5 Albums You Need to Listen To Right Now
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5 Albums You Need to Listen To Right Now

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March 20, 2017

Need new music? After reading this, these albums will be your new favorite to listen to!

Divide - Ed Sheeran

This album is absolutely amazing. The type of songs are all different such as sad ones, irish gig and more! If you want a great album to listen too and even if you don't like Ed, you'll love this album very much

Chapter one: Blue - Bea Miller

Bea Miller is an amazing artist first of all, and now her first chapter of her album is fantastic. She's putting her album into colours and chapters to show emotion. Chapter one songs are very touching, she has one sad song two very deep ones.

Coloring Book - Chance the Rapper

Chance the rapper is now a well-known artist, he was up and coming but since he released his new album everyone is obsessed. His song within this album are amazing, his style is very original but different at the same time. If you like rap, touching music and good jams, go listen to Coloring Book

24K Magic - Bruno Mars

This album is phenomenal, Bruno has really out done himself. He is such a great artist and this is an amazing album, it's very up beat and you just have to sing along with it. This is the type of where you may not like Bruno but when you hear these songs you automatically get up and dance, you start loving it more and more. I'm assuming as amazing as he is, this album is probably amazing live.

Why?- Jacob Whitesides



You may not have heard this name before, but I can tell you this album and artist is absolutely amazing. Jacob is an up and coming artist who is touring all around the world. His album why? is such an amazing album, he took so much time to do this album and you need to listen to it.

He has some up beat songs, slow songs and they both combine so well to make this album fantastic. If you haven't heard of him, go listen to this album and you'll fall in love with him and his songs instantly.

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