go in my backpack is vital. Even if you only occasionally reach for the snack in your backpack, it is an item that you must have.

6. Gum Or Mints

Though not a crucial item, I find myself wanting gum or mints repeatedly during the school day. There have been too many times when I have to ask a classmate for a stick of gum. Gum or mints take up little space in your bag but are always a great item to have.

7. Tissues

Tissues are one of the items that are frequently overlooked by students. But, I can assure you that they will be at your disposal when you least expect that you will need them. Not only do tissues serve the obvious purpose of blowing your nose, but you can use them as a napkin or tool to quickly clean a mess.

8. A First Aid Kit

You'll never know when you might need a first aid kit. Taking the additional step of carrying a first aid kit now to ensure that you will be prepared for the future is a smart choice. A small first aid kit takes up minimal space in your already-heavy backpack while making it easy for you to always be ready to take care of a scratch or other minor injury.

All eight of these items are helpful to have on hand. But, remember to only carry things that you think you will truly make use of. Throwing a bunch of random items in your backpack will make it difficult for you to remain organized. By only carrying a handful of items that you constantly find yourself needing, your school days will be filled with a bit less stress.

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