Things You Should Always Carry In Your School Bag
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Things You Should Always Carry In Your School Bag

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September 17, 2019

Here in England, people have just gone back to school or college (I know people go back at different times all around the world) for the start of a new academic year and whilst packing my backpack for the first day I composed a list of things I think you should carry in your bag. I am a girl so some things will be tailored more towards girls but most of them are things that everyone may need whether you identify as female, male or other. 

1. Painkillers 

Sometimes a killer headache strikes from nowhere or if you have periods, you get horrible cramps and suddenly your day just got ten times harder. No-one needs that so make sure you carry a dose of painkillers for those moments. If taking pills isn't for you then you can get other things to help with pain, mini hand warmers can help alleviate period pain if tucked into a waistband and you can get headache treatments that don't require you to take a pill such as 4head headache relief.

2. Pads, tampons or whatever menstrual products you use.

Take a few tampons or pads etc in a little bag or holder just in case you come on suddenly and are unprepared. 

3. Plasters 

I always carry plasters (called band-aids in other countries) in case my shoes start to rub and simply because I'm quite a clumsy person and you never know when I might hurt myself.

4. Bobbles or hair ties 

Hair ties, or bobbles here in the UK, are essential if you have long hair and I can't count the number of times I've needed a bobble and there hasn't been one available so now I keep a constant stash in my bag.

5. Hand Sanitiser 

Schools can be gross and you never know what could be around, as a slight germaphobe I find hand sanitiser a necessity and it doesn't even have to be the fancy stuff, mine is Poundland lavender hand sanitiser but it makes me feel better to use it and to know its there. 

6. Emergency Pencil Case 

There's nothing worse than forgetting your pencil case and having to awkwardly ask the person next to you for a pen. To prevent this carry a little tiny pencil case in a pocket of your bag with a pen, pencil and highlighter in so when you inevitably have one of those days and forget your supplies you have a back-up ready to go and there's no need to beg you desk mates for pencils every class. 

7. Vaseline 

This one is very self-explanatory; you don't want dry lips. Especially in the midst of winter in the north of England in the wind, rain and snow as I walk to school, a little tub of vaseline in my bag has been a lifesaver.


I hope everybody has as little stress as possible this year and that these things might help you out throughout the year. Good luck and enjoy it (if you can)!


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