5 Essentials Every Girl Should Have in Her Summer Wardrobe
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5 Essentials Every Girl Should Have in Her Summer Wardrobe

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June 27, 2017

Summer is the perfect time to change up your wardrobe and get rid of the old or un-worn! Changing up your style and adding some essentials is the perfect thing to do to kickstart summer fashion and to embrace the new styles coming in.

This article includes all the essentials for your perfect summer wardrobe! This list can totally be adapted to any style. I am just sharing with you all the new trends and things that are in that are definitely essentials in a wardrobe.

1. Maxi Skirts

The first clothing item is maxi skirts! Long and floaty, patterned or plain, these skirts adds a bit of fun and color to anyone's wardrobe and can be really formal or dressed down for casual wear~ These tend to look flattering on most body shapes and if people don't like their legs but want to wear a skirt these are a great option to go for. Maxi skirts are one of the best summer pieces, they look so effortless and pretty and they can l look really put together but they are styled in no time at all. It makes getting ready in the morning super easy!


2. Patterned Baggy Shorts

The second clothing item that is an essential in a summer wardrobe is baggy patterned shorts. This look is again so effortless and cool. These are more of outside in the day and chilling kind of clothing rather than out for dinner in the evening clothing.

They come in so many different patterns and can be for every figure and shape. Anyone can rock these and slay the day! I personally LOVE them!

3. Denim

The next clothing item that is the best essential for a summer wardrobe is some kind of denim, whether that be jeans, shorts, a skirt or a jacket. For the summer some of the best options are shorts and denim jackets, Denim can be made so customisable and personal because you can add badges, pins, patches and even embroidery. You can do all the DIY at home and make them all totally you. Embroidery is also very in fashion at the moment which makes it even better. Denim just goes with everything and is just such a classic and they never get old. Denim is perfect for any shape or size and anyome can rock a good denim piece! I LOVE DENIM it's the best thing ever. Who can have a great summer without a bit of denim in their life?

4. Graphic Tees

The next thing that is great for summer is grahic cute tees. They have some cute ones in Primark and they are a great addition to a wardrobe. Whatever they say or whatever patterns they have on them, they can be totally personal to anyone or things people just think are cute. They match with a lot of things and look lovely, they can add a really casual vibe to an outfit. They are a great piece to get and anyone can rock them. They are so personal and just again how effortless and you can style them with everything.

5. Flipflops

The last thing I am going to be talking about in this blog post are shoes. My favorite shoes for summer are flip flops because there are so many styles and colors for everyone. But this year sliders have come in, they look so cool and comfy but any type of flip flops are fab. They are great for walking about, relaxing at the beach and having fun. Flip flops are such a great addition to a wardrobe and they are again another classic. All through this blog post we have the classics.

Okay so thats it for today's article! I will see you next week with another one. Have a fab week everyone.

Love Eden xx

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