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Spice Up Your Spring with These 8 Activities


March 10, 2023

The season of spring has to be one of the most peaceful and beautiful times of the year. The cold doom of winter ends, making sunshine and every aspect of nature come alive again. However, Spring can also be a gentle reminder of your finals/college results/exams coming up. And while these are important deadlines to adhere to, it's also important to bask in the season, which is spring, and make the most of it with a list of 8 spring activities you have to add to your bucket list!

1. Go out for a picnic date with your loved ones:

Spring is the perfect season to have a relaxing yet replenishing picnic with the people who help to rejuvenate you. The weather is phenomenal, the scenery is apt and the food is simply too delicious not to gorge at. What's not to love? Simply pick a location engulfed by nature, choose comfort foods that bring you joy, put on a cute outfit, and enjoy a simple day out with your loved ones, making it a perfect spring.

2. Take up gardening:

With spring being the apt weather and conditions for new plants to blossom, why not take up the hobby of gardening? Spending an increased amount of nature never harmed anyone, and the sense of accomplishment you'll feel after growing something you personally tended to is simply irreplaceable. Gardeners are also less prone to stress and anxiety, so this spring, indulge yourself in a hobby that reaps an infinite amount of benefits.

3. Take a bike ride around scenic trails:

There's nothing like riding a bike, tailing scenic views, and having the fresh breeze pull your hair. Plan a cycling date with your closest friends and explore new destinations in your city as you get some exercise and fresh air. Cycling during sunrise/sunset is one of the best experiences you could have, so I would highly recommend cycling during these times.

4. Go to a farmers market:

While this initially may not seem like everyone's cup of tea, there's something for everyone at farmers' markets, from custom jewelry to handmade soaps and delicacies, and finally, the fresh produce itself. Going to a farmers market is a day well spent as the number of things to do is simply uncountable, and going to one could be a perfect date for friends or significant others.

5. Finish a long-awaited book series:

With Book-tok's prominent rise in all of our lives, I would highly suggest indulging in a short book series to keep you occupied throughout spring break. Pick a genre/trope that's not your normal type and find book series accordingly, and set a reading time daily to ensure you end up completing the series. And hey, who knows, you might just find yourself your next favorite book series.

6. Learn how to make your own jewelry:

Spring is the perfect season to get your creative juices flowing, and making handmade jewelry might just be the perfect addition to your spring bucket list. Start by making a Pinterest board of all the jewelry you would like to create, as well as potential inspiration for the same. Next, make a trip to your local target/Micheals to pick out all the supplies you need or things you think you would want to make items out of. Finally, search for tutorials and get crafting!

But if scrapbooking is not a way to get these juices flowing, then try:

7. scrapbook making:

When I think of spring, I associate scrapbook making with it. Scrapbook making can be relaxing and utterly joyous to complete, and with the 1000+ template ideas on Pinterest, it's so easy to start with. Print out pictures of your loved ones, get craft supplies, and start making your creative masterpiece that could potentially end up being a keepsake forever.

8. Try Yoga or meditation:

With all of our lives containing some amount of stress and anxiety in them, a hobby I would sincerely insist on picking up would be Yoga, as this practice not only has physical benefits for your body and health but mental ones as well. Yoga has the potential to make one calm, relaxed and more slowed down in fast-paced environments, but is also well renowned for strengthening flexibility and core strength. If you decide to do one activity on this list, I would highly recommend that it be this one as it reaps numerous benefits.

So there you have it! 8 spring activities to do that are sure to spice up your spring, all ranging from pure old-fashioned fun to activities that could have an amazingly positive impact on you. I hope that this article helped you figure out how you’re going to utilize your spring and that these suggestions sparked an interest in you. Happy spring!

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