7 Chrome Extensions to Improve Your Life

7 Chrome Extensions to Improve Your Life

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November 04, 2021

There are few things that make me happier than discovering and trying out new Google extensions. Especially when they're related to productivity and organization. That's when I thrive.

Still, if you're just looking to have some fun, there are some great extensions too! So, if you're looking to be more productive, take better notes, or really just have some fun, here are the best chrome extensions you should be installing right now.


If you still haven't heard about Grammarly, they're a grammar platform (the name is pretty intuitive, right?). The extension helps you find spelling mistakes as well as punctuation ones. It also gives suggestions to make your writing better, focusing on your goal (work, school, college paper, etc.).

Overall, the tool works for free, giving you access to most of its functions. However, to correct more deeply, there's a premium version. Although, that will probably only be worth it if you end up working with lots of daily writing.


A quick way to access and add stuff to your to-do list. While some people prefer using their notepad or other "post it" app on their computer, I'd much rather have the Todoist extension installed on Google Chrome.

That way, whenever an idea pops in my head, but I can stop what I'm doing or lose focus at the moment, I click the extension, write the idea down and save it. The best part is that it opens like a mini pop-up window, so whatever you're working on doesn't end or stop!

There, it's done, saved, and I can just go back to it later.

In addition, you can also complete tasks directly from the browser, and also add websites as tasks.

Marinara timer

The pomodoro technique is a well-known one when we talk about productivity, whether for work or study. Because of that, there are many extensions and apps out there you can use to practice it.

However, Marinara was the first I ever used, about 5 years ago, and it's still my absolute favorite. There's nothing special about it, but you can personalize sounds and timer (both work and time break) as you wish.

When ready to start your focus time, just click the tomato extension, and it will appear the time you have left. If you're trying to measure your productivity, the extension app gives you reports on how many pomodoro times you did per day, week, month and total.


Did you know you could pin anything from the internet? All you need to do is install the Pinterest button. This is useful if you like to look at fashion blogs and save looks for inspiration. The same goes for makeup artists, designers, and photographers.

However, you can also use it to save study tips, motivational quotes, or funny memes. You're the one who decides what goes into your profile and how to organize your boards, right? So you can use it for specific purposes or go crazy with it!

Giphy Tabs

What this one does is load a new GIF every time you open a new tab on your navigator. I'm sure you like to have fun looking for the perfect GIF to send on occasion. With this extension, you get to learn about new GIFs without any effort.

Similar to that, there are also extensions that open photos or motivational messages with each new tab (in case you're not a GIF type of girl).


The Sideplayer Chrome extension allows you to watch videos or listen to audio with (shocking) a side player. It's a great way to watch your video classes and take notes while doing so, for example.

It allows you to display lyrics or transcript the audio too! Advantage, much?

Dark reader

If you prefer studying or working at night, the Dark Reader extension will be super helpful. Since most of the web is white, the dark reader changes everything to a darker theme. This prevents your eyes from getting too strained and, overall, you'll be less tired at the end of your shift.

The app allows you to adjust brightness, contrast, grayscale, and so on. That way, you can find a balance that's more comfortable for you!

In conclusion

Despite only naming seven Google Chrome extensions, the possibilities are infinite! If you start looking, you'll never stop. As I said earlier, I'm a big fan of trying new extensions, so when I find one that sticks, well, that's saying something about it. If I don't find myself wanting to try a new app, I just know it's worth sharing the experience and recommending it to every single person I know — hence the post.

In general, the fun extensions are the ones that end up going away. I do believe that's because we have a tendency to get easily bored by them. But the productivity and organization extensions, these tend to stay.

Now, go enjoy discovering these apps and improving your work-study-personal life!

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