20 Serotonin Boosters to Brighten Your Day


We all need some pick-me-ups every once in a while. If you're in the need for some happy thoughts- which, by the way, is always- you've come to the right place.

Filled with positive reminders and delightful musing of life, here are 20 things of joy that life gives us:

1. Sunrises and Sunsets

The sun's artwork is no doubt a masterpiece of nature. Bonus points if you happen to catch one at a moment when you weren't expecting it, or if it blooms across a beautiful region of land.

Either way, wherever and whenever it be, sunsets are a magical gift from the world.

2. Homemade Cookies

Mm... the scent of homemade cookies just reminds us of home. The dessert many associate with childhood memories and fun, this may be the boost of delight that you need!

By the way, if you're looking for an outing idea, or just a way to spend your weekend, consider baking sweet homemade goods with a family or a loved one. It'll be a time you'll cherish while enjoying the time together!

3. Rainy Days

Rainy days are beautiful- they sweep away the dust, bring on a cool temperature, and is so peaceful and calming to hear. You could say that it's pretty much a nature's way of cleansing.

Pro-tip: if you ever feel like it, go out in the rain and dance! Sing your favorite jam! The rain is the perfect time to enjoy the moment.

4, Art Museums

For those that have a keen eye for aesthetics, this one is for you!

Just the thought of browsing an art gallery and admiring paintings after paintings sounds like a dream. Seeing the flowing of creativity just reminds me of how amazing people really are.

5. The Swing

Being on a swing and kicking your feet up in the air makes you feel as if you're flying in the air- or at least, hovering in the sky.

You don't necessarily have to be in a swing over a tropical paradise like the image below; just a swing in your local playground works perfect. As long as you feel the wind breezing in the air by your side and the feeling of being free, up and away in the air, that's what this is going for- it's the small things in life, after all!

6. Blankets

Nothing is better than snuggling in a cozy warm blanket during a cold season of winter. Do you have a favorite drink in a mug? Perhaps your favorite tea, coffee, or hot chocolate?

Just thinking about it makes me all heartfelt and happy!

7. Music

Music is one of the greatest things humans have come up with. It's a universal experience and can be enjoyed by all- even uniting us.

Although in the current COVID-19 times, concerts may not be the safest option, just being able to listen to some of your favorite tunes through music-streaming services is amazing itself. Music is something I'm endlessly grateful for- this is a mood-pumper to get you in your zone!

8. The Holidays

Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, or any other, the holidays are one of the most splendid times of the year. Usually centered around the time when snow falls, this is a exciting time for many!

Additionally, as a time of giving, it can be very heart-warming.

If you do not celebrate any religious winter holidays, there are so many more in the calendar you can look forward to- such as New Year's. It's almost 2021 – we're soon starting the second year of the decade!

9. Pretty Pastries

If you're like me, and enjoy baked goods- but also, love gazing at the beautifully decorated pastries- this one is definitely something you will resonate with. Whether it be carefully frosted cakes, brown sugar-sprinkled cinnamon rolls, or the blueberry cheese toast shown below, these are a lovely sight to behold!

If you're considering making your own pretty pastries, this is your sign!

10. Random Compliments

It's always nice to hear a compliment from someone, but it feels even better when you hear it when least expected. It makes you feel truly excited inside, and it's a feeling many of us associate with positive emotions.

I challenge you to brighten someone's day today. Go out and give a random compliment to three different people- it can be anything; their amazing outfit today, how nice their handwriting is, or how they are the most caring people ever- tell them!

11. Baby Animals

I think we can all agree: baby animals are just the cutest! They are, no doubt, adorable.

Ever feeling a bit down? Scrolling through some precious images of baby animals might just lift your mood. Enjoy this tiny kitten below:

12. Saying I Love You

Saying "I love you" is very meaningful, and it can make you feel an emotion so deep that it's hard to put into words.

This is your reminder to tell you family and loved ones that you love them today!

13. Mixing Paint

Art in general allows you to get creative, and with mixing paint, it's no different. Just three or four colors can lead you to thousands, if not more, of different colors.

If you are ever stressed and in need of a method of fun relaxation, try mixing paint to create various colors and shades of color.

Enjoy making some beautiful tones and palettes!

14. Scents and Smells

Ah- don't you just love the gorgeous delicious scent? It can be of anything you like, of course- grapefruit, lavender, coconut- anything that draws you in.

Scents have been proven to play an effect on your mind and mood- hence aromatherapy- and this sure is a delight!

15. Laughing

Laughing and smiling so hard that your stomach muscles hurt is probably when of the best things ever.

Seriously- it's true when they laughs are contagious! We're sharing that joy together.

16. Wildflowers

If you're out in the middle of nowhere, or perhaps in the middle of a busy area, it's a delight to see a group of wildflowers growing. Not only are they beautiful, it's a pleasant surprise, too!

17. Going Underwater

The feeling of cool refreshing water if possibly one of the best things about swimming and being underwater.

It makes you feel as if you're part of the ocean- does anyone want to play mermaids?

18. Stars at Night

Stargazing at night is such a beautiful way to remind us of our individual yet small lives out of billions in this world. It makes us truly comprehend the immensity of our lives, while feeling alive.

If you've never tried, areas with clear skies will have the best views at night for viewing the stars!

19. Delicious Food

Hello, fellow foodies! Honestly, what's not to like about food? After all, it's one of the essential things we need in order to live!

It is amazing to see how cuisines and dishes were created- don't forget the drinks, too!

Enough said- we're all a bit obsessed with delicious food, in a good way.

20. Breathing In and Out

Lastly, although it may be insignificant, breathing in and out is very important. Here's your friendly reminder to take a long breath in and release slow.

I often times forget how effective this is at calming the nerves- don't forget to self-care, and inhale in and exhale out with deep breaths.

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