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8 First Date Ideas for the Spring Season


May 22, 2022

One huge part of relationships is dates— the things that help keep everything exciting and interesting. Now that the spring season is upon us, love is in the air, and with it comes new relationships.

So, looking for fun things to do with your partner during springtime? This article, brought to you by a hopeless romantic, presents some ideas that are perfect for you and your boo!

1. Have a Picnic

Picnics really only involve a few things: a blanket, a basket full of food, and good company. It's one of those dates that remains a classic staple in "fun spring activities."

Hop on over to your local park, set up your picnic, and enjoy the scenery. You can keep it simple, with a traditional blanket-and-basket combo, or try something more modern, with whole charcuterie boards and tables. This YouTube compilation is a great place to start looking for inspiration.

Picnics are also a great way to show off your thoughtfulness! Make your partner a good sandwich, or buy them a snack you know they love. As they say, the way to someone’s heart is through their stomach.

2. Go For a Bike Ride to the Park

This one's a much easier thing to do, since it's not only free, but there are parks everywhere! Grab your sweetheart and get on your bike. It's a great way to get some exercise too, since it involves being active.

Don't know how to bike? Don't sweat it: you can always walk to the local park, or take a skateboard if you know how to ride one. If all else fails, you can even ask someone to drive you two. Nothing stands in the way of love, not even transportation issues!

Once you're there, there are plenty of things to do: play a game of basketball, goof off in the playground, or simply relax on the grass. A day outside is not only a good way to pass the time, but does wonders for your mental health (and, let's be honest: sometimes, we could really just use a break).

3. Catch a Drive-In Movie

A drive-in movie theater is the perfect way to take your movie-watching to the next level. Now that spring is approaching and the weather is getting nicer, this is the perfect way to spend time outdoors while still doing a relatively casual activity.

This is the part where you say there haven't been any drive-ins operating since the 1950s, but I disagree. There are plenty of drive-ins across the globe— you just have to know where to look.

Going to a drive-in will capture that aura of the fifties while retaining the heart of a regular movie date.

4. Visit the Botanical Gardens

What better way to enjoy the spring than spending time outside? After winter passes, many botanical gardens begin opening up to embrace the warmer weather. This makes it the perfect time to head out with your partner and explore.

Botanical gardens offer an astonishing view of various trees, flowers, and other plants while giving couples hundreds of acres to wander. It's a great way to stay active by doing all that walking, while also spending time with the one you love. It's a win-win.

Not sure where to find a botanical garden near you? Check this article out; it's full of suggestions, and will definitely help you go out and enjoy the outdoors!

5. Take a Trip to the Museum

Museums are a great way to 1) spend some time with your partner in an environment not often frequented, and 2) learn more about the world around you. Depending on what you're interested in, there are museums for everyone.

Interested in science? Take up the California Science Center. Have an affinity for art?

The Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Harvard Art Museums are just two suggestions. There's plenty to explore, not only in the museum itself, but in the city around it, as well.

Many are located in busy areas, so you and your partner can tour the area before you stop by. Just make sure to arrive back on time. Tickets are expensive!

Want to start small? Stop by the local historical landmarks in your or your partner's home town. This activity allows you both to learn new things while connecting over something you love.

6. Do a Painting Date

As Robert Genn once said, "Art is a form of love," and what better way to show your love for your partner than through painting?

This date is simple: just grab some paint, a few canvases, your partner, and a good view. You two can spend the day painting things for one another, or even try the #switchpaintchallenge popularized on TikTok, where you swap canvases every five minutes and paint around what the other has created.

One thing about this date that might make it more appealing than others is that you can try it anywhere. Paint in your backyard, in the park, in your partner's house. The possibilities are endless! Not to mention, it's a great way to appeal to your creative side, and maybe even show off some artistic talent.

7. Visit a Bookstore

There's something so comforting about roaming the shelves of a bookstore. Just the atmosphere alone is enough to get you and your partner in a cozy mood, so believe me when I say you don't have to be a bookworm to enjoy this type of date.

Bookstores nowadays are filled with more than just classic novels from the 18th century. Comic books, poetry, and Manga are just some of the genres that have been added to modern bookstore shelves, not to mention that there's a ninety-nine percent chance that there are other knickknacks being sold, such as vinyl records or stationary supplies.

Books can be a little pricey these days, but second-hand bookstores usually have sales or other promotions on used books. Even if you're in there just to browse, strolling through the shop sets the perfect cozy vibe for you and your partner to enjoy each others's company.

8. Have a Bonfire Movie Night

I'm always shocked by how many couples haven't done this. Watching a movie by the bonfire is one of the best activities to do with your partner, since it takes the concept of movie-watching and makes it even better. You two can enjoy the nighttime view of the outdoors while still keeping the modern amenities of heat and technology.

Setting the bonfire up near a blank wall would be the best way to watch a movie, since many outdoor films are screened on projectors. Even simple touches like having snacks (I recommend some s'mores) really help emphasize the movie-going experience.

Yes, campfires are often associated with the summer, but I say the spring is the perfect time to try out this date. The weather's just getting nice outside, so why not take advantage of it? Start roasting some marshmallows, and get comfy!

I hope these ideas inspire everyone out there to try something new with their partners, and lead to a fun experience! This article just proves that you don't need to spend hundreds of dollars on a date in order to make it worth it. Fun can be had with your partner anywhere— all you have to do is seek it out.

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