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7 Teen-Run Podcasts Every Teen Should Be Listening To

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March 09, 2023

Everyone loves a good podcast. And everyone especially loves a good teen-hosted podcast.

Whether you enjoy true crime thrills and chills, celebrity gossip chats, or entertaining real-life "story times", there is something for everyone in the podcast world.

Teens from around the world have started podcasts as a way to help other teens, talk about current issues, share stories, but most of all as a way to share their voice with the world and give others a voice. Here are 7 teen-run and hosted podcasts every teen should be listening to.


1. The Girly Girl Podcast

Hosted by Carmen Applegate, The Girly Girl Podcast covers topics ranging from how to deal with toxic friends and back-to-school tips, to how to be more confident and her favorite current reads. I am not kidding when I say that I have binged multiple episodes of this podcast at a time. Carmen is like a big sister guiding listeners with her witty advice, confident demeanor and lots of LOLs.

Where you can listen to the podcast: Weekly, wherever you get your podcasts.

What does FaceTime calls with your BFF, TikTok boy obsessions, and late night drives to see cows (yes, I live in Kentucky) have in common? Highschool. Growing up can be a major struggle, but it just got a whole lot easier.

This podcast is your one-stop-shop for everything teen-related— dealing with toxic friends, anxiety, and your first period. Host, Carmen Applegate, shares her best tips and advice for how you can survive your teen years. Think of her as your new fairy godmother… she’s about to Cinderella the crap out of you.

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2. Study Break

Amplifying teen voices is at the core of Study Break. Previously hosted by Melody, the podcast is now hosted by Fiona and Sophia (get to know them in episode 2 of season 3!) Every episode is filled with fun chats, teen guest speaker highlights and topics all teens may think about at some point during their high school career (college applications, balancing extra-curriculars, good grades and a social life, and dress codes in schools).

When and where you can listen to the podcast: Every Tuesday, wherever you get your podcasts

Study Break is a teen podcast that strives to amplify teen voices! [The hosts] of Study Break [are] current high schoolers chatting with teens from all around the world about their individual stories-- including sharing their goals for creating positive change in the world, mental health, and funny stories to lighten up the mood! The mission behind Study Break is to show the unique perspectives each individual has to share! New episodes every Tuesday!

Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/studybreakpodcast/support

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3. Teen Girls Investigate Crime

Have you ever wondered about the countless victims of murder who still remain unnamed (Ep. 53 - Nameless)? What about the disappearance of the McStay family, who went missing without a trace for several years (Ep. 55 - Don't Chase Waterfalls)? Or maybe you are just curious about the psychology behind why people commit murders?

If you've answered yes to any of the questions above, listen in to Teen Girls Investigate Crime, hosted by seniors Izzie and Jillian, as they dive deep into the biggest and under-researched unsolved true-crime mysteries. What makes this true-crime podcast special is that both hosts are teens, which is rare in the true-crime podcast world. They always give a bit of background information on the specific cases and their commentary on each case goes in depth on different theories they have and general thoughts or ideas.

Izzie and Jillian are also the hosts of the Toxic Positivity Podcast, a lifestyle podcast whose episodes come out every other Friday.

When and where you can listen to the podcast: Every other Thursday, wherever you get your podcasts.

The only ever true crime podcast created and produced by two teenagers. Follow us on our journey and descend into the more mysterious parts of life.

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4. That's SO Matthew

Grab some popcorn and sit back to listen to this all-about-movies podcast! Matthew provides effective, witty and funny commentary, alongside a guest, each episode with a different one of Matthew's friends, as they dissect films and do deep dives into the characters, the plot, what they liked and disliked about the film and what they learned from it as a whole. From "The Princess Diaries" duology (ep. 117 and 118) to "The Perks of Being a Wallflower" (ep. 121) and "The Devil Wears Prada" (ep. 139) to even an entire series of episodes on the "Twilight" series (ep. 127-131), That's SO Matthew is the perfect podcast to listen to when you need a break or are just looking for something new to add to your watchlist.

When and where you can listen to the podcast: Every other Friday, wherever you get your podcasts.

Join 18-year-old, Matthew (he/him) and his friends as they talk about all things nostalgic film. They discuss their opinions on the actors, characters, episodes and expose your childhood entertainment. Matthew and his guests cover many topics such as Twilight, Pitch Perfect, and so much more!

Each episode also covers a wide variety of pop culture and laugh-out-loud moments! This podcast truly has something for everyone.

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5. Just A... Podcast

Just A... Podcast is a podcast created by three young women of color (Amara, Kennedy and Ma'lon) that deals with political and systemic issues (like racism) as well as different thoughts they have had (see: episode titled "normal girl") and general ideas about what it's like to live in modern-day America. Intelligent, well spoken and entertaining, the three hosts guide their listeners in an interesting and always educational conversation, that is bound to leave listeners wanting to learn more.

When and where you can listen to this podcast: Updated weekly, wherever you get your podcasts.

Hey everyone! Welcome to Just A...Podcast! Our mission is to share our voices about what it is like to be young women of color living in modern day America.

Through our podcast, we will expound on our lifestyle, talk in depth about crucial conversations, give advice for fellow students, and much more! Our overall goal is to make everyone feel that they are welcomed and their voice is heard. That is why our title gives a space for you to finish the statement and realize why it matters to you. Make sure to follow our Instagram @justa.podcast to communicate and interact with us!

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6. Even the Little Things Podcast

Hosted by Hannah Kim and Dhwani Porecha, this podcast goes into depths on everything a teen may have on their minds, from applying to university, to what books you should read, Even the Little Things feels like a casual catch-up with friends. Whether you're looking for a few laughs, juicy high school stories, or a self-confidence boost, there's something for everyone in each episode.

Where you can listen to the podcast: Every Friday, wherever you get your podcasts.

Even the Little Things is a podcast dedicated to sharing advice, mistakes, confessionals, and giving you peace of mind on all things impacting teens today. Because it's not just you worrying about even the little things, it's us too.

Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/eventhelittlethingspodcast/support

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7. Cut the Cameras

Youtuber, podcaster, soon-to-be university freshman: what can't Will, host of the Cut the Cameras podcast, do? A self-described "18 year old american expat," Will currently lives in the Netherlands and offers a fresh perspective on living abroad as a young person (ep. 9 - what living in Europe is really like.) From university applications (ep. 8 - going to university), to interviews with fellow Youtubers (ep. 6 - travel, modeling, and stolen bags with Juan Marcel and Rylan), and deep talks about anything and everything (ep. 7 - existentialism, impermanence, & spirituality), there is something for everyone on this podcast. Will's both bubbly and peaceful personality is engaging to listen to.

As a bonus, his YouTube videos have gorgeous cinematography, are super aesthetic, and are relaxing to watch.

When and where you can listen to the podcast: Wednesdays, wherever you get your podcasts.

From his experiences with living abroad, traveling Europe, veganism and so much more, this podcast takes a deeper look into new topics every week with YouTuber Will’s Camera and friends.

Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/cut-the-cameras-pod/support

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Each of these podcasts, although entertaining, also took a lot of hard work and dedication to get them where they are today. If you can, support them financially through the links provided, leave a nice review or simply send a supportive message to them on Instagram! It's bound to leave a smile on their faces.

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