5 Ways to Make a Thousand Dollars as a Teen This Summer


Having trouble making some extra money? Many teenagers struggle with making money due to school, athletics, or other prior commitments. I've asked the question "how can I make money?" many times before, and nobody has ever sat me down to talk to me about my options on making money, and/or preparing me for making money in the future. So here are 5 of my quick and easy tips to making money as a teen.

Option 1: Farmers Market Stand 

Go check out your local farmers market! Don't be shy, walk up to some and ask if they're hiring! Some might be interested in letting you work a shift or two throughout the day! If you have something to sell such as hand-made jewelry or lemonade, you could also go through the paperwork of setting up your own stand! 

Fruit Stand Farmers Market Making money as a teen

Option 2: Lifeguarding 

Lifeguarding isn't always a summer activity! Visit your local pool or gym and apply to become a lifeguard. Most (if not all) pools or gyms will let teens (over the age of 15 in most places) train to become a lifeguard. *Tip: learning CPR beforehand is extremely helpful and often a requirement! 

Make money by lifeguarding for a summer

Option 3: Babysitting 

Make money by babysitting

This is probably one of the most common teen jobs out there -- and one of the easiest! Ask around your neighborhood or create flyers to pin up around town can spread the word easily! Online websites such as Facebook or Reddoor can also help. Chances are someone you know will know someone who will need a babysitter, or they will know someone else to refer you to. Don't be afraid to just ask around!

Option 4: Sell your stuff 

Another way to make some easy money is by putting your clothing or other items on websites (or apps) such as Dote, Let Go, or thredUP. You can create your own account and choose your own prices. Another option is to organize a garage sale and invite the neighborhood!

Option 5: Dog Walking 

Round up the neighborhood's furry friends! Create a poster or online ad that lets the neighborhood know that you are available! You can sign up for Wag or ask your parents if they know anyone in need of a dog walker! 

Make money by dog walking

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