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Let's face it, most of us have at least one activity outside of school life—whether it be a sport, an academic team, or even an extracurricular. These things can be considered hobbies with the right amount of time and motivation in any way, shape, or form. The problem is that not all of us know our long-awaited interests and crave the passion that never gets old.

So through this piece, I'll be sharing 15 hobbies that may interest you! I also have provided the benefits of each of these hobbies, as well as how you can get started. I genuinely hope you find something you love!


Baking is a wonderful hobby to get into, and it is highly underrated. Being skilled in a hobby such as baking, can be highly useful. Not only will you be able to create delicious desserts, but it could lead you to a potential job. You could even post your recipes and creations online, or potentially create a baking business on the side! If you are interested in getting involved, I recommend taking a baking class or searching for recipes online and trying to recreate them!


Gardening is another wonderful hobby that everyone should consider getting involved in. Not only will you be able to grow beautiful plants, but it also comes with an endless list of benefits. A few of these benefits include boosting one's vitamin D, reducing stress, burning calories, and more! If you're interested in creating your own garden, check this out!


Learning how to code/program is an incredible hobby and skill that everyone should have! Over the years, everything has become online including school, shopping, reading, etc., and coding is behind all of it. Learning to code will provide numerous benefits, such as career flexibility and a new perspective on problem-solving. Websites such as Codecademy, are a great place to start!


Although it is considered a sport, archery can be an enjoyable hobby as well. Archery will allow you to improve hand-eye coordination, strengthen your upper body, release stress, and more. Overall, it is clear that archery is a magnificent hobby that also allows you to work on yourself. If you're interested in getting involved, search for any summer camps or classes within your area!


If you're interested in fashion, learning how to sew is the perfect hobby for you! If you learn to sew, you can make numerous unique clothing pieces that no one else will have! Doesn't that sound like fun? Besides the stylish pieces you can make, sewing has many benefits. Sewing allows you to work on hand-eye coordination, help the environment, and it can be quite therapeutic! There are tons of online guides and YouTube videos if you are interested in teaching yourself!


Although it can be considered a hobby, journaling is a step that you should add to your daily routine, no matter what. Journaling is a wonderful way to improve your mood as well as reduce stress. It will also allow you to keep your memory sharp and improve your immune function, which is incredibly important. The wonderful thing about journaling is that everything you do is up to you, so get started NOW!


In my opinion, chess is by far the most challenging hobby to pick up on out of this entire list. With continuous practice and dedication, you may realize you're highly skilled at chess. Personally, I think it is so cool when people are great at chess, so I would recommend trying it out in case you're just naturally talented. One incredible thing about chess, though, is that it makes you smarter in numerous ways. Not only does it raise your IQ, but it exercises both sides of the brain, increases problem-solving skills, improves reading, and more! If you would like to learn how to play chess, I recommend online videos and guides!


If you are incredibly passionate about something, creating a blog is a wonderful idea for you! While blogging, you can share your interests, improve your research, improve your writing skills, connect with new people, and more! As long as you are motivated and have the time to dedicate yourself, maintaining a blog is an excellent hobby for your spare time! If you are interested in starting a blog, there are numerous online sources and YouTube videos!


Gaming is by far one of the most underrated hobbies. As a gamer myself, I hear many people say that gaming is simple, and all you have to do is click buttons. Honestly, this is far from the truth. Gaming is incredibly complex, and you have to think before every single move, no matter the game. If you ever do consider getting into the game, I definitely recommend it, and if you need guidance on choosing what game to play, check out Twitch!

Graphic Design

Similar to coding, graphic design is an excellent skill that everyone should have! If you ever consider creating your own business, having these skills will save you time, money, and you will be able to showcase your brand however you desire. Also, if you are ever looking for easy cash, you will have endless opportunities on websites such as Freelancer to find graphic design jobs. If you are ever interested in improving your skills, I recommend using Catchafire. I have been using this website for months, as it allows me to match with various non-profit organizations on graphic design projects. This enables me to improve my skills, and they can save money.

If you are interested in learning graphic design, I recommend finding a local course or using YouTube.

Filming Short Movies

Do you have a creative mind and love film? If so, filming short movies will be an excellent hobby for you! I could only imagine how fun it would be to gather a group of friends, write, and film a short movie! You could do this as a hobby or potentially post it to websites such as YouTube. Over the past few years, short films have gradually become more popular on online platforms, leading you to make money or build a community!

Candle Making

Creating your own candles is a wonderful hobby that has various benefits! Most importantly, you can save money all while being eco-friendly, which is a plus! Candle-making also relieves stress, as you are typically relaxed and focused during the process. Eventually, if you grow a genuine passion, you can create your own candle business, which may end up being incredibly successful!

If you would like to create candles yourself, I recommend purchasing a candle-making kit or purchasing the items and following an online tutorial!


Creating pottery seems like such a relaxing hobby that I, unfortunately, am terrible at. Besides the fact that you are creating gorgeous pottery, there are numerous positive benefits from doing so. A few benefits that come alongside making pottery are the fact you are exercising your hands/wrists, improving your focus, reducing stress, and using your creativeness! If you are also incredibly motivated, you could do a pottery business, and pottery pays well if it is appealing.

If you would like to learn how to create pottery, I recommend taking a course within your local area!

Jewelry Making

Jewelry making is a wonderful hobby if you have a creative mind! It is also an excellent way to relieve unnecessary stress and save tons of money if you typically buy your jewelry. If you happen to be skilled at making jewelry and creating unique designs, you could even start a jewelry business. If you would like to create jewelry yourself, I recommend searching what tools are necessary and then letting your mind go free!


Although many people connect gamers with streaming, streaming is an incredible hobby for more people than you would think. Are you interested in hobbies such as singing, cooking, or even chess? If so, then you should consider streaming! On platforms such as Twitch or YouTube, you can easily stream your hobbies to those with similar interests! It can be enjoyable, and you will build a community over time, who may end up being lifelong friends. If you are interested in streaming, you can learn everything you need to know on YouTube!

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