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6 YouTube Channels with Music for Relaxation, Sleep, and Inner Peace

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October 10, 2023

As a teen, I am constantly stressed or worried about things, whether that's school, friendships, family, etc. Millions of teens across the world can sympathize, as well. We all have ways to cope, but my coping mechanisms relate to sounds, like music and rain. Here are some of my favorite YouTube channels that will instantly calm you.

Cozy Bedroom

I've always wanted to move to a big city, but now I can bring the jazzy cities to my bedroom. The Cozy Bedroom channel allows you to play music while having an extremely calming bedroom background (perfect for the fall season since most videos have an orange glow) with exquisite penthouse views of skyscrapers, beaches, bridges, and other luxurious entities. These videos usually span from about 8-12 hours and I normally play them on my TV or laptop at night when I'm getting ready for bed or doing a calming activity that puts me to sleep, like reading.

Universe Power

A bit different from Cozy Bedroom, Universe Power gives off a space-like ambiance that will put you to sleep within minutes. Universe Power uses white noise, which calms the brain and puts it in sleep mode within 15 to 20 minutes. Universe Power videos display the interiors of futuristic spaceships, but they are usually pretty dark, so it is perfect to display on your TV when falling asleep.

Aesthetic Lofi

Giving off a cuter vibe, Aesthetic Lofi is one of my favorite extremely underrated Lofi channels. Although the Lofi music genre has been a concept for many years, it has just recently gotten more popular among more and more people (kudos to Lofi Girl). Aesthetic Lofi videos usually display a cute little computer dude and a frog, which I think is the cutest thing, like, ever. I usually play Lofi when I'm doing things that require my brain, like homework or playing a skillful game.

Tokyo Tones

Tokyo Tones is a Japanese Lofi channel that usually has live sessions. Like Aesthetic Lofi, Tokyo Tones is a very visual channel, showing retro synth-wave-like live videos of Tokyo. This can include a POV of you riding a retro subway, driving through the rain at night under the city lights, or walking through the city late at night or in the early hours of the morning. This is a very calming station for me, specifically because I'm a city girl at heart, but it is something that anyone could fall asleep or chill to.

Flavas of Chill

This is probably the most unique (and my personal favorite) calming YouTube channel on this list. Instead of this channel containing Lofi, rain sounds, or jazz, it displays airplane noises. I know it sounds really weird, but I kid you not, I am asleep minutes after putting this on my TV.

Flavas Of Chill essentially makes full-night flight videos (ranging from 8-10 hours) from the passenger's perspective from a window seat. Flavas of Chill also includes a lot of details that happen on real airlines, notably including the flight attendant 'ding!'. As someone who is very used to the process of air travel, and has been since infancy, it is a very calming routine for me.

Rainy Retreat

Listening to rain sounds is a universal calming/sleeping mechanism and Rainy Retreat is always the way to go. This is by far my favorite nature YouTube channel, especially for the visuals. The videos come in 24-48 hour time spans that display a dark, rainy window that's perfect for the TV at night.

Many people are scared of sleeping with rain on their TVs due to their fear of thunderstorms, but did you know that listening to rain every single night 15 minutes before you go to bed automatically promotes a deeper ability to sleep, regardless of your fear factor? Rain is like non-medical melatonin!

Improve Sleep and Relaxation

There are many methods and remedies to a good night's rest, but these are just some of my personal favorites that only require the internet. From jazz to rain to... airplane noises!... try these channels out and see what best fits with your vibe!

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