5 Simple Things you can Do Everyday to Make Yourself Healthier
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5 Simple Things you can Do Everyday to Make Yourself Healthier

Mental Health & Self Love

August 03, 2020

You wake up, brush your teeth, change your clothes, brush your hair, maybe make your bed and you're out the door. Your nighttime routine probably portrays the same thing except your messing up your bed not making it. Did you ever consider doing something a little extra before bed to make your skin look healthier the next morning?

Like maybe in the morning you start cutting up an apple for breakfast instead of going out the door with no breakfast at all. This simple thing can benefit your health within the week that you do them. After all, small changes can have a big difference.

This list consists of things you can do every day to improve your mental and/or physical health. You can do some at any time of day, a few seconds after waking up or right before you drift off to sleep. You can even do some of these during the day while you work!

These things can eventually have great impacts on your health in both aspects. I hope this list helps you and I wish you the best!

1. Meditation

Believe it or not, meditating for just three minutes a day can have a great influence on your mental health.

Stress can be a serious thing if not handled wisely. Sometimes there are certain things you can do to minimize the effects, therefore decreasing your chances of it becoming serious. Meditation is one of them.

It calms the mind, allowing your mind to wander to a land filled with unicorns and rainbows. The aftermath of meditation can last a good while, unless someone else does something to crumble your perfectly peaceful mind.

According to one of my references, studies show that meditating for 10 minutes is as if you're handing someone an antidepressant if he/she has depression symptoms. Antidepressants balance everything out in your brain, relieving your symptoms, so if meditation helps depression, it does the same thing as well.

Meditation in itself is a good exercise for your overall mental health. So even if you don't have an underlying mental illness that it can aid, meditation is a great thing that you can do every day in under 10 minutes.

There are a million apps to help you meditate. Just turning on a meditation song will bring you right into the relaxed state depending on how easy it is to bring you into the meditation process. There is a tool though that I recommend using if you are not a person who falls into this relaxed state easily.

I received it as a present once and am grateful to have it to this day. It's called "Muse''. You can find it on Amazon and it's amazing!

Click here for the reference!

2. Turning your Water Cold in the Morning

You've probably heard that cold showers are the new thing from a website somewhere or while you were doing a project and I am here to repeat it. A cold shower in the morning is a wonderful experience. I myself tried it for a couple of mornings and for the rest of the day, I was uplifted.

I was more alert, motivated, and ready to take on anything that steered in my way. Nowadays I usually take showers at night but when I do them in the morning I always turn it on cold at first to ease into it and am more grateful when the water becomes heated.

Cold showers actually have been known to have a connection to your immune system. In a certain way, showers can indeed decrease your chance of catching diseases like colds and gastro.

From my personal experience, I can confirm the next fact that I will be saying to be true. Cold showers don't just have positive effects on your physical health but on your mental health too. Let's say before school one day instead of turning your water at a boiling level you turn it to a snow-like level.

It is proven that this can have an increase in your willpower. I have to be truthful, I didn't completely experience all the impacts that I am listing. That is only because it takes a lot of willpower to stand an entire cold shower, washing your hair and everything while cold.

Doing something this small can change your life forever.

Click here for the reference!

3. An Apple a Day Keeps the Doctors Away!

I might be following this rule a little too literally. One of the only two fruits I like is apples so I usually eat an apple a day. So far the saying is true(for me at least)!

No research needed for this number because fruits and veggies are required daily in our bodies. I knew it had to be a number because no fruits or veggies all day is not a good habit to follow-up. The consequences of that are gruesome so I'll just move on.

You can't eat a pack of strawberry-flavored gummies and consider that your serving of fruit and veggies for the day is fulfilled. Cut up an actual banana and apple and make a fruit salad! Or buy a big pack of blueberries from your local grocery store and snack on them all day!

Any fruits or veggies will do! Veggies are a little better than fruits, so if you have any, snack on those as well!

Not much else to say, off to the next number!

4. Start a Journal!

Journaling is a marvelous way to get connected with oneself. It's like meditating but a lot more expressive. You can write about anything.

From the color of your shoes to the latest news from your news channel. Writing every day in a journal or diary is great for many reasons and I'm going to list a few.

Writing handwritten stuff is always good. Every day more and more people are leaving behind their pens and trading them in for a laptop. Learning to type is what we're going to be learning in kindergarten in 20 years.

[censored], I haven't handwritten in a while with this whole coronavirus ordeal. I tried in April, but couldn't keep the motivation to do so. If you're a motivated, respected person, then you should start a journal.

Expressing yourself is something that everyone does every day. When you speak, play an instrument, sing a song, even when you're eating, but you can't express everything you feel to everyone you know. Some things you keep to yourself or in this case, between you and your diary/journal. It helps your mental health in countless ways, including some impacts from the meditation column.

5. Go for a Walk/Run on Spot

I had to include at least one physical health element in this list so here ya go.

Going for a walk is a magnificent way to get your daily amount of exercise needed. Get some fresh air! Get out of your stuffy room typing on your laptop and hop on outside!

While getting some fresh air take a walk around the block. If you have a dog, there's the perfect excuse to walk him/her every morning. You can tell yourself every day that it's for them! That's the perfect amount of motivation you need.

If you can't go outside or your parents for some reason don't let you outside at least get the exercise portion done. Run-on spot, do some push-ups, squats, learn how to do the splits! There are dozens of tutorials online to learn!

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