4 Hidden Gems of Indie Singers That You Will Love


Ever had a mood where you craved a certain type of music? Especially a chill, romantic, and funky sound that could provide the perfect background music and thus, become the soundtrack of your life. Well then indie music is what you need, and no, it is not your stereotypical weed smoking, flower crown-wearing, or 80s acoustic vibes but rather a new generational upbeat tempo. These unique artists are sure to meet all your various mood swings with a sound straight from your subconscious.

Who Are These Artists?

The modern music scene is crowded with TikTok stars and popular mainstream artists; however, the indie genre with its various crooks and ridges has some of the most underrated and fabulous singers that can drive you into the perfect sound coma. Get ready for one of a kind experience with some of the best in the industry!


Pop sensation Dameer, a multicultural wonder with roots in Dhaka and Kuala Lumpur, has finally shared his talent and love for uplifting psychedelic pop with his latest release ‘For We are Distant’, which is out on all streaming platforms via Majestic Casual.

Following a steady stream of singles, Dameer’s entirely self-made debut album has been exploring shoegaze, propulsive drum beat, and melodic guitar pop. With a mellow and easygoing vocal style, accompanied by simple yet infectious lyrics, Dameer has created a stronghold in the hearts of his fans. Previous singles like ‘Easier’ and ‘Sun’, proved crowd-pleasers, only strengthened his strong presence. It leaves the listeners inspired and in awe of his music.

‘Amar Jaan’, a personal favorite of mine and an eighties-infused indie bop has become an overnight sensation and a staple for those stuck in complicated relationships. This song plays an ode to the delicate words of the Bengali language, his mother tongue, to effortlessly create a fusion of cultures. Inspired by the emotions of a long-distance relationship, Dameer maintained a raw and transparent portrayal of his struggles to become a widely loved artist.

Among the many things to like about Dameer, his authentic style and laid-back demeanor are just some of the features that make him stand out. His smooth amalgamation of different synths and beats just adds a dimension to your emotions and helps to simply vibe.


Hauskey emerged from the mysterious valleys of Australia to take the music world dramatically by storm. Having written hundreds of songs, and even recording and producing a few himself, this man by no means is a newcomer to the music industry.

Legends like John Coltrane and John Mayer influenced him, while self-deprecation and the ‘profound in the mundane' gave him the inspiration to create his own unique tune. His chill and relaxed beats, accompanied by rippled grooves and blinding harmonies resulted in music that is simply wonderful. This multi-instrumentalist soon released his EP album ‘Slow’ in a striking debut with melodies that have the potential to become the everyday go-to for every mood. With breakout songs like ‘Silver Lining’ and ‘Plan B,’ it's not unusual to catch yourself nodding or even lightly tapping your foot, that’s exactly the beauty of his music, gets 100% of the attention without overwhelming you.

Breezy and uplifting, ‘Slow’ as a writer’s pick does not get any better, with soft notes that hit perfect and beat that maintain its ground, the song has a new directness and, dare I say, a purpose. It’s relatable and loveable. Lovely addition to any playlist that demands realness without compromising a simple and desirable aesthetic edge.

Will Joseph Cook

Weird and quirky with a gritty edge, Will Joseph Cook is anything but ordinary and has been on a tangent to create some phenomenal music from very early on. His special take on music has encouraged a unique connection to develop with fans who can actually resonate with him through his words, synths, and beats.

Experimenting with rhythm, Will has created an exciting and colorful auditory experience that can be understood and interpreted in a thousand ways. His words are melodramatic and carefree, yet they have an underlying realness to them that we can all relate to. The latest album, ‘Something To Feel Good About’, a pretty self-explanatory title with songs equally jubilant from hits like ‘Be Around Me’ to a more low-key smasher like ‘Driverless Cars’. He is feel-good and creative with an influx of energy which makes him multi-dimensional.

As my favorite artist of all time, Will Joseph has created music that has long been my comfort track for every feeling, emotion, and temper. After listening to ‘Girls Like Me’ on repeat for hours at an end, this song with its laid back and cheerful tempo has permanently created a special place in my heart. At the centre of his music, there is a sense of adventure and nostalgia which highlights memories of the past but especially, excitement for the future.


Let’s jump onto the dynamic and creative explosion that is Arlie! With only a couple of core members, the band is bursting with enthusiasm and zest to create stirring music that represents their unique personality. Fun-loving and joyous, the music is a direct reflection of their passion and dedication to break barriers and stand out from the crowd.

An electric pulse created by drum beats, guitar strings, and exciting instruments come together to produce a dizzying array of music formulated into a single album known simply as ‘Wait’. The thrill of their tunes is usually followed by these cool vibes that encourage rash thinking and impulsive decisions; ‘water damage’ and ‘didya think’ possess the power to facilitate a reckless mentality. The informal rock and roll feel followed by a dainty indie sense give the music an edge that confidently crosses boundaries and builds bridges to unexplored territories.

Difficulty to pick a front runner was at an all-time high since consistency and quality were key for this band, however, there is one track that stands out, ‘Barcelona Boots’. Like the title indicates, this one was full of adventure and that helped to create an ambiguous and immersive experience. Fans are inspired to finally tap into their potential and discover the possibilities that lay ahead.

The Verdict

Miscellaneous assortment of the dreamy, breezy, feel good, and funky has led to a unique compilation of artists who have only just embarked on their journey to stardom. Not your standard grade musicians, rather individuals who are just short of being extraordinary, these artistic and creative souls are on a mission to introduce the world to a unique, radiant, and gorgeous version of music. Keep a lookout because they're sure to be your next obsession!

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