5 Signs You're the 'Mum' in Your Friend Group
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5 Signs You're the 'Mum' in Your Friend Group

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November 29, 2019

I am well and truly the mum friend of my friendship group and there are some things you just don't realize unless you are that friend. Here is my list of mum friend things.

1. Your bag is always stocked

I have found myself to be the only person who carries a backpack around and it is always full and stocked. All I really need is my phone, keys, and wallet but if someone notices they're getting sunburnt you can count on me having some suncream. Thirsty?

I brought a bottle of water just for this moment. Need gum? I have a handy packet here. Bought something but have nowhere to put it? Throw it in the bag. 

2. You've become a 'worrier'

Worry follows me like a little cloud and it's mostly something useless but occasionally my worrying can save the day. It ranges from 'did you put some suncream on this morning?' to 'no you can't eat Nutella, it has nuts in, you're allergic to nuts, you will DIE!'. Once you start to realize that you sound like your own mother you tone it down but then someone decides to do something else stupid and you start all over again.

3. Sometimes you even refer to your friends as your 'children'

 You get some funny looks in public when you start referring to your friends who are your age as your children but in the end they are your children because in your eyes they are small and need your care.

4. You're the designated sober friend 

If and when you are old enough to drink you may find other teenagers drunk at a house party but you'll find me with my bottle of water trying to stop one person jumping out a window and stop another crying. But there are moments when someone swears and falls down the stairs when you think it's time to turn to drink, it never is because then someone has managed to get stuck under a table and you have to go save them.

5. You're the organized one 

Everybody knows you as the one who is organized and prepared and it might not seem like it to you but because you're so busy organizing for other people as well as yourself to them you are the queen of lists and plans.

In the end being the mum friend is a very important job and it's really nice to know that your friends trust you to help look after them. Don't let being the mum friend get in the way of looking after yourself!

Thank you so much for reading! Now if you'll excuse me I have to go make sure my friend has brought a jacket because it's cold out today and he'll catch a chill.

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