5 Spooky Podcasts to Get You in the Halloween Spirit

5 Spooky Podcasts to Get You in the Halloween Spirit

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September 27, 2021

My favorite thing about podcasts is that they are so versatile. There is one out there for everyone, whether you are into the news, history or influencers sharing their thoughts. People love to binge on the best comedy podcasts while others can't get enough of true crime.

If you are after a podcast that tackles spooky tales, paranormal activity or just downright scary stories - there are plenty of podcasts for you to listen to. If that sounds like you, you've come to the right place. These are 5 podcasts that will get you into the Halloween spirit.

1. Halloween Unmasked

If you're interested in looking behind the scenes of classic horror stories, this is your cup of pumpkin spice. Halloween Unmasked by film critic Amy Nicholson, reviews everything behind the Halloween movie franchise. Everything from the original 1978 version by John Carpenter to the four-decade-later Halloween movies is included.

It's very interesting as she breaks down the elements of the movie, the characters and the rich history behind it. Also, it reveals little Easter eggs in the films she discusses that you may have missed.

It's 100% worth listening to if you are a film major or a huge Halloween movie lover. This podcast is a celebration of revolutionary horror film classics.

Listen: Apple Podcasts, Stitcher and Spotify

2. Alice Isn't Dead

With a killer name like that, you know this podcast is going to leave you wanting more. Unlike other spooky fictional podcasts, this is a serial fiction podcast. It follows the story of a truck driver's search across America for her wife ... that she thought was dead.

I love the themed episodes. For example, Halloween or Christmas; the attention to detail is perfect and gets you in a festive mood.

This is also not only a podcast, it's a novel, and also has a TV show adaptation. Alice Isn't Dead has plenty of stories and juicy twists to keep you up at night wondering what really happened.

Listen: Sticher, Spotify, Apple Podcasts and Google Podcasts

3. Video Palace

After listening to this podcast, you'll never look at VHS tapes the same. Created by Michael Monello and Nick Braccia, Video Palace follows the story of Mark Cambria. He is a video enthusiast, who collects and watches mysterious white VHS tapes.

After Mark views the new tapes in his possession, he starts acting strangely. He starts speaking another language in his sleep. Mark and his girlfriend Tamra find themselves in the middle of a conspiracy and the search for a video store with a chilling past. Perfect vibes to kick off Halloween.

Listen: Apple Podcasts , Shudder (for subscribers) and Spotify

4. Welcome to Night Vale

This podcast, written by Jeffrey Cranor and Joseph Fink, is about a fictional desert town called Night Vale, where each episode is crafted like a community update. If you're not sure where to begin, this twice-monthly fiction podcast with more than 150 episodes, two novels, and heaps of other things is a good place to start.

Welcome to Night Vale has it all sorted with a selection of their favorite episodes, including 'A Story About You', which is about you - the listener. The fun comedic elements of this podcast make you laugh along but also feel a little bit spooked. There is also Goodmorning Night Vale, which dives deeper into different episodes.

I love this podcast. It just connects you to the story and the town. Would recommend it if you want a build up to spooky season.

Listen: Spotify, Google Podcast and Apple Podcast

5. Spooked

Even though fictional horror stories are pretty scary, the scariest tales come from real-life. This podcast features true stories of the supernatural. Spooked, presented by Snapped Judgement and WNYC studios is such an interesting podcast due to its range and diversity of stories.

You have 5 seasons worth of episodes to test your nerves. The cover art for each episode is uniquely different and I think that attention to minute details shows their passion for this project. Definitely will get you in the mood for Halloween.

Listen: Apple Podcasts, Luminary and Spooked Podcast website

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