4 Easy Ways To Work Out For Free


As a teenager, it's sometimes difficult to exercise regularly because you can't just drive to the gym or buy expensive equipment for your room. Instead, you have to find other alternatives. Here are some ideas for fun EFFECTIVE ways you can get exercise.

1: Dancing

This is a super fun easy way to work out, you don't have to be a pro ballerina or a star hip hop dancer. Just turn up your favorite music and have fun. It's great for your legs and to get your blood flowing. Additionally, if you're working really hard, it has amazing health benefits for your heart.

2: Walking

Walking is a great way to get excersize and I personally do this a lot. I walk to and from school and it makes me feel so much better. Just pop in some earbuds and enjoy the sunshine. Being outside will make you feel great and help you relax and de-stress.

3: Swimming

Swimming is a super relaxing and simple way to exercise. It's simple to just put on a swimsuit and hang out in the water and chill out. It's a good way to tone your arms and legs at the same time as getting tan which is always a plus.

4: Yoga

This is a super chill way to stay fit and centered, I highly recommend this one if you're stressed out because it forces you to calm down and breathe. You can use these practices many ways, whether it's calming breaths in class or winning a balance contest. This one you don't need any equipment for, just change into something comfy that you can move in (even pj's will do) and pull up a simple video on YouTube or look up some moves on Pinterest and get zen.

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Abigail Oxner

I'm a 16 year old girl from Nova Scotia Canada, I'm a summer camp counselor and student council secretary who loves books, fashion, dancing and photography. Puppies are wonderful and life is good. Carpe Diem!

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